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  1. I take it with a grain of salt.... it was our first attempt at a short cruise. I really just wanted to see Ocean Cay. But the $100 credit and 20% off March sailing is great. I do expect the Yacht Club to maintain its standard where ever the ship sails. Would this deter me from sailing again- No. Staff was great, we had quality food and we got to relax. Its always worth it to go away for 1 week or 4 days.
  2. We just sailed in March in Europe on Meraviglia in Yacht Club for a week so we were familiar with the ship and all the amenities. This review is to point out some pros and cons from our experiences being on the same ship, but in different areas of the world. We did sign up for meet and mingles, but unfortunately had other things we wanted to do at that time slot. Embarkation (arrived at 10:30am both times) Europe- nice treats, many drink options, boarded within 30mins Miami- very limited treats, very limited drinks, boarded after 1hr 45mins. Another yacht club group went ahead of us and we saw many regular guests walking on from different boarding zones. I was not a happy camper. Service Europe- balcony cabin, our butler was no different than regular cabin steward- did not receive any special treatment, bar staff and restaurant staff nice and attentive Miami- inside cabin, butler was much better and attentive, bar staff and wait staff were excellent- Jojo was our waiter- excellent Food Europe- better selection, better menu with more than 2 meat choices ... shrimp cocktail, escargots, surf and turf etc. Excellent quality for everything- incredible deserts Miami- new menu selection not as good for appetizers or entrees... but what ever we choice was excellent quality. Again deserts were incredible. * quality of food is superb- we never go to the specialty restaurants when in the yacht club ** went to see the regular menu choices... they had shrimp cocktail, prime rib and some other nice choices Other Observations: Europe- when we came back from excursions, we were always greeted by butlers and received priority into the line ups for re-entry. Great service! Miami- only 1 excursion because we missed the Ocean Cay port. When we arrived back, the regular line for re-entry had fresh cloths to wash your hands and face, ice cold water.... no yacht club butler escort done to our line. When we got down to yacht club area... no one at any of the tents, no face cloths and no drinks?? very disappointed Europe- When we arrived on the ship, we went up to the yacht club buffet (top level) to eat lunch and have a drink. The morning we left, we ate breakfast in the yacht club buffet as well. Miami- No lunch buffet and not food until after 5pm?? I did not understand this as the signs indicate that it was suppose to be open. The morning we left, again no breakfast buffet on top level. This was a big disappointment as the weather was perfect both days for sitting outside with food. Thermal Spa Europe- Everything working, lots of towels and water jugs/cups available as you enter. Miami- The scented steam room was closed the entire 4 days(my favorite room), ran out of towels in both bathrooms and main spa area, and absolutely no water available - shelves were empty. Our expectation was the experience would be the same based on being on the same ship. It was not the same experience, but that is cruising for you- take the good with the bad. We are booked for Seaside in March 2020 in yacht club. I will always choose the yacht club because I need some peace and quiet and some seclusion (as long as I can afford it). But to all you future cruisers- this is my only beef... please show some tact and respect for people around you. You do not need to be on speaker phones !! I don't need to hear your extremely loud conversations back and fourth with your kids, co-workers or anyone else. If you want to use the phone, use it normally people. Everyday, so many people using it full speakers blasting at the tables while eating or 'relaxing' in chairs by the pool. You try eating or sleeping when you hear intimate details about peoples medical conditions, affairs, love lives and their children's bowel movements... OMG turn off your speaker phones.
  3. We had wifi on Meraviglia in March and had Samsung phone. You connect direct to their wifi- no issue. BUT, when you are done, make sure you shut off wifi as you might have apps that use it in the background. This will eat thru your limit. Our family of 4 (2 teens) had 1 gig each (shared 4gig). I would check work emails 3x a day and kids would message friends only 2x a day. It was perfect. No one was on their phones too long at all. And obviously don't post 40pics a day to facebook.
  4. I was yacht class in March, deck 16... would do it again. was perfect for the lounge- spend alot of free time there. easy access to all other areas from the staircase.
  5. I was on mervigilia in March and booked for Nov this year. I had absolutely no issues with thermal spa. That is why I booked in Nov and on seaside in March. We go yacht club so its included. No chlorine, no smell...it was awesome. Friends that were with us prev were on seaside and said they prefer seaside because of the layout.. but it was very similar experience. 1hr everyday on both seaside and meraviglia... helped them relax when they were rushed thru excursions.
  6. I read on the main website there is a room for Voyager Club members, but I don't see anywhere that it is available ? I was on in March and there was a 'returning' club party, but no specified room. Anyone now of this ?
  7. We did week long already with MSC yacht club... now thinking of a 4 night cruise for a long weekend. Anyone had experience with short cruises with MSC? Party barge? or still relaxing? Just curious of anyone's experience. thanks
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