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  1. Reviewing HAL shore excursions for European cruise next year. Some say to bring Euro coins for pay toilets, particularly France. Anyone know if the bus guides usually have an ample supply to purchase?
  2. Willard23

    Embarkation And Signature Suite

    Does anyone know if 4-5 star or suites can use the express security line that is usually for wheelchairs and disabled? Many times seems underutilized while regular line is mile long. Some airports allow this.
  3. Willard23

    ipad and Internet cots on Nieu Amsterdam

    Does anybody know what would happen if one gets frustrated by a SLOW connection and just closes the lid of laptop or system freezes up because of slowness? Will the connection automatically terminate and stop the "meter" on time charges? Is it necessary to properly log off?
  4. Willard23

    Sydney berth

    Found complete and official Sydney cruiseship schedule for the coming season. There are two ports used and is of importance to those making hotel reservations. Search "Sydney Port Schedule" in any search engine and you will find schedule published by port authority.
  5. Willard23

    Luggage Tags Online?

    On Oct 23 Crown sailing on Caribe deck 10. Luggage tags received that say "A". No indication if this is for Aloha deck or some other sorting method. Think I received wrong tags. They are a coffee with cream color. No indication of fore or aft on tags. Can anyone on Caribe deck tell me the color or letter on your tags?
  6. Willard23

    why no trays at the buffet?

    Order room service breakfast the first morning with lots of items so they bring it on a tray. Insist that the steward leaves the tray in your cabin. You are now set for rest of cruise.
  7. Willard23

    Advanced Registration Problems?

    Same problem here with advanced registration. Try hitting refresh button and you are in. However, once you fill out the form, you will have same problem when you hit submit. Just go back to registration form and hit refresh again. Worked for me.