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  1. could you explain this? I didn't think they were starting until later 3rd quarter or early 4th quarter which I would not define as the next several weeks. are you talking about running some tests with crew only?
  2. I said that and at the moment... and its still valid. until one cruise goes out.. its not an inaccurate statement. I still believe it will be late 3rd quarter (September) or early 4th quarter and I still believe Carnival might not start when they claim to (August 1) but if they do , I will be happily wrong if they satisfy all the CDC guidelines
  3. For quotes in case you were interested Seaman11 these are from me: to be fair, you were arguing with me and all I was saying was 100 days due to the CDC. I never said 2021. I still love your optimism but I knew it wasnt going to happen until the 100 days were over and I knew they were not going to pull it back its after the 100 days as was the minimum 'most' of us thought would happen. I am still doubtful but hopeful especially for you since you are as optimistic as they come. your prior predictions didnt come true... hopefully this one does This was not unexpected by me. the CDC put it at 100 days and I did not think they would change that. 100 days is mid July. I still think they will extend it further but I did not think there was a chance at sailing before July. I wouldn't be surprised if there was no cruising through August or later (This last one above shows I think it could be past August but NOT 2021)
  4. pull one post I made that said it wont happen before 2021... I will counter with quotes that I said I was a bit optimistic for August... I am giving you food for thought but if you say I said ANYTHING.... back it up... show me a quote.
  5. this is Germany, this is not part of the CDC order, this is not a main chain like EVERYONE keeps saying to you and its less than a 1 day trip apples to oranges and if this is the best you have to torment the people that believe it wont open until 2021 (again I am not one of them), then you dont have much Everyone has told you MULTIPLE times, they are talking about the MAIN cruise lines that the CDC is affecting. not a ferry for less than one day in Germany OR US riverboats. NO ONE ... again... NO ONE mentioned these outlyers But if you want to use this as your best ammunition... go for it
  6. if this is where you think you will get the people that said that there would be no cruising this year (I was not one of them)... you are comparing a ferry in Germany? that wont help your position much these are the comments that lead to the attacks. you're not expressing your opinion.. you are trying to beat down others (and in this case you are not comparing things properly and will end up looking bad)
  7. 2 months = 100K Covid 18-19 season (1 year) = 61K and you can compare anything? plus without social distancing since you want apples to apples, it would be more like 1,000,000 dead. (estimated without social distancing)
  8. since you dont want to extrapolate a 1 year Covid-19, when has influenza killed 100,000 in 2 months?
  9. I was not aware that influenza killed 600,000 people a year in the USA alone
  10. I will start with MY list for reasons to take precautions I am healthy but getting close to the age where it starts to get concerning I have a father and mother in law who are older than me that I would want to quarantine myself to protect them if I go There are older people I meet in grocery stores, take out restaurants clerks, hardware stores, garages, etc that I would not want to infect and possibly kill since I don't know if they have any underlying conditions I have children that even though they are healthy, I would not want to infect them So, my precautions are basically wanting to protect my fellow human being. If I can catch it, I might be asymptomatic but I could give it to someone I love or an essential worker and hurt them and I don't like that at all
  11. if you look at the timeline, There was less than 100 cases (and I don't know if any deaths) in the USA in early March and by March 13, All cruises stopped. So why would it boggle your mind if there was less than 100 cases in the USA , people went on cruises. I went on a cruise on March 9 - 13. on March 9th, there was barely any cases in the USA.
  12. none of those things applied to the spanish flu
  13. I am sure this will be a starting point for cruises... they will need to implement most/all of these PLUS many many many many more
  14. the doctors note was only for people over 70. re instituting this policy would have no bearing on anyone under 70 with any condition
  15. im really not sure if you are serious or not. it was not named after a business. it stands for COrona VIrus Disease (COVID). the 19 is the year it was found.
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