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  1. go on the balcony the next time they smoke.. ask them to please stop smoking. let them reply any way they choose. RECORD THE CONVERSATION take it to security.
  2. if you feel its a good price, you can book it and if something better comes along you can cancel and rebook something else. this way you lock in a good price . if you wait.. the thing you might want might be sold out or much higher in price Just food for thought
  3. I am also going in March 2020. Can you tell me the difference between 'open bar ' (the original) and having the 'drink package ' (which is what are switched to)?
  4. I truly hope this is definitive https://www.marijuana.com/news/2016/10/can-you-bring-marijuana-on-a-cruise-ship/ “Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. follows the (U.S.) Federal Law regardless of each state/countries’ recreational marijuana laws. Per Federal Law, Medical Marijuana is still considered illegal.” If thats not final enough.... Im not sure what will be
  5. please provide documentation that ferries go into international waters https://www.straight.com/news/632216/bc-ferries-evacuation-systems-come-under-fire But if you thought B.C. Ferries vessels would be bound by SOLAS, you’d be wrong. Because B.C. Ferries doesn’t operate in international waters, its ships are not required by Transport Canada to be SOLAS-compliant. Only the Greek-built MV Northern Adventure on B.C.’s north coast is SOLAS-compliant.
  6. Im sorry but it seems pretty simple to me.
  7. of course you can... ferries are owned and operated by Canada and can have modified laws. Royal Caribbean is NOT owned and solely operated by Canada so it CAN and most likely do have exceptions.
  8. Canadian controlled ferries that might have government agreements maybe?
  9. if you go into international waters (more than 12 miles out I believe)... its leaving the country... plain and simple. It doesnt matter at all where your destination is. if someone rapes another person and is in international waters (I dont care if its 1 mile into international waters) and they are going back to the same country... YOU ARE STILL IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS and the International waters laws apply. You are confusing international borders with the starting port and the next port... Ports make NO difference
  10. WHAT???? Its clear that what? What it is very clear is, is that if you step 1 foot into international waters, its illegal. YOU are now twisting a very simple, logical , straight forward law to try to meet your needs. If you cross the international border, its illegal... end... stop... no other words needed here. At this point , this is as clear as it can be and you are not adding your own words (temporary?????) to fit your narrative. this is in writing... clear, concise and definitive. do what you want at this point but this answers your question in writing Good luck
  11. Wow... you are not going to see the ridiculously obvious , are you? if you take one step over international borders... YOU HAVE CROSSED THE BORDER. It doesnt matter what the next port is. the rules are pretty cut and dry and now you are trying to muddy them if you leave into international waters... its illegal. If you come back into the country from international waters... its illegal there is no temporary.. or where you are returning to. Its straight and matter of fact and one step out into international waters makes it illegal according to Canada. Its in their documentations and if you read it exactly as written.. its illegal
  12. I dont think you understand what the Canada law states. It states you can NOT leave the borders of Canada with Cannabis or come in from international waters. Since the Cruise WILL go into international waters, you will be crossing in and out of Canada each time even though you are going back into Canada each time. Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis across Canada’s international borders is illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad. The ship WILL be crossing international borders each time to open the casinos This is as cut and dry as it can be.
  13. so I'm curious you dont want to break any Royal Caribbean rules and that means you will be smoking it ONLY in the designated area which are outside on deck... If you dont get any definitive answer, are you going to smoke on deck?
  14. While not Royal Caribbean policy... It is illegal to take Cannabis out of Canada. so any other Royal Caribbean rules or laws are moot https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/cannabis-and-international-travel Leaving Canada The legalization of cannabis in Canada did not change Canada’s border rules. Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis across Canada’s international borders is illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad.
  15. Im sure someone will find the proper policy but as you can see from this link, you CAN be arrested once you are away from Canada (like in Bermuda) https://www.foxnews.com/travel/royal-caribbean-passenger-arrested-fined-4000-for-marijuana-possession
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