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  1. We finally got our cabin assignment for our 3 day cruise. Next hurdle a negative covid result and we are off!!! We got upgraded to the highest interior. We went cheap. Anyway I doubt our ship will be full. If I want to pay for an upgrade can I do it at the pier? I’m thinking we may get it at a good rate, Either way I’m happy we got our assignment!
  2. Oh now I’m undecided with different views. Lido was my original choice, but my husband loved the bar by the Terrace pool so those cabins are appealing too. I need to win the lottery so I can pick the best cabin,
  3. They you for the tips. I like the dirty banana too
  4. We will be on this cruise next week. We have our test scheduled. I am wondering how you will explain the test to him. Join the roll call. See you next week.
  5. Ok so far I’m for the ultimate mai tai. I hope my cabin is easy to find after a few drinks. No cabin assignment yet.
  6. I am so excited to be on a cruise in a little over a week. It’s a short 3 day on the Majestic. We have missed traveling. We went to Lake Tahoe over the summer which was fun. Any suggestions for my first cocktail? I can not drink tequila. I read someone mentioned a Midori Colada which sounds yummy. I would love to see what others like. I’m not much of a drinker, but I plan to enjoy a few on this trip. I’m not driving!
  7. Looking forward to reading this. We are on the 3 day right after your sailing. If you see the comedian let me know what you think. I wonder how the comedians can tell if you are laughing with masks on. I guess body language.
  8. I remember that bar well. My husband hurt his back and I was quickly able to get him his pain killer from the bar!
  9. We were considering the aloha aft as well. Is that bar still there by the Terrace pool? We would go there a lot.
  10. We are leaning toward the Lido deck. It’s close to the bars, food and pool. We’ve been on the Grand, but in a balcony. Thank you.
  11. I’m good. I think I’m more concerned about getting my covid test back in time. However we have our back up at home test.
  12. We did get our cabin assignment for our December 4th Majestic 7 day cruise. We have not got our Majestic 3 day on October 6th in less than 2 weeks. We are planning to book the Grand for the December 30th.
  13. Yes we now have 3 cruises booked this year. We decided to sail on the 5 day Cabo sailing. Again we plan to go inexpensive for our cabin. However it is longer and I know my husband is a bit claustrophobic. So we are looking for the least expensive inside with easy access to get outside. We have been on the Grand. I see the Lido deck forward ones are the least expensive. Any thoughts on those cabins? We plan to book on board on October 6th and transfer to an agent. Thank you.
  14. Yes I have been. We got on December cabin assignment already.
  15. No cabin assignment for our short 3 day cruise on the Majestic on October 6th. We have never found out this late. My husband is joking we will be in the life boat! On a positive note our cruise hasn’t been canceled.
  16. I should remember this. We’ve done it in the past. I think we will get $50 on board credit for the 5 day. I know we used FCC for our December 4th cruise.
  17. Yes I think we get on board credit if we book on board. Then we can transfer to our agent.
  18. I saw a great one for my husband and I to wear. Now to convince him to match. They are only $16.99. jessica
  19. Thank you so much. We want to purchase the December 30th cruise on the Grand. We’ve always wanted to sail over New Years. It’s a bit pricey, so hopefully we can find a deal.
  20. Does anyone know when the future cruise desk opens on embarkation day. We want to get another cruise booked. I also need to look at deck plans to find it’s location. Thank you
  21. Thank you for your input. We booked the 620 pm time. Princess said we have to make reservations. I talked to the ocean ready rep.
  22. We are finally going to be cruising on October 6th. We booked the three day out of LA to check it out prior to our weeklong on in December. Anyway, the first night we booked the Crown Grill. My husband picked the Concerto and Symphony dining rooms for the other two nights. So that means we won’t see the Allegra. I know the food is the same, just wondering about the dining rooms. Oh and we have not been assigned a cabin yet. I feel a bit silly after reading the live Majestic posts and did not realize I had to book a time. I was planning to go in when we were hungry. We booked private tables. Thanks for your input.
  23. After checking everyday for 2 weeks, I got to pick our arrival time. We leave on October 6th on the Majestic for the 3 day with San Diego. We were assigned 1130,am. We are platinum. I’m not sure if we can get on earlier, but at least that part is set. Next hurdle is a negative test result on October 4th. Lots of obstacles, but we miss cruising.
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