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  1. That is reasonable, is the mat the kind you can float on .
  2. You missed my point, I want people to sit and have a light conversation.
  3. Ooooh that smell !Can't you smell that smell ?Ooooh that smell !
  4. I have sailed solo 7 times and this chair issue always happen. If I go to a lounge to listen to music and have a cocktail I look for a table that has 3-4 open seats. Passengers come by and ask if this seat is taken. One by one those chairs are moved to another table and I'm left sitting along with no one to have a chat with. This also happens near the pool so after a few hours I have empty spaces on both sides. Have you noticed this /
  5. Seems like too long of a cruise for children. Go with a 7 day cruise.
  6. Yes it will take time, just spoiled I guess with NCL's private islands of Harvest Caye and Great Stirrup Caye. See ya on the Mega at Sunday's Sail Away !
  7. Looks pretty barren from the recent pics, lets hope they add some local fauna to the island. I'll take some pics in in 9 days.
  8. Yes I'm retired but would love to be your age again.
  9. I'm on the Mega next week and paid 199.00 plus fees for a aft facing balcony. The quality of the food will not be a concern. 🙂
  10. runner15km


    If you want beach then walk out of the pier complex towards the taxi stand. The taxi is $8.00 to the beach and downtown. I suggest have the taxi drop you off near Tropicante Beach Club, its a nice beach area but if you do not like it, there will be 10 or more clubs in either direction. The driver may try to get you to another club but stay firm, they get kickbacks. The food and drinks are half the price then at the pier area. The taxi ride is only 10 minutes, there will be plenty of other tourist at the beach and it is safe.
  11. I just booked a cruise 17 days out and got a cabin in a very good location with a super low price. The problem was getting a r/t flight, it took just over 1 hour of searching.
  12. Does the Fitbit work at sea and Caribbean ports, can you syn ? Does having blue tooth on incur roaming charges ?
  13. Does the Fitbit work at sea and Caribbean ports, can you syn ? Does having blue tooth on incur roaming charges ?
  14. I spoke to MSC two days ago and Dec 5 th is still on the docket.
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