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  1. Thank you both so much! I've always taken my own shampoo . . . just trying to cut down!😬 Will pack my own!
  2. Crazy question here... Does anyone know if Princess shampoo is safe for color treated hair? I don't want to take shampoo, but also don't want my color to be faded after 2 or 4 weeks on a cruise. Thank you in advance!
  3. What about a black velvet skirt and top with sheer sleeves? I was thinking in the Caribbean, even at Christmas and New Year's, velvet might be too wintery. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone spent the day at Galleon Bay? If so, how did you get there and what did it cost? I am interested in snorkeling, but since I already have 4 boat days, don't really want to pay for another boat day even though everyone says the best snorkeling is from a boat. I'm just looking for a quieter beach with some snorkeling and I have read this is one of the best beaches for that. Thank you!
  5. So there is some decent snorkeling at Brighton's Beach if you walk the opposite direction from Bridgetown to the sun bed rentals? I might want to do this!
  6. I get seasick and my doctor recommended the patch. They make me sleepy, dry mouthed, blurry eyed and it's hard to enjoy anything. Last cruise I tried meclazine at night before bed and that was better. I just ordered a relief band, hoping I won't have to take meds, and ginger drops, but I will be taking some meclazine for back up. I won't use the band until I feel unwell. If that doesn't work I will go back to the nightly meclazine.
  7. What would be the best way to get to the lagoonarium if you don't rent a car?
  8. We rented a car at each port. Hilo went to Volcano Nat'l Park, waterfalls, up to the north. Kona went to Place of refuge and snorkeled at two step. Beautiful!! Ate at a quaint spot overlooking Cook Monument. Maui we went all over. Snorkeled a couple places NW side, went to SW to watch sunset. I wasn't a big fan Lahaina - just so touristy, but lovely. Kauai was my absolute favorite!! Go all the way north to KEE' Beach if waves are down to snorkel and see beautiful scenery! Hanalei is like old Hawaii. We stopped at what used to be the Princeville resort and knew we had to return so we spent a week there later. The views are gorgeous! I love to snorkel so haven't been to Waimea Canyon. We have a cruise coming up we will visit the poipu area and possibly the canyon. I plan to visit the North shore of Oahu next cruise. I think I'd love that, too. I like nature and not too many crowds, though.
  9. I agree with this! I actually read it in advance of my first Hawaii visit and even though it is fiction I learned so much about Hawaii and the culture! I have Michener's South Pacific to read before my cruise there and read his Caribbean before my first visit to the Virgin Islands. The beginning of Hawaii was difficult for me, but once the story got to the people (native Hawaiians, missionaries, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) it was really fascinating and educational! Loved it!
  10. When we did POA several years ago we rented a car at each port and saw what we wanted. On Hilo we went to Volcano National Park, stopped at a beautiful "beach" that was devastated by a tsunami, drove up to the North and saw a beautiful black sand beach, visited waterfalls. We did at least 2 ship tours that day and saw a lot of what we chose to see for a LOT less money. It was POA's maiden voyage from San Francisco so long enough ago that it's hard to remember specific names, but I loved having the car. Hubby thought he drove most of the island!
  11. Thank you so much, Sinbad! Exactly what I needed! So if high tide is at 7:25AM and we get there and swim out will we be have time to get back in before it's too shallow?
  12. Thanks Chamima! I am trying to plan my days for both cruises and I'm OCD so still not much planned! And yes, our December roll call is pretty dead! We can share South Pacific planning tips in December. Keep me posted on what you find out.
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