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  1. Thanks all! I have been over on the Celebrity and RC boards to see how it's going for them and it is changing daily! We are going for it and will reevaluate 30 days out. We are on Enchanted Princess and 3 ports are level 4, 2 are level 3, and one is level 1or 2. I feel my travel clock ticking and, like all of you, I am so tired of this darn virus! So far things are looking ok.
  2. We are booked on a Christmas cruise and final payment is fast approaching & I am still debating with myself. Does anyone know how cruising in the Caribbean is going right now? Our stops are Curacao and Dominica both listed as Do Not Travel (4)due to Covid by the State Department, Grenada and T&C both listed as reconsider travel (3), and Bonaire which is Exercise Caution (1). I think STT is also level 3 and I know the USVI had their worst month in August. How will this affect us as cruisers? I am super excited about the itinerary, but wonder if we would miss ports or if there are extra things we will need to do to visit. I noticed on at least one port they want a nasal swab test within 48 hours of entering. How will that affect us? I know they aren't going to test us within 48 hours of each port. Hubby will be fine missing ports, but the ports are why I cruise. Anyone cruised in the Caribbean yet or have answers? I have been following the AL cruises and that is encouraging, but all in the US, no other countries like the Caribbean. I'm not trying to stir up controversy, but need to decide whether to pay final payment. Like so many, I had a couple of cruises canceled in 2020. TY in advance!
  3. Our replacement September cruise was canceled when Princess canceled cruises through the fall. We will not attempt to reschedule until corona virus is gone. With the 2nd cancellation, and me being on the fence about cruising right now, we will just wait until the world is healthier. Besides, the point of the cruise is to see the South Pacific and I think it is still possible for ports to close. Hopefully, we will get the chance in the future! Best of luck to all of you!
  4. Thank you cltnccruisers. I appreciate your apology. I would never have said anything in "real life". I'm sure after seeing all these responses that the rep I talked to told me wrong, but I will still try booking excursions and see what happens. I took her name, time, date, etc. We had a 28 day cruise and have rescheduled a similar/better cruise for September.... I think the chances of us going on that cruise may be slim at this time, but there are tons of excursions I want to do and if Princess won't let me use FCC I will probably book with a local tour instead, whatever the best deal is. If I can use FCC most excursions will be with the cruise line. Otherwise there are other cruises I'd like to do so I guess it will apply there. I do hope your cruise goes well.
  5. We rebooked from our canceled RT LA to Tahiti on April 11 to the Pacific Princess (yay, I love the smaller ship) Vancouver-HA-Tahiti, but it includes more of the smaller islands which I love. I'm (actually my husband) is an optimist because it's for Sept. 16. I am researching and ever so hopeful, but won't be surprised if it doesn't happen. Petoonya, I may have to hit you up for more advice!
  6. It must be the rep because I don't think I'm full of... I shared what I had been told by the rep I spoke to that day because I specifically asked about using my FCC. I also said I hadn't tried to use it yet. This might be why a lot of people browse these forums and don't comment. It's rather a rude comment, IMO. Best of luck to you.
  7. She said only the bonus FCC could be used for that, not the original 100%. I asked because I had read just that. She also said things have changed since this started in the last month, had to verify things a couple of times. This was one of the things she verified.
  8. That is what I was told today. I will try to book some excursions in the next day or 2 and let you know! She put me on hold and asked. I know they are working at home so she contacted someone I guess, but I don't know how that works. Good luck!
  9. We received our FCC this week. I called today because I couldn't find the money for vacation protection, transfers, taxes and port expenses. They had applied my old airfare to a new cruise I have booked. My call was answered within 15 minutes. I was put on hold a few times to check on questions I asked. Those items are kept separate and they were going to send me a refund check for it, but I had them apply it to my new cruise. Those items can't be paid for from FCC and don't apply to FCC. They will mail a check for what is left. The bonus 50% FCC can be used onboard for excursions or other things, not just cruise fare. Donella, the rep., did a great job and I think Princess has handled this pretty well under the circumstances. I don't know why nothing was done for 30 days, but I'm happy. I just hope my September cruise happens! BTW, while they are working on your FCC, you may have an additional cruise show up as a bookmark. While they worked on mine the z ship cruise showed the original cruise fare. Then 150% of that was split between my husband and me. You need to check under all cruisers.
  10. I had a z cruise show up in my personalizer tonight, as well. I had a cruise canceled I should be on right now and took FCC. I have a new booking to replace it and z cruise showed up underneath. The money doesn't quite match what we paid, but at least something is showing up! I remembered seeing this post so knew we weren't the only ones. We are making progress.
  11. Does anyone know/understand how French Polynesia is for cruise ships coming from CA? People on my roll call seem to think we won't be able to go to Bora Bora because it is supposed to be our first stop and we now need to check in in Papeete before heading there. If we can change the order of our itinerary, I understood we would be fine. Maybe that is harder than I understand. Also, do we have to have a dr. certificate that we are healthy within the previous 5 days? That would be impossible. If anyone can help with my questions I would appreciate it.
  12. Thank you both so much! I've always taken my own shampoo . . . just trying to cut down!😬 Will pack my own!
  13. Crazy question here... Does anyone know if Princess shampoo is safe for color treated hair? I don't want to take shampoo, but also don't want my color to be faded after 2 or 4 weeks on a cruise. Thank you in advance!
  14. What about a black velvet skirt and top with sheer sleeves? I was thinking in the Caribbean, even at Christmas and New Year's, velvet might be too wintery. Thoughts?
  15. Has anyone spent the day at Galleon Bay? If so, how did you get there and what did it cost? I am interested in snorkeling, but since I already have 4 boat days, don't really want to pay for another boat day even though everyone says the best snorkeling is from a boat. I'm just looking for a quieter beach with some snorkeling and I have read this is one of the best beaches for that. Thank you!
  16. So there is some decent snorkeling at Brighton's Beach if you walk the opposite direction from Bridgetown to the sun bed rentals? I might want to do this!
  17. I get seasick and my doctor recommended the patch. They make me sleepy, dry mouthed, blurry eyed and it's hard to enjoy anything. Last cruise I tried meclazine at night before bed and that was better. I just ordered a relief band, hoping I won't have to take meds, and ginger drops, but I will be taking some meclazine for back up. I won't use the band until I feel unwell. If that doesn't work I will go back to the nightly meclazine.
  18. What would be the best way to get to the lagoonarium if you don't rent a car?
  19. We rented a car at each port. Hilo went to Volcano Nat'l Park, waterfalls, up to the north. Kona went to Place of refuge and snorkeled at two step. Beautiful!! Ate at a quaint spot overlooking Cook Monument. Maui we went all over. Snorkeled a couple places NW side, went to SW to watch sunset. I wasn't a big fan Lahaina - just so touristy, but lovely. Kauai was my absolute favorite!! Go all the way north to KEE' Beach if waves are down to snorkel and see beautiful scenery! Hanalei is like old Hawaii. We stopped at what used to be the Princeville resort and knew we had to return so we spent a week there later. The views are gorgeous! I love to snorkel so haven't been to Waimea Canyon. We have a cruise coming up we will visit the poipu area and possibly the canyon. I plan to visit the North shore of Oahu next cruise. I think I'd love that, too. I like nature and not too many crowds, though.
  20. I agree with this! I actually read it in advance of my first Hawaii visit and even though it is fiction I learned so much about Hawaii and the culture! I have Michener's South Pacific to read before my cruise there and read his Caribbean before my first visit to the Virgin Islands. The beginning of Hawaii was difficult for me, but once the story got to the people (native Hawaiians, missionaries, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) it was really fascinating and educational! Loved it!
  21. When we did POA several years ago we rented a car at each port and saw what we wanted. On Hilo we went to Volcano National Park, stopped at a beautiful "beach" that was devastated by a tsunami, drove up to the North and saw a beautiful black sand beach, visited waterfalls. We did at least 2 ship tours that day and saw a lot of what we chose to see for a LOT less money. It was POA's maiden voyage from San Francisco so long enough ago that it's hard to remember specific names, but I loved having the car. Hubby thought he drove most of the island!
  22. Thank you so much, Sinbad! Exactly what I needed! So if high tide is at 7:25AM and we get there and swim out will we be have time to get back in before it's too shallow?
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