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  1. I hope the picture doesn’t do it justice.....looks ugly to me.
  2. The ‘bonus morning’ is not going to come anywhere near compensating for the additional cost for a one way flight home...$650. Glad I have good travel insurance that will reimburse me. I am very disappointed that Princess woukdn’t Kick in at least a $25 OBC. They are giving ice phone call or some internet minutes!!
  3. NCL does not seem to allow or even submit a request for an early port disembarkation. I have applied and received permission to get off the ship in Victoria several times rather than returning to Seattle and having to make an expensive trip home to Victoria. The cruise line needs to send a request for approval to do this to border security. I’ve done it on Princess, RCCL and Celebrity. NCL was a definite ‘NO, Not allowed’.
  4. Thanks for this info. I was wondering about the boarding time as well. Last year on the Coastal cruise, even with the late departure time, we boarded at the normal times and had the afternoon and evening on the ship in Vancouver.
  5. I think whichever deck has the studio lounge is the best. No stairs to carry water or coffee back to your room. Price is the main factor to me as to which category to select and whether you want to pick on of the free at sea options. You get one option with a studio so if you want to pick the drink package fir example it’s good. A comparable priced inside or ocean view will probably be a sail away rate with no free at sea options. If you are interested in the solo meet ups you can attend without being in a studio cabin.
  6. Drago’s in the Hilton Riverside for oysters.
  7. I’m not a shellfish eater so I can’t tell you exactly what all was in there. I just took the picture because it looked so amazing.
  8. You’ve asked the same question 3 times now, YES, there is a seafood buffet on the second night!
  9. I replied to your last nights query on the seafood buffet.
  10. There is a seafood buffet, the second night. This is from May 19th
  11. I was on the Joy 2 weeks ago, I thought the quality of the food, the variety and the service personnel was very good. I never had a problem finding a spot to sit and if it seemed a little too busy or noisy for me I just took my food down one floor to the Observation Lounge. No need to take your beverages they have coffee, tea, water and juices available in the Observation Lounge. They serve a continental breakfast, light lunch, afternoon snacks and late evening snacks.
  12. I was on the Joy last week and never had any of the issues that the original poster had. I enjoyed Footloose and never noticed any of the problems they seemed to see. Yes, the Atrium is busy but get there a half hour before the show starts and you will find seating, if you have a large group it might be difficult but they do bring in the folding chairs which are comfortable. I was always able to find seating in the buffet and if not, it is only one floor down to the Observation Lounge, and you don’t need to carry drinks down, they are available. I don’t know what they meant about ‘Dan Dan schilling for bingo’ I never saw anything like that.
  13. I wondered if this is what the original poster was enquiring about? I have sailed several times in the studio cabins. They are very nice, small, but the lounge is nice for extra space and snacks and drinks and coffee. If you are used to inside cabins, not much of an adjustment. The studio cabins on the Bliss have Virtual Balconies which are amazing.
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