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  1. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  2. It’s not listed online so you have to call The Fun Shops... but Cruise the Vineyards might be what you want. It’s a wine package— two different quality levels from which you can choose— at a decent price. Toll free 800 522 7648
  3. Carnival is looking for inexperienced cruisers right now... first timers. Along the way, that means sometimes inexperienced travelers. And sometimes people who apparently don’t know how to behave while in a public place. Everything to do with behavior, and nothing to do with what some are implying.
  4. Carnival had to remove the tablecloths. Everyone was complaining about how dated they looked, how much effort it took to keep them on the tables, and the environmental impact. Those who who have read these boards for years remember how awful it was constantly hearing from cruisers how the tablecloths had to go, and Carnival resisting, resisting, resisting because they wanted to ‘preserve the cruise experience,’ whatever that means. I, for one, bid them a fond ‘Adieu!’
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