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  1. We Gold members are angry and upset with the D's taking up space at the pool bars with your 3 drink coupons. LOL
  2. runner15km

    Smaller ship recomendations

    Vision of the Seas sails from San Juan in 2020 to the Southern Caribbean.
  3. runner15km

    8:55 AM Flight?

    Why not just book a little later flight and relax ?
  4. runner15km


    It sure beats the US Army coffee.
  5. Thanks for the review , sailing on AOS 12/16.
  6. Tips are spread out throughout the whole beverage department. This includes staff who haul the booze from the hole up to the bars and the staff who washes the glasses etc. Cash tips go in their pocket.
  7. runner15km

    Eastern vs. Western Itinerary?

    # 1 πŸ™‚
  8. This happened to me, I checked in and then went to the customer service onboard. Taxes and port fees were refunded but lost some of my spouses OBC .
  9. runner15km

    Which cruise would you choose?

    The X factor ! πŸ™‚
  10. The burgers on Freedom are really bad nothing like Guy Fieri's.
  11. runner15km

    My two cents on Summit.

    Thank you for the review. Did you noticed if they had bucket of beer specials ?
  12. Stay forward of the stacks.
  13. runner15km

    Bring my own peanut butter?

    Bring your own pb&j for the kids. Plenty of food items onboard for healthly eating.
  14. runner15km

    best free snorkeling beach in saint thomas

    Well I believe you have to pay for transportation but you can just sit on the sand at Sapphire and snorkel.
  15. runner15km

    Morning before maho beach

    Book a island tour at the information booth on the pier. See the sights in the morning and then the planes in the afternoon. Driver will stay with you and get you back to the ship.