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  1. SharleneinTexas

    Is there smoking on any of the ships?

    the irons pose a different fire threat - wiring and the pull on the electrical in a cruise ship.........I, for one, do not want to see what a lifeboat escape is like.........;)
  2. SharleneinTexas

    Chacchoben Ruins tour

    [quote name='kelz66']After reading this thread...how can I not book this tour?[/QUOTE] [url]http://www.chacchobenruins.com/wst_page8.html[/url] give them time to respond - I've never had a problem..........enjoy........:)
  3. SharleneinTexas

    Prepay port parking fees

    [quote name='dsparku']Would you prepay your parking fees if such a site was available on line? You would be able to print out a receipt and go through an express line when parking.[/QUOTE] I have actually done it........ p.s. I spent most of my life in Richmond and my immediate family is still there.......go Huguenot High School! lol
  4. SharleneinTexas

    What to buy in Costa Maya?

    the usual t-shirts and some Christmas ornaments. I bought one silver pendant but price shop first.........you'll find the exact same pendant in several stores and the prices vary quite a bit. Even if the silver is not first grade, this is a pendant that is stricly Mexican maya and for what I paid, it could be costume and still worth buying. I've never seen another one like it. We also bought a chair hammock that we love - and they did cut the price drastically for me. I did read where someone on here bought some vanilla that turned out to be water........ugh...... this trip we are making a trip to the ruins and a short look at the beach in Mahajual....using time in Cozumel for any real shopping Have fun! :)
  5. SharleneinTexas

    Chacchoben Ruins tour

    just got back the confirmation and believe it or not, our cruise isn't until Nov 20......according to the ship calendar there are going to be quite a few ships in port that day and wanted to make sure we didn't miss out....... :) Splendour sails out of Galveston and is already on central time - we arrive at 7am and Ivan let us know that the tour would start 1hr after we docked - about 8am and is supposed to last 3.5-4hrs.......means we should be back in Mahajual at around 11:30-12:00 and the ship doesn't leave port until 3pm.......gives us time to check out the beach there and maybe have a drink or two........and the tour includes 'refreshments' on the trip back from the ruins which includes beer for those that want it. I don't see any problem in doing the ruins tour to Chacchoben and still enjoying time in Mahajual as long as we have the alloted 8hrs in port. our last trip to Costa Maya we bought a hammock chair and love it. we stayed at the port shops because it was an unexpected port and we didn't have the advantage of all this great info - this time we are going to see a different side of Costa Maya..... can't wait! :)
  6. SharleneinTexas

    Warning In Cozumel

    I was on an eastern itinerary years back and a guy left the ship in St Thomas on his feet and boarded later in a wheelchair and full leg cast. The locals in Cozumel have warned against renting scooters for quite some time - not only the equipment but also the traffic and not being familiar with the roads adds to the problems. I have also heard of people renting cars having problems being stopped but that was when they were on a less traveled stretch of road. My DH says he drives enough with his job and when on vacation he prefers to have someone else do it. Last time in Cozumel we went on an excursion by water for snorkeling and a beach and this time we are going to take a taxi to Paradise Beach. I wouldn't hesitate in going to Mexico - you'd really miss out on some great ports. JMHO........:)
  7. SharleneinTexas

    Best suntan lotion . . .

    are you still looking for this? have used this site before and no problems... http://www.drugstore.com/templates/browse/default.asp?catid=40454&cmbProdBrandFilter=7555&trx=BSMMP-7555&trxp1=SP%2D19438&trxp2=0&trxp3=40454&brand=7555&rolled=true and Amazon has some listed too http://www.amazon.com/gp/search.html/104-4075861-9438345?me=&node=3760931&keywords=bain%20de%20soleil
  8. I'd have to say that it would depend on other colors you are planning on wearing but pashminas are pretty inexpensive now..........maybe a nice pastel in pale pink or ice blue or an ivory? and maybe a metallic like silver? I bought a shawl on ebay years ago in a black with silver embroidered roses from China.........love it........... Sharlene