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  1. Soooo..... You had 3 cruises and only one (1) was NCL. and two (2) with CCL, so you combined that FCC for a total of $1500 which you post? Just trying to see what is going on with your posts. Now another CCL for Dec that will increase more FCC?
  2. Seaman What 200k rally? If you are talking about Jacksonville then your numbers are wrong. The arena only holds 19,000-20,000. Are they sitting on attendees shoulders? We cancelled our 18 day TA ex Italy to NYC for this Oct. when it became apparent we would not have the cruise we envisioned. We're sad as it would have given us a taste of places we would probably go back to as land trip.
  3. That may be true Beerman, but Seaman11 sig did state sailing Aug 13th (??) on Carnival Elation which has, recently, been cancelled.
  4. I'm taking post #10 for $100.00, Alex.
  5. Another inane subject from the OP. Others incite speculation or who, what where, what, why questions with nothing to back anything why the questions is asked other to open assumptions. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm stepping back from CC until all the BS is over. OP included.
  6. Were you actually booked on an Asian cruise and had to cancel/was cancelled or are you someone who is just raising dust for those that may be? Do you have any NCL/anyone else cruise booked within the next 2 weeks? We're in NOLA and leaving tomorrow, just saying.
  7. I know this was posted some time ago but I forgot to grab it for reference. Was it it E-Bay or Amazon to find the disks (K-Cup do NOT work) that fit our Balcony coffee machines? Any link you could provide would be gratefully appreciated.
  8. That beach looked beautiful and your phone is doing a great job with the pictures which I knew you were wondering about. I'm just amazed you haven't stopped by a local store for some Cheetos.
  9. I agree with BT regarding the travel down the "Mightly Miss" as most px's are moving around the ship going to dinner and might be checking out the ship (I remember the time leaving lent some . It takes some time (6-8?) hours to enter the mouth which can be calm and relaxing. You're going in Feb? Please check NOLA Festivities schedule.
  10. Dates? We've sailed out of NOLA 3 times but we always come in a couple of days early and stay an extra day after. Check the NOLA festivities timetable which can affect pricing for local hotels. It's a wonderful place to visit, great food and gracious people.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks that this dinner wouldn't have filled up Sid?
  12. So did you hit you're 15 drink limit or is relief from past drinks = hangover preventative medication may be needed?
  13. Usually we find our table and I go grab 2 glasses of 1 Apple and 1 Orange (ish). There are a couple of fruit blends to choose from as well.
  14. Oh boy, Another Houston restaurant dinner which I'm sure you'll enjoy. And another member of Sid's Clan of "Sid Seriously Needs This Vacation + 50th Birthday Cruise". It's been my pleasure to be a member of the other site.
  15. What a great review! I agree with your ending with the hits and misses although I think NCL choice (?) of disembarkment ports was pretty limited whilst they waited for POM to reopen - hindsight I guess. Also they should have at least off loaded some of their water - again maybe they had limited dock time and couldn't offload any onboard provisions. This was totally unexpected for the port and for airport. We want to sail with you! You have the right attitude.
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