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  1. Priority will vary by port. I did not see which one you had.
  2. Yea, that free air is not longer such a great deal - LOL Never book cruise line hotels if you can help it. Always overpriced, and you have no leverage at the front desk if you are an elite hotel member. You are just crap to them.
  3. We would never fly into BCN the same day as the cruise. 1 - potential delays. 2 BCN is a great city to visit. Done this many times, cabs are just fine. (and, please do not reply that the ship will get you to the next port - what a royal pain that is)
  4. Been in Pearl and sister ships in Haven a few times. Do NOT consider that a pool at all. Nice quiet area of course. Breakfast in that area. Sure.... but remember, they have to go down to the restaurant to get your food. LOVE the HAVEN by the way. Just understand what you get.
  5. Reading other posts or a 30 second google search would answer your issue.
  6. Very possible. But, without knowing everything the police have discovered, and what they have not figured out - they may not have a suspect. For all we know.... not gonna start rumors... but there are things that MIGHT have taken place that may not result in a charge. Nobody here knows, that is for sure.
  7. What makes you feel this is a "blackout"? Sometimes there just is no more to report. People die daily under strange circumstances and lots of them never get reported on again.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Speed is often figured in our heads on perception. Your ship could be moving even faster, but you really do not feel that much. You can EASILY see the movement of the other ship. Said another way. If both ships are moving at exactly 20 knots, then the relative difference between the ships is 40 knots. If your mind can visually see the other ship moving, and fools you into thinking you are barely moving, the perception is the other ship is really moving fast.
  9. Of course the Cruise Line wants to keep it rather quiet. Do not blame them at all. Can not believe the knife thing continues to pop up. As to the staff keeping track in the dining room - that is another laugh. Along with being very difficult, they have knives available in the buffet that NOBODY could keep track of. Really folks, do you think it is that hard to have a knife in your luggage? LOL! As to anyone worried about their family getting home - there should be no more concern than any other trip. Just one incident.
  10. I do not think anyone was "justifying" murder. They just pointed out it may have played a factor. And the fact that some folks can get falling down drunk and not do anything bad, and another person can have one drink and go into a rage does not mean much of anything either. It was very early in the morning/late at night and a "possible" contributing factor MIGHT be drinking. One could come up with a handfull of assumptions and only some would turn out correct. Again, I did not see anyone "justify" murder - or the cause.
  11. As a good place to murder someone... it would be reasonable to assume maybe it was not planned, but happened during an argument, etc. Just sayin it is possible. After all, based on what we know, she could have also survived if she hit things differently.
  12. As to bottled water, they usually hand some out as you leave the ship each day. We had to stop taking them as they began to pile up in our room. We drink more wine than water - LOL!
  13. We ate in the buffet often as the food is really good and the wine service is great. Never had a problem at all.
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