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  1. We were fortunate to change our flights immediately after the cancellation. We are leaving Singapore tonight to reverse the 20 hr journey home. I feel bad for people who may not have the resources to act quickly and have no idea how to proceed. As I mentioned before passengers aboard the Ovation on back to back cruises were just given their through stickers on their cabin card and new itinerary at noon then half hour later was called to a meeting with the captain for the bad news. This is really unacceptable. Seabourn should have pulled the trigger last week instead of having their pax come all this way for nothing. Providing a full refund and future cruise credit, one night hotel, change fees etc are the least they can do and comes nowhere near enough to compensate for a ruined vacation not due to the coronavirus itself but for its indecisive incompetent management.
  2. Seabourn has amended our Feb 15 sailing and substituted Vietnam for Penang and Langkawi. I don’t know much about these ports and would appreciate any recommendations for guides and tours.
  3. Latest news is Royal Caribbean is refusing boarding on any of their ships and sailings to passengers with passports from China, Hong Kong, or Macau.
  4. Just got our GTY cabin assignment, V5 642 which is a connecting suite. Was wondering about the noise level with adjourning cabin. Otherwise the location seems fine being midship. Anyone had adjoining suite experience?
  5. Deapite my disappointment with Ushuaia and Falklands, I want to reassure everyone that our time on the Pursuit was wonderful! I could not find fault with the food or service. The officers, crew, waiters and stewards are all wonderful! We had a fabulous evening for White Nights, the night before Montevideo. The sun was setting as the party got started and we saw the Blood Moon rising. They had 3 charcoal Grills on deck for grilled lobster, brochettes and lamb chops. I do wish we had more lobster though, this was the only time. Azamazing Evening in Montevideo was very well done! 620 guests participated. Very entertaining in a beautiful venue, the Teatro Solis and very well organized with 16 buses total. Champagne and the band was waiting for us as we lined up to get back on the ship. Very festive mood. We disembarked early yesterday in BA and caught our evening flight home to USA. If you have any questions regarding Pursuit, don’t hesitate to ask.
  6. We did manage to salvage our day. At noon after Seabourn Quest docked, Captain announced he would let us off the ship. Think he had to seeing how the three ships that docked alongside us as soon as harbor was opened started letting their passengers off immediately. We got off the ship at 1pm and had to be back by 5:45. The day remained gorgeous. We went to the taxi stand and was able to get a taxi to the park and did a quick look at Enseneda Lake and the Post Office. So at least we were able to set foot in Tierra del Fuego. Sorry to say that I think Captain made the wrong call here. Just be prepared to be disappointed if you cruise this itinerary.
  7. So we docked in Ushuaia yesterday at 6pm about 14 hrs ahead of schedule as Captain wanted to get in ahead of bad weather. We docked safely on a gorgeous evening and despite gusty winds passengers were allowed off the ship. We had a private guide meeting us at 8:30am today for hikes in Tierra del Fuego. This has been on my dream list for a long time. We woke to a glorious clear day, the best we’ve had all week. At about 8am Captain informed us that winds changed direction and gusting to 50mph and harbor was now closed and he decided to pull the gangway. At 9:30am he made decision to cancel all ship’s excursions but we were all still waiting word on when we would get off the ship. Shortly after he allowed several people including a film crew, Chilean pilots and other crew to disembark. By 10:30 the winds had calmed but harbor was still closed. A couple of ships are still waiting to dock including Seabourn. Then Captain made announcement that today is officially a sea day even though we are at dock. Now it is nice enough to go out on the open decks. It is no where near as windy as the day we had on Punta Arenas or the days in the Fjords. My private tour guide Nicolas emailed me at 10:30 that he has refunded our tour. He also said that this was purely the decision of our captain to not allow any passengers off. He said the high winds affect the ships waiting to dock not the ships already at the dock and that the port authority and coast guard did not restrict us from leaving the ship. He also said passengers from other ships got off. I had suspected that when Captain cancelled the ship’s excursions he already made the decision then to depart as soon as harbor is opened and he didnt want to wait for passengers to return to the ship as planned at 5:45pm. Nicolas’ email confirmed my suspicions. While I appreciate the Captain putting safety first, I do not feel he was totally honest with us. The irony may be that we won’t be able to leave until the original departure time or even later. So we all could have gone on our excursions. It is so frustrating to be right here and cannot get off! Sitting on the sundeck right now in the warm sunshine and clear blue sky feeling like a hostage. And then to add insult to injury we are now not able to go to the Falklands due to high swells. So the 2 ports most looking forward to is now cancelled. Update: 12noon Harbor is now opened and ships are docking.
  8. Thanks! Booked a private hiking tour with them!
  9. We’ll be staying at the Sheraton. Can we take the Metro to Terminal Alameda? Or just get a taxi?
  10. I am having difficulty finding a tour of the park that includes a few hikes and goes to the post office and end of the road. Will there be vendors and tour guides available at the port when we disembark? Thanks.
  11. Thanks! We are going to take it!
  12. I have T Mobile cell and data service and was wondering how good the service is at the ports. I’m on the Feb 8 Azamara Pursuit South America coastal sailing. Thanks.
  13. Has anyone been in one of these? Decided last minute to book the Feb 18 South America Coastal on Pursuit. Only cabins left are Accessible inside on Deck 4 and a few Verandas. Looks like the Accessible Inside are much larger than the regular insides and the verandas. Location is midship which is great and price is right. It does say that if a person with disability needs the cabin, we would be moved. But there are no comparable cabins to move us to if needed. Havent been in an inside cabin in years.
  14. Yes Feb 8 sailing is what Im looking at. The mass market ships were great when my kids were young, plenty for them to do and fun. Now I will never sail on them again. Love the small ships, even the Pacific Princess with its lower quality of food and service. Hoping that Azamara is a nice upgrade since I can’t always go with my favorite Seabourn. This itinerary is the main attraction.
  15. Help me decide between the South America Coastal cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires crusing the Chilean Fjords or the roundtrip Buenos Aires cruise to Antarctica.
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