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  1. So very sad for everyone... employees who now have no employment....passengers who have vacations planned, some who have save for a long time to go on a vacation like this...and yes, all the corporations who are being hurt by this because ultimately so will we
  2. Land a few posts down from this one it was stated this not only happens on ships. Yes, I am a bit older however my children and now their children are and were brought up w/manners. There’s no running around in any restaurant no matter where it is! I’m really glad to see this post because I always feel so alone feeling the way I do. “Entitlement “ seems to be a way of life today, so very sad in my opinion.
  3. We chose the towels once...they’re ok...not very plush if you’re used to good towels. They work for drying off...only color available when we got them were white with logo in blue
  4. Alrighty....because I really don’t pay attention (ohhh my) Masters?... and I’m not new to sailing 😱. Thanks, without shooting me in the foot. later- Pattie
  5. I get coffee cards however I drink iced coffee...I have been at the counter when folks are using their coffee cards for ‘specialty’ coffees...a shot of this, a shot of that...it seems to depend on the ship whether or not you get more than one punch. Just my observation. later-Pattie
  6. Good to hear your Mom is home & doing better....and that, yes, there are still great folks in this world
  7. Its always great when the ship's associate (whomever is running the M&M) is interested in running the M&M... I know this has been said previously I'm sure. Sometimes they come into the room and have not a clue, just want to get it over with and its so obvious. Love the post previous that said perhaps the CC thread could be looked at, glanced at just for an idea of what's going on. I did giggle when someone said they had gotten Mimosas...haven't seen anything (if anything) but coffee and maybe pastries or cookies in a very long time...really not a biggie...M&M is usually right after breakfast, which is a great time for us. I think its great you're getting feed back. later - Pattie
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