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  1. I am looking at the table of cost for travel protection. Should I use the base rate of cruise or include port charges, tax and beverage service charges? I am also looking at third party cancellation policies and have same question.
  2. We disembarked May 17 and purchased the HAL transfer. HAL took the luggage directly to airport via truck so we did not have to deal with it in the terminal. HOWEVER, the luggage is retrieved from a tent set up across the road from the airport. Although luggage carts were provided, it was pouring rain and we had to schlep our stuff across the road and wait for a green walk light to cross the road. By the time we got inside terminal we were soaked.
  3. Reviewing HAL shore excursions for European cruise next year. Some say to bring Euro coins for pay toilets, particularly France. Anyone know if the bus guides usually have an ample supply to purchase?
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