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  1. I watched a recent you-tube video from JJ Cruises, in which the 2 owners were on the 1st Vista cruise out of Galveston. They mentioned they had several issues from that 1st cruise. They said that embarkation was a mess in that people were showing up earlier than their check in times and that there were very long lines lasting up to a couple of hours to get checked in. They mentioned that dinner service be it in the main dining room or in a specialty restaurant took a minimum of 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. They mentioned that the casino bar in the casino was removed and that it took at a
  2. Reading some of these posts is very disheartening. Why are vaccinated individuals treating unvaccinated folks as having some kind of plague or something? If you received the experimental jabs then you are protected. If a vaccinated person does get Covid, then your risk of severe symptoms or death are extremely slim. In all likelihood you may be completely asymptomatic. So why the irrational fear towards the unvaccinated? Common sense would say you got the vaccine to protect you. PLEASE stop living in fear. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Not everyone in Israel wants to get vaccinated. In fact, lawsuits against mandatory vaccinations have been filed because without your green passport (vaccination proof) you can not do squat in Israel.
  4. My wife and I would take anywhere from 3-6 cruises per year. Lots of Transatlantics and longer cruises. I miss it, but surprisingly not as much as I thought I would. Have been able to put that saved money into new home appliances and new air conditioner. My concern is simply that whenever cruising restarts, its going to be very short cruising in which I would have no interest. Had a Transatlantic on Celebrity booked for April 2021, but canceled it last week. It was a casino rate, so I got my full deposit back. Did not want to make final payment in January for a cruise that I know
  5. I am always looking for a great deal when picking a cruise. Pricing is one of the most important factors for me. I tend to only go on Long cruises, primarily Trans Atlantic cruising. If this new AI pricing is out of my price range due to my limited budget, I will look elsewhere. I generally book the lowest priced inside cabin price. I mostly cruise on RCL, and enjoy the Oasis class ships as I enjoy the Broadway Musicals.
  6. The cruiselines have taken on a significant amount of Debt. In addition, most of them have issued additional shares of stock too. So earnings per share will be significantly lower for years to come. Personally, I am not interested in buying shares of the big 3.
  7. I hope everyone had a good July 4th. May God Bless the USA. My spouse spent 36 years in the US Military.
  8. I am sorry if some of you view a legitimate question about safety and security for some of us older cruisers in a city or cities that have or had violent demonstrations or riots a couple of weeks ago. In particular, images on TV of the Mid Town Manhattan violence and looting would cause me to most likely not consider taking a cruise out of NYC at this time.
  9. I wonder if anyone is concerned about the violence and anarchy in Seattle, or any other major city like NYC or London as far as going there for a cruise in the future? As for myself, I would not travel to Seattle or London if you paid me. And, for me this is more about safety than politics. I am very concerned that this worldwide unrest is going to be another reason that cruising is a long way from returning to normal anytime soon. Would be interested in your thoughts.
  10. I am still awaiting my refund from RCL for my Vision of the Seas Transatlantic that was scheduled to sail on April 25th this year. It was canceled by RCL on March 23rd. I filled out the request for refund online the day the cruise was canceled. I called RCL three days ago and they said my refund went out on May 6th. But, it still has not showed up. I am pretty certain it will be here any day now. While not overjoyed with how long this has taken, I dont hate RCL or harbor any ill will towards them. Am I frustrated with how slow the refund is taking, YES! But, I have booked a couple of new cruis
  11. I would go the Quantum simply for the better itinerary. Icy Strait Point was one of our all time favorites Alaskan cruises. It has one of the highest concentrations of Bears in the world.
  12. On March 23rd, Royal canceled my Vision of the Seas transatlantic. On March 24th, I filled out the online request for electing to receive a cash refund. Today is May 2nd, and still no refund of my cruise fare. I am frustrated, but what can you do? Hopefully it shows up soon. Its been 40 days so far.
  13. My TransAtlantic cruise on the Vision of the Seas scheduled for departure April 25th, was canceled by RCL back on March 23rd. I am still awaiting a refund from RCL for that sailing as I opted for the cash refund by clicking on the form. I hope it comes pretty soon. My more compelling issue right now is waiting for Norwegian Airlines to refund my Transatlantic airfare back home from Spain to Ft Lauderdale. They canceled my flight home. I immediately sent in my request for refund from Norwegian Air. My understanding is that they had 10 days to process the refund if paid by a credit card an
  14. I had a TransAtlantic scheduled for April 25th on the Vision of the Seas. I purchased travel insurance from TravelSafe on insuremytrip.com. I did not have cancel for any reason and the insurer told me that the non refundable airfare I purchased on Norwegian Air was not covered for CoronaVirus. Even with Royal canceling the cruise, they would not pay my claim for the non refundable airline tickets I bought on Norwegian air. The good news is that Norwegian air finally canceled the flight. I had to go on Norwegians web page and request a cash refund. I am concerned about how long Norwegian is goi
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