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    What to buy in Costa Maya?

    the usual t-shirts and some Christmas ornaments. I bought one silver pendant but price shop first.........you'll find the exact same pendant in several stores and the prices vary quite a bit. Even if the silver is not first grade, this is a pendant that is stricly Mexican maya and for what I paid, it could be costume and still worth buying. I've never seen another one like it. We also bought a chair hammock that we love - and they did cut the price drastically for me. I did read where someone on here bought some vanilla that turned out to be water........ugh...... this trip we are making a trip to the ruins and a short look at the beach in Mahajual....using time in Cozumel for any real shopping Have fun! :)
  2. SharleneinTexas

    Best suntan lotion . . .

    are you still looking for this? have used this site before and no problems... http://www.drugstore.com/templates/browse/default.asp?catid=40454&cmbProdBrandFilter=7555&trx=BSMMP-7555&trxp1=SP%2D19438&trxp2=0&trxp3=40454&brand=7555&rolled=true and Amazon has some listed too http://www.amazon.com/gp/search.html/104-4075861-9438345?me=&node=3760931&keywords=bain%20de%20soleil
  3. I'd have to say that it would depend on other colors you are planning on wearing but pashminas are pretty inexpensive now..........maybe a nice pastel in pale pink or ice blue or an ivory? and maybe a metallic like silver? I bought a shawl on ebay years ago in a black with silver embroidered roses from China.........love it........... Sharlene