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  1. Darn it. We were on the Royal for December 12th. We got a huge upgrade from an obstructed balcony to a mini. We have never had a mini suite before. We have the Majestic booked for next December. I wonder if they would be nice and give me a mini again. Probably unlikely. Oh well.
  2. Yes we used FCC and it’s refundable
  3. Thnsk you for information. We got such a great deal on this cruise and a mini suite upgrade . We are looking forward to this cruise, but I need to think of our safety. My husband has AFIB. So we need to to be safe.
  4. I have a feeling this will not happen. I’m okay with that. We want to be safe. I figure our deposit can go to next years cruise.
  5. We have a cruise booked on December 12th on the Royal. Should I just wait till the 30 day cut off to cancel? Cruises keep getting cancelled. Right now we are also booked on the Majestic December 2021, so if the cruise line cancels our cruise we are fine with waiting. I have read if the cruise cancels they offer extra ship board credit. Thank you
  6. We are booked for December 12th. We are hopeful. I am not going to cancel at final payment. I’m just going to hope it works out. If not I’ll be fine going next year. Just hope they give me the same perks.
  7. I don’t think ours has been pushed back yet.
  8. We plan to cruise so we would definitely so we would take future cruise credit.
  9. We are booked for December 12th. We were fortunate enough to get upgraded to a mini suite from an obstructed balcony. But with this pandemic things are up in the air for cruises. If I don’t cancel by final payment and the cruise line decides to cancel our cruise, would we lose our money? We got an awesome deal on this cruise. We did not purchase insurance, but I know we can prior to final payment. I know everything changes daily because of the virus, but I can’t see this going till December. Thanks Jessica
  10. I was upgraded from obstructed balcony to mini suite on our December cruise. Hope our cruise will happen.
  11. We were offered a complimentary upgrade to a mini suite on the Royal in December. We were assigned A225. We are pleased. However I noticed Lido deck has some mini suites. I noticed L226 available. I read Lido deck is a nice location. The category is MC where we got an MB so if we asked to change, it’s not a higher category. Should I ask to change? It’s December 12th so hopefully the ship will be sailing. Thank you,
  12. My friend is linked with us. She booked an inside cabin assignment. I’m wondering If she should change to a guarantee and see what happens.
  13. Ooh that’s nice. I’m happy with the mini. The showers in the other rooms are tiny and my hubby is a big guy. I even have a tough time with the curtain hugging my body.i
  14. We had an obstructed balcony for our Royal cruise in December. They upgraded us to a mini suite. Never been upgraded that high. However if this corona virus not under control by final payment in September we will cancel.
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