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  1. Cruise lines are private businesses and can set their own rules onboard. No shoes; no shirt no admittance to the lido. No mask; no vaccine no chance of ever being a chair hog on upcoming cruises once they start. I'm glad private enterprise is finally coming to its senses and is beginning to take a stand on this requirement. Setting up rules is the only way to ever get back to operations without the threat of future lockdowns. I sure don't want to get stuck in a small cabin for weeks when on vacation. A vaccine and mask gives us the safety to cruise again without irresponsible peopl
  2. I wonder if the cruise lines will be as strict as the national retail chains and grocery stores are about wearing masks. No shoes, no shirts, no vaccines....no chance to be a pool chair hog ever again? We ahve booked a cruise for next summer and fall. Everything should shake down by then or we will all be back in the hospital. We will entertain ourselves in the meantime by reading the posts of those who are either pro or con masks and/or vaccination....and not going anywhere by ship unless they obey the stated rules on the contract you sign. Can't wait to see the socia
  3. The deal breaker for us would be not having any test cruises conducted this summer to see which virus/vaccine protocols actually work. Getting on board without knowing whether we could be stuck in quarantine for weeks in our cabins doesn't sound like a vacation. More like an ordeal by fire. Those first cruises from foreign ports will hopefully offer some reassurance that things are getting back on track. It would be very hard to board any ship from an American port right now as our state governments has been the most irresponsible on the planet. People are now getting s
  4. If you want to visit any place other than a private island, it's going to be hard not to have proof of a vaccine to get off. You can't get a visa already in a lot of countries around the world without proof of vaccination for a variety of diseases. Covid isn't going to be any different. The CDC is working off rapidly changing medical data. New variants are developing fast and the vaccines still have not been proven to protect against them. It would be professionally irresponsible to give into the frustrations of commercial enterprises and tourists. Remember, the US has been the mos
  5. No American is probably going anywhere on vacation out of the country by cruise boat until there is an official vaccine passport that is accepted by customs at all the countries that ships visit. The USA has become known as the most infectious and lax nation when it comes to public health measures. I don't understand why this seems to be a matter of pride by some. It could be common for stores, theaters and medical facilities to demand some official form of proof-of- vaccination for one to enter once inoculation becomes the standard and new outbreaks occur. Those who don't comply
  6. Does anyone have any personal knowledge of what is going on in Haines, Alaska since the recent massive storm. I saw an article on a weather site that suggested that the two main roads to the ferry and Canada were closed and that Coast Guard helicopters were helping evacuate those who live along them. I love this port and want to hear that all the residents are safe. Here is the article: https://www.ksdk.com/article/weather/accuweather/atmospheric-river-triggers-flooding-landslides-across-southeastern-alaska/507-43fe60f3-e3c1-405b-8bc8-2be46c9984c6
  7. 100% or you walk the plank when it's found out that you lied.
  8. Then I suppose some people were just born cranky and crabby? Maybe the cruise lines will introduce a new activity for you once they reopen: Pistols at dawn on the pool deck with anyone who makes a comment that indicates you might be less than Superwoman? Enjoy your next cruise.
  9. I don't understand how the cruise lines will handle their own pre-existing conditions stipulations. All passengers over 50 have some sort of pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure. And those younger could very well have had a mild case of Covid and may not even know it. Can they get it again? Are they still carriers? The medical professionals are learning as we go along. And some people are leading a much more active lifestyle than others. Where to you draw the line at being safe enough to cruise? How could anyone prove it? You also have to wonder if any physi
  10. I, too, would like us all to take some time and remember the wonderful crew members from the various ships we have cruised with through the years. They looked after us and many became our friends. You wonder how they and their families are faring during this pandemic and lockdown. I worry that they are unemployed and barely making ends meet. I also worry that they will risk their lives again when the ships sail only to see them shut down again due to those who refuse to socially distance or wear masks. It's not just Americans who suffer when others don't care if they live or die.
  11. Been walking everyday veering further and further away from our subdivision into new neighborhoods. Plan to walk every street in the entire area by winter. Fresh air and sunshine even when it's hot and humid brightens your day. Several of our senior citizen walking groups began meeting again in June at various parks and neighborhoods. Everyone is supposed to wear masks and social distance. People forget from time to time after we pause for a drink break. But since we are all walking in the same direction, I feel comfortable walking besides others to talk while wearing masks. We st
  12. The cruise industry is going to go bankrupt if they can't get passengers to cooperate in screening out those infected with contagious diseases before they get on board. But chronic conditions are another thing entirely. Most people with these conditions are continually monitored. They wouldn't book a cruise if their condition wasn't under control and would postpone one if they were not feeling well. One would think the cruise lines would want to work with these passengers and give them more flexibility in rescheduling as well as getting refunds/credits. Repeat business is the bre
  13. Urgent care units do routine exams for school sports participants all the time. This is not an urgent situation. These facilities offer easy access while providing routine care for those who don't want to wait for an appointment with a regular doctor's office. Most primary care doctors now function more as gatekeepers for the insurance companies, deciding when you need to see a specialist. Their nurse practitioners do most of the exams. Most urgent care facilities would be more than happy to provide the service I outlined which would greatly increase their profits. A ma
  14. Hadn't thought of that. 🙃 Maybe do the urgent care visit at home a day before leaving? The cruise line needs to have current info. Primary care doctors don't have time for this. But we do need a medical evaluation that is current.
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