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  1. Just the opposite here. We love the aft facing CLS. We love the RLS and SLS even more where we have both options. We find that there is so much going on at eye level for folks on the sports deck, that they rarely look up and see us. As for privacy...I’m under no illusion I have privacy on a cruise ship. My neighbors are sitting on the other side of a half inch piece of plexi-glass. any sound I utter is magnified and echoed across at least 3 adjacent balconies.
  2. For us, it was about the room...not the butler. ‘We never noticed any problems with them...we just never noticed them. in no way did it impact our cruise, and I doubt it was any different in the Haven. ‘The balconies and suite sizes at the rear of the ship are spectacular...and that’s what I would dwell on.
  3. You can also get a good look at the area by going to GOOGLE EARTH. They have some pretty extensive street view "walk-arounds" that will give you a idea of the terrain. Its a beautiful area.
  4. Lago Mar is a great hotel. In a quiet location with free parking and no resort fee. Beach location and a quick walk down the beach to watch the ships sail out of the port. So close you can almost touch them. Quick check out as well...no crowds trying to get on elevators. Nice pool on the beach. Variety of restaurants. very quiet and relaxing.
  5. ON DECK 17... Crown Loft suites are all Sky Class regardless of the location. Star Loft (formerly "Sky Loft")(1718 ocean view..1720 ocean and aft view), Royal Loft (1740 ocean and aft view), Owners Panoramic (1701 ocean view and partial forward) and Grand Panoramic (1758 ocean view and partial forward) are all Star Class 1740, 1758 and 1701 have hot tubs on the balcony
  6. Penthouse Suite in April, on board the SOLSTICE...Bulgari products.
  7. We sure enjoyed our Hawaiian cruise on the Solstice in the PH suite. Probably one of our favorite cruises to date (and there hasn't been a bad one) No regrets.
  8. He/She just comes here, throws a couple "molotov cocktails" in the room, and runs.
  9. We ordered flowers for our Solstice Hawaii to Vancouver cruise. They were beautiful and looked great sitting on the piano. They lasted the entire 10 days. Would do it again in a heartbeat!
  10. My first cruise ever. I went solo in a tiny inside cabin on Biscayne deck (B-136) The cost of my cruise was $1,250.00 It was September of 1983. The entertainment was: THE FIFTH DIMENSION...NORM CROSBY and SHIELDS AND YARNELL. There was a Broadway-style play, MY FAIR LADY, and a revue called SEA LEGS. Ill never forget it. The ship was beautiful and had many places to explore. The ship went to Nassau, St Thomas and Great Stirrup Cay. I had always hoped to sail on her again...but the bigger, flashier ships called and I never got the chance. Pity.
  11. Thankfully the funnel is there to remind us which is the bow and which is the stern.
  12. But NOT the coffee/tea....no charge there.
  13. Some of the food in STARBUCKS has a charge.
  14. No...we are on the April 30th Hawaii cruise. We had hoped to try the Mclass PH one day, but after KH...that probably won’t happen I look forward to your opinions.
  15. I guess we’ll just have to “struggle” through with our Penthouse on the Solstice in a couple weeks. Somehow we’ll make do. Pray for us.
  16. We found the Genie service in Star Class on RCCL vastly superior to the Butler service on NCL. They aren’t even in the same league.
  17. WE KNOW. The cheaper the cabin the more cruises you can book. But some of us don't have the vacation time for all those cruises. So we book suites. It enhances the limited time we do have for vacations. We have the money (thanks for your concern) but NOT the time.
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