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    $35 For Paper Tickets???

    If you are using a TA and they put Edocs, you can still get luggage tags. The TA can get from RCCL a packet of luggage tags that can be inserted into a printer and printed out. I don't know how many TA's know about this but it is free to them except for the printing costs and you as the client don't have to worry about filling them out at the pier! They can order them on cruisingpower.com
  2. ebark23

    RCCL Transfers

    There are countless companies out there that can be cheaper than a cab (Depending on how many people are going with you). I have worked with SAS transportation before, Quality Limo Service and had great results. If there is a group of you than calling one of these companies will save you some money but if it is just two of you, a cab might be the way to go.
  3. I just did this for my client after they made final payment. It doesn't matter whether it is before or after, they just reimburse the money if it is after. If your TA doesn't take care of it, you should be able to do it yourself.
  4. I am sailing on the Liberty on Sept. 20 with a group of 24 people. I just booked the Intercontinental on priceline for 6 rooms and got it for $90.00 plus tax, right around $105.00. Personally I think this is the best hotel to stay at that has an excellent view of the pier. Intercontinental all the way!!
  5. A 160,000 ton ship is, of course, bigger than 95% of the ships out there. This is a port intensive itinerary based on the ship size. You can get away with 4 ports and 2 sea days on a 70,000 ton ship because their is less to do. I think a big part of a cruise vacation is the ship itself and with 4 port days you dont get that many days to actually enjoy the ship. I think on a ship this size, 3 ports is ideal because it gives you 3 days on the ship enjoying what you payed for!
  6. Ok, so the Liberty of the Seas Western Carribean is very port intensive, too many ports I think for a cruise this size with so much too see. My question is: What ports would you skip to get an additional sea day? You can't skip Labadee because it is a must see, but what about the others? Montego Bay Georgetown Grand Cayman Cozumel Having been to these places, which one would you skip?
  7. ebark23

    Invitation to the Captains Table

    Not sure how or why, but four of us on the Explorer were asked to dine at the Captains table. It was our anniversary that week but I think it had more to do with the Maitre D, we had some great conversations with him at the start of the week and he could have put in a good word. If I could do it again I would, its a wonderful experience, and interesting to be eating with everyone watching you!
  8. Anyone know, since this hotel is supposed to be right across the street from the Cruise Terminal, if you can just walk across the street? Or do you have to get a ride? I would think it would be easier to walk, any info would be great.
  9. Two Questions: We arrive in San Diego at 8:30 in the morning, and plan on arriving at the Cruise Ship Terminal at 10:30/11:00. My question is: Is there anywhere close to the Cruise Ship Terminal where we could get some breakfast or just to pass the time? The second question is about transportation from the airport. Since it is so close it sounds like a cab is the best deal, is that true? Thanks for your help, I know there is someone out there that should have info on this. Thanks.
  10. ebark23

    Carnival vs Royal Caribbean?

    Carnival and Royal Carribean are pretty much the same, different weeks will at times produce different results on quality of food, service, etc. In ship decor Royal beets Carnival hands down, if carnival knew how to design nice looking hallways and rooms no one could even come close to touching them. Decor wise, Royal all the way. Food is pretty much the same, not a whole lot of differences but there is always something better you can find on either line. I honestly believe if you are a "go with the flow" type person you will be fine on either line. They are both mass market lines appealing to the same people, but if you are looking for the ship as your deciding factor in choosing a cruise, go Royal every time. I love both lines and have sailed both countless times so that is my opinion.
  11. ebark23

    Living In Halifax....

    Halifax is hot this time of year, I lived there for 2 years. I would take shorts definitely because it can be very hot and humid. It will give you some options.