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  1. Of course somebody on the ship had it. And somebody probably had it on the plane home. And somebody at your grocery store had it. Why does this surprise anyone?
  2. Ordeal, yes. But, I would prefer a nice drive instead of being "herded: into a plane with more people.
  3. Lots of posts about this. As to what to do? Post a more descriptive subject line when asking a question.
  4. yes, good idea. But many of us living off our 401k which took a 20% hit. Worried it will go down more. Worried that ANY stock I buy will go bust and be worth nothing. Just sayin.
  5. I just read a few hundred posts. And almost ashamed to be part of the human race based on some comments. So many suggestions are just plain stupid. Keep in mind that every single ACTION has implications. So many think that "option A" will solve everything have not thought through what other impacts there are. Bottom line, there is NOT a good answer. The final answer(s) will be full of compromises. And it will leave many folks unhappy with what takes place. This post from someone else shared should be required reading before posting. https://
  6. You might want to confirm EXACTLY what is happening before posting. Restricting arrivals from certain countries is different than closing down. From the link posted above : "Argentina has announced the suspension of arrivals for one month from countries that are the focus of the pandemic."
  7. It sure would help others if you shared when your cruise was. Some will read you post and think they can cancel a cruise coming up soon and get all their money back - which I do not think is true.
  8. What makes anyone sure a buyout would make things better? Often it gets tighter because they have to cover the cost of the buyout.
  9. Ah...if they are still getting paid - then they should take care of the customer. If I was the customer in that case, I would book elsewhere next time.
  10. Who did you get the cruise certificate from? If from Royal - wait until things settle down and call them. If you had that good of play, they will still want you onboard. Today - NOBODY KNOWS.
  11. Customer takes a $100 hit. Agency that booked and cancelled has to spend money to do so. The cruise line will take an even bigger hit. Sometimes life sucks - $100 is peanuts.
  12. PLEASE FOLKS. Separate issues with a cruise that has been cancelled by the cruise line and those that a customer is cancelling. TWO VERY DIFFERENT SCENARIOS.
  13. Whenever there is a SIGNIFICANT issue taking place, Customer Service will suffer. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Will ships stuck out to sea. With cancels going crazy. Ports closing. Countries being closed down If any company could handle that extra load, they would be out of business with the size of call centers available for them. Sure, they could maybe hire a bunch of temps, and then electronically implant all of the training into their brains. And then find them desk and phone lines. Oh wait, people are being as
  14. I would bet NOBODY knows. And any answer you get will change if you ask again, and then change again next week. LOL! And how about this question: If we on stuck onboard the ship extra days and not being charged anything - do we start having NEGATIVE nights onboard?
  15. Guessing they are doing the start in "Southern Alaska" (joke...just a joke) vs the northern port of Seward for a few reasons. - They can probably get more supplies in Vancouver vs Seward - They have to eventually end up in the port where the previously scheduled cruises are starting from... guessing maybe this rotation helps them do that? (they would not want to end a cruise in Seward the day before the next one starts in Vancouver for example)
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