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  1. We had wifi on Meraviglia in March and had Samsung phone. You connect direct to their wifi- no issue. BUT, when you are done, make sure you shut off wifi as you might have apps that use it in the background. This will eat thru your limit. Our family of 4 (2 teens) had 1 gig each (shared 4gig). I would check work emails 3x a day and kids would message friends only 2x a day. It was perfect. No one was on their phones too long at all. And obviously don't post 40pics a day to facebook.
  2. I was yacht class in March, deck 16... would do it again. was perfect for the lounge- spend alot of free time there. easy access to all other areas from the staircase.
  3. I was on mervigilia in March and booked for Nov this year. I had absolutely no issues with thermal spa. That is why I booked in Nov and on seaside in March. We go yacht club so its included. No chlorine, no smell...it was awesome. Friends that were with us prev were on seaside and said they prefer seaside because of the layout.. but it was very similar experience. 1hr everyday on both seaside and meraviglia... helped them relax when they were rushed thru excursions.
  4. I read on the main website there is a room for Voyager Club members, but I don't see anywhere that it is available ? I was on in March and there was a 'returning' club party, but no specified room. Anyone now of this ?
  5. We did week long already with MSC yacht club... now thinking of a 4 night cruise for a long weekend. Anyone had experience with short cruises with MSC? Party barge? or still relaxing? Just curious of anyone's experience. thanks
  6. so... what would a normal 'average' tip to the MD or bartender be? I am buying some Euros, but not sure of the denominations to get?
  7. Downloaded the app a month ago and everything worked fine. Recent upgrade of Samsung 8 firmware and now I can not load it as the error keeps saying that I can not log on. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Where are you booking a time. I cant ser that on my site? We are 40 days out.
  9. We are booked on 16026... joining cabin... but it's the only one available for a room of 4. Older teens and we want the YC experience. I wish they had suites with bunks available on Meraviglia. Seems wierd they don't. I hope our neighbors are not noisy.
  10. So am I to understand that as part of the yacht club we have access anytime to utilize any of those rooms in the spa for free?
  11. Reviewed a lot of info on the boards. Still undecided on whether to take a taxi? or book a transfer from Genoa to Port. I like to take a taxi to talk to driver, but never been outside of North America and nervous about the language as we really only speak English and a tiny bit of French. I read the taxis are highly regulated so that is a plus. Anyone have any experience what they did recently and cost. We are family of 4, traveling to Europe for the first time. thanks
  12. This has to be the best review I have read and seen. This is putting my mind at ease as a first-time Cruiser on MSC and first-time visitor to Europe. Thank you so much for adding pictures and itineraries.
  13. When are you going? We are first timers too going in March to same port. Looked up taxi and it seemed ok price from airport. Was hoping to talk to driver on way about what to do 1day beforr.
  14. is it heated in March ? or any of the pools at that time
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