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  1. I just received two emails from Princess confirming that my Iguazu Falls Cruisetour and follow on cruise from Santiago to Los Angeles in March 2022 has been changed from the Sapphire Princess to the Diamond Princess. New booking numbers were issued within an hour of receiving the email. Since they are sister ships my stateroom location remained the same.
  2. The issue may be power outages in California. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbclosangeles.com/news/california-news/california-power-grid-electricity-outages-rotating-outages-blackouts/2413427/%3famp
  3. John Chernesky from Princess posted this on Facebook on Saturday. I wonder what is going on at Princess this weekend with the phone system and website sign in not working. Travel advisors: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to receive calls in our call center. Please call back Monday, August 17th, during normal business hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  4. I tried logging into their website at 8:40 AM and the sign in page will not come up.
  5. I have called a couple times at 11:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) from New York and never been placed on hold.
  6. It’s time for all cruise operators to suspend operations before they destroy the entire industry.
  7. All cruise lines need to suspended operations. A Paul Gauguin cruise now has a COVID outbreak. These small cruise ship operators are setting the entire industry back by 6 months or more by their stupid decision to start cruising now.
  8. Not sure what this cruise line was thinking going out so early in the midst of a pandemic. They have set the return of the cruise industry back six months to a year with since they were obviously did not have a clue what they were doing in terms of crew safety. Now how even worse news when we find out how many passengers are sick. The passengers found out through the news media. Bankruptcy is next for this cruise lines.
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