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  1. April 2-- 2 weeks ago, $95 - worth every penny.
  2. extcat


    April 2 Cruise on the Dream. Three rumrunners for our cabin all made it. Four cabins in our party all with various items ( all alcohol) with no trouble. One brought on the very large bottles of wine on carry on with no trouble also.
  3. extcat

    Chair savers!!!

    Last week on the Dream, the wife and I found two chairs empty next to four saved chairs. We sat in the empty chairs and I looked at my watch. 45 minutes later an older couple came by looking for chairs so I got up and moved the stuff off the four saved chairs to a nearby table. The couple thanked me and sat down. 15 minutes later a family of 4 showed up and the father raised his arms in disgust and said WTF? What happened to our stuff? I told them I moved it and where it was. A few cuss words later he had his camera out and pointed it at me and snapped my picture. He loudly told me I was going on the internet! I said thanks and have a nice day as they left in a huff.
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    Are collapsible coolers really waterproof?

    I have this- very nice.
  5. extcat

    Collapsible Cooler Question's

    I have this- very nice.
  6. extcat

    Nachi Cocum, Paradise Beach or Mr. Sancho's

    We are going to Nachi Cocum in a few weeks. What about the cab ride? Will be eight of us. Do they drop you off and have someone call for a cab later? I heard some places they wait for you all day if you pay enough. Just don't want to miss the ship. Sorry about bold print??????
  7. Has anyone confirmed you can order liquor from room service onboard the Dream? Would be nice to know for sure!
  8. extcat

    spa balcony on the Dream

    Stayed there last year, booked again this year. Very quiet, very private, only negative is balcony, people can look down on to your balcony from 14th deck. If you sit back they can not see you. It seems to only be during sail away or when coming or going into ports.
  9. extcat

    Camera choice?

    I second this. I own one, two friends saw this and the pics it takes and they both ordered one.
  10. http://travel.usatoday.com/cruises/story/2011/02/Cruise-bargains-make-waves-in-the-Caribbean/44148510/1 Not that is was a big secret but now its news. Think before you drink. Whether it's a $7 (plus automatic 15% tip) martini or a $3.50 bottle of water as you head out the gangway at a port of call, the cost of onboard beverages can add up quickly. If you're a sodaholic, a ship-issued "beverage card" ($31.65 a week on the Crown Princess, tips and souvenir mug included) might be worth it. Tap water, lemonade and iced tea, on the other hand, are gratis. Though some cruise lines (including Princess) charge dining room corkage fees but let passengers bring aboard one or two bottles of wine or Champagne per person, all prohibit "BYO" liquor. That said, "we see a lot of people ordering Cokes and dumping their own 'water' into them," notes Crown Princess passenger Christine Martin. One website, RumRunnerFlasks.com, even sells a "spring break cruise kit" of "unbreakable, undetectable" plastic containers for $26.95.
  11. I believe ONLY Green Bay Packers banners are allowed. ;)
  12. extcat

    System Tool 2011 Infection

    I was infected with firefox 3.5.7. [quote name='EnTnSA']Do yourselves a favor and download Firefox. Never go back to Internet Explorer again. You can thank me later! Avoid 95% of those types of issues.[/quote]
  13. [B][URL="http://www.comfortinn.com/hotel-cocoa_beach-florida-FL521?sid=AvQei.W59IrggS4.11"]Comfort Inn & Suites[/URL] is a nice spot. [/B]
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    Cruise Director list...

    Who is Butch?