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  1. They typically have a designated area where special needs individuals can go for the muster drill. You probably need to ask guest services where to go for the drill, once you get on the ship.
  2. I am diamond on Carnival, and Diamond Plus on Royal. It used to be such that Carnivals cruise rates were much less than Royals rates. Not anymore. The loyalty benefits on Royal are FAR SUPERIOR to those on Carnival. We can goto the diamond lounge on RCL ships and consume free alcoholic beverages every evening, or use our 3 free drinks at any bar or in the dining room. Royal also offers discounted internet and free pictures. In addition, their speciality restaurants are buy one, get one free on the first 2 nights of the cruise. Carnival to my knowledge lacks big time when it comes to loyalty benefits and if their prices are higher than Royals then I won't cruise with them. So based on my cruising criteria and related loyalty benefits from Royal, I cruise them much more than Carnival.
  3. What the heck does any of this have to do with gun violence? We are talking about the Hurricane, not politics.
  4. Royal isn't going to bring any ships into Port Canaveral on Sunday and Probably won't Monday either. Tropical force and Hurricane force winds will prevent prohibit that.
  5. I am presently on the Harmony. We are currently in Roatan, and scheduled to go to Costa Maya on Friday. Hopefully after that, we find out what happens later today as promised. But again, simply based on current forecasts and my gut, we certainly are not going back to Port Canaveral before Wednesday. As to those trying to fly home, lord only knows how backed up and delayed that airport will be. Our biggest worry right now is what THE Hurricane has in store for our car parked 1/8th of a mile from the beach in a lot in Port Canaveral. Thankfully its fully insured. And as frequent cruisers we Always Buy Travel Insurance!
  6. We are currently on the Harmony. Lots of rumors but nothing has been determined yet as they want 1 additional day to gauge the updated storm track before deciding what to do. Maybe we will go back to Cozumel and wait out the Hurricane. We can pretty much guess that there is NO WAY this ship will return to Port Canaveral on Sunday September 1st. 115 MPH winds and rain and God only knows how much of this area will be under forced evacuations. Even Orlando Airport could experience 100MPH winds Sunday the 1st. Its hard to believe that while conditions will improve weather wise on Monday, there will be a lot of downed trees, debris, lack of electricity, gas for vehicles, etc so my bet is that we might not dock until Tuesday or later. Thankfully, we have enough medications for additional days/nights on the ship. At this point we hope for the best. My biggest concern is my poor car that is sitting in a parking lot literally 1/8 of a mile from the Ocean. I hope the car is still there and not damaged, whenever we do return to Port Canaveral.
  7. Carnival Wifi is pathetic. Its also more expensive than Royal Caribbeans internet. RCL has awesome internet. Wish Carnival could replicate RCL's high speed internet. Am going on a Carnival Splendor cruise to Singapore, and am not happy that we probably won't have any internet for 90% of this cruise.
  8. Question for you: How was the internet and TV as you sailed to Hawaii? I have heard stories from the Splendor that Internet was not working at all, and that the live TV stations were no longer received? Thanks for your reply!
  9. Both my spouse and I have had back surgeries. We are spoiled at home with a Tempurpedic bed. Our last few cruises have been difficult on our backs, hips, and knees. I hope having 2 toppers helps. Thanks for this thread and all its details.
  10. As a longtime Diamond member, I have significantly cut back, or even eliminated cruising on Carnival. And this is coming from someone with over 400 nights cruising Carnival. Their premium wi-fi is pathetic. They have cut back on twice a day room cleaning, and the dining staff is basically understaffed. Its very difficult to get the temperature in my stateroom down and cooler to a comfortable level. And again, this is many ships that have these problems. This is not to say that the Carnival Employees are bad, we have always had outstanding service from our room steward and dining staff. But, our last experience on the Vista a while back, was the worst cruise we ever had on a Carnival ship. The main dining room was the biggest problem. Would take 20-30 minutes to get our appetizers and would take 45 minutes to an hour to get our Entree's. Asking for a cocktail at dinner in the dining room could take 30 minutes or more. Again, its not the crew's fault, its Carnival's fault for making bigger ships that carry more passengers, but understaffing the dining room. I figure that management at Carnival does not really care, as they are making hand over fist in profits, and can basically name their price for cabins due to the heavy demand. I have not sailed with Carnival since last fall, and have no future cruises booked with them. I am simply happier sailing Royal Caribbean knowing that my room will be cleaned twice daily, the Internet will actually work, I can turn the thermostat down and make my room freezing cold if I want, and finally, there is adequate service at dinner in the main dining room. It does not hurt that I am Diamond Plus on Royal Caribbean as their loyalty benefits put Carnival's to shame! And, RCCL seems to know how to get 6,000+ passengers on and off their bigger ships. They have a good system and it works. Carnival embarkation is a mess with all the FTTF, Diamond, Platinum, and everyone else cutting lines, being in the wrong place to get on the ship, etc.
  11. Carnival Premium Wifi is simply GARBAGE! The speed at which it operates on sea days or when the ship is full, is pathetic. I get miserable every time I cruise Carnival because I have the same problem on all Carnival ships. I have to say that Royal Caribbean has a much better internet system with much better connectivity. On RCCL I can actually stream TV, Music, just about anything with their high speed package. Carnival's high speed internet can not do any of those things.
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