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  1. I was NOT giving a false impression, merely correcting a false statement. I have been on O several times and there has always been children. They were always well behaved, unlike some of the adults.
  2. Oceania has always allowed children / infants and still does. There is a children’s program on Alaska cruises.
  3. Thankyou so much - just the information we needed. Lady Meer
  4. Hi On the port side of the ship D327 to D409, has anyone stayed in any of these rooms? If so which side is the bed on when entering the room? I’ve got a picky travel companion! Thanks. Lady Meer
  5. We have now heard officially from Silversea and have opted to have a refund. The wait begins.........!!
  6. No, we’ve still not heard anything from Silversea or our TA. Having said that, it’s very difficult to get any info from businesses in the UK as their staff all seem to be ‘working from home’ which seems like a good excuse not to communicate with their customers. We were really looking forward to our first Silversea trip. We are also waiting for refunds from Princess (July 2020 cruise) and Celebrity (October 2020). We live in hope!
  7. As of today, we haven’t received notice of cancellation and neither has our TA. No effort has been made to get us to transfer to Cloud!
  8. Welcome to cruising and Cruise Critic. Did your travel agent give you any advice about cash refunds if Oceania cancels nearer the cruise date? If not, I would ask 😉. Lou
  9. On searching further, it’s not easy to find an answer but have come across an email address for the Customs Information Office for Ireland which maybe worth a try. customsinfo@revenue.ie
  10. I can’t help specifically other than we brought some rum back from the Caribbean into London a few years back and the duty we paid was based on a sliding scale depending on the alcohol strength but can’t remember how much it was! Have you searched for the EU’s duty rates? If you like Irish Whiskey, Jameson’s Distillery in Dublin has a tour and a shop😉! The Musical Pub crawl is fun too! Both are easily found on google.
  11. Last year on Aurora, we were told that it’s now P and O’s policy not to open the balcony doors. The doors are for fire access only. No doubt each ship will differ as they always do!!
  12. We are British - English to be exact - we don’t have your philosophy as we always tip our butler as well as paying the gratuity.
  13. We hope so too! We’ve never been on a cruise that we haven’t enjoyed. We always enjoy meeting our fellow travellers and feel very lucky that we are fortunate enough to have these experiences. I see you are due to experience Oceania. We’ve been on 3 Oceania trips - one for 28 days to the Amazon - and enjoyed them all. I’ll follow you on the O board.
  14. The disorganisation of Hurtigruten in general. We were booked on the trip for Jan 2019 which, of course, was cancelled. At this point our TA was informed but our friends’ TA wasn’t. This should have been a warning but, in fairness, ALL of our money was reimbursed. Also the reviews of the chaos in the dining venues doesn’t inspire us. When we originally booked, we were told about the 3 dining rooms but there was no mention of any extra payments but now it seems that 2 of them incur extra charges. Fortunately we are in a suite which, I understand, at the moment these are included.
  15. Oh no - I have been seriously worried about our trip in January and this has done nothing to help. I feel so sorry for the passengers affected. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to continue with the trip. In fact, if we had the choice we would cancel now. Regarding your query about the Falklands. We’ve been in touch with Patrick Watts of Adventure Falklands, who seems really clued up with Hurtigruten’s schedule in the Falklands. He explained that the ship will not be in Stanley for all 3 nights. It is difficult to arrange anything as we have no confirmed timings but he was able to provide s
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