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  1. Hi, I just deleted my passport information and then re-scanned my passport and took a new photo. I am now back to green lane status. I tried this yesterday, but it didn't work. Fortunately, this worked today. If you are having this problem, you may want to try re-scanning your passport. Chuck
  2. Hi, This problem is particularly annoying because all of my information had been accepted and I was approved for green lane. I didn't make any changes, but my travel documents were suddenly rejected and now I am blue lane. Telephone support isn't good in the US, either. I had to wait a very long time before I was able to speak to someone. Chuck
  3. Hi, I am in the US and have the exact same problem. I entered all of my information in the app and was fine (green lane) until yesterday. The system now won't accept my passport issue date (I have a new passport that was issued in May). I called Princess yesterday and learned that they are having a technical problem with the app. Other people are experiencing the same problem. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Chuck
  4. Hi, I also received the Princess survey yesterday. Chuck
  5. Hi, I agree about re-using past names. How about Sun Princess and Sea Princess? Chuck
  6. Hi, I have cruised aboard both the Regal Princess (in 2014) and Sky Princess (in 2019). They both are excellent ships. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably pick the Sky Princess because it is five years newer. Also, I think the public areas on the Sky Princess are slightly more attractive. Chuck
  7. Hi, I cruised aboard the Celebrity Summit out of St. Maarten on July 10. There were only 410 passengers on the cruise (on a ship that can hold over 2,000 passengers). It was incredibly spacious, but of course cruise lines can't afford to operate too many cruises at this occupancy level. This is why I asked about the occupancy level on the Majestic Princess. It sounds like it will be back to normal by the end of October. Thanks, Chuck
  8. Hi, Thanks for the information. I am booked on the Mexican Riviera cruise that departs from Los Angeles on October 30. Chuck
  9. Hi, Thanks, this is the information that I needed. Chuck
  10. Hi, I am booked on a cruise on the Majestic Princess for this fall. I am currently trying to make dining reservations through the Medallion app. What are the typical times for the main shows each evening? I like attending the shows and want to make sure that my dining reservations don't conflict with the show times. Also, do you have any idea how many passengers have been on the recent cruises? Is the ship sailing at reduced capacity? Thanks, Chuck
  11. Hi, I sailed aboard the Celebrity Summit on the cruise that departed from St. Maarten on July 10, 2021. The original itinerary was supposed to be Barbados, St. Kitts and Tortola. When I arrived at the pier, I received a notice that St. Kitts was being substituted with St. Lucia. During the cruise, it was announced that Tortola was being substituted with Curacao. These substitutions were fine with me, but I think you should be prepared for the possibility of itinerary changes. This was an excellent cruise! Chuck
  12. Hi, Yes, I totally agree. Canceling my September 18 cruise eliminated a lot of stress and worry. Fortunately, I had a wonderful seven-day cruise on the Celebrity Summit that departed from St. Maarten on July 10. I was hoping to have a similar cruise on the Crystal Serenity, but the negative changes by Crystal were ruining the cruise for me. This was NOT the cruise that I booked in April. I am sorry to lose the money, but glad that I no longer will be taking this cruise. I have sailed with Crystal five times in the past, but I seriously doubt that I will ever cruise with Crystal again. Chuck
  13. Hi, We received a similar gift on the Celebrity Summit's July 10 cruise from St. Maarten. There also were many food surprises in our staterooms throughout the cruise. This was an incredible cruise. Chuck
  14. Hi, I am sending a cancellation request for my September 18 cruise. This is not the cruise that I booked. I should be able to receive a refund of 75% if I cancel now. Chuck
  15. Hi, No, but I always wear a mask when I am forced to be around unvaccinated people. Due to the change in policy that allows unvaccinated people on these cruises, I prefer to wear a mask.
  16. Hi, Thanks, I am trying to decide if canceling my cruise at this point will cost me $1,000 (25% of fare paid) or $4,000 (100% of fare paid). Fortunately, I only booked a category A1 stateroom. Unfortunately, I booked a pre-cruise package in Nassau through Crystal and paid the 25% single supplement. Chuck
  17. Hi, When I booked (and paid for) the cruise departing from Nassau on September 18, the itinerary didn't include Miami. I intentionally booked a cruise that should have avoided this situation. Chuck
  18. Hi, At this point, I don't think it is mandatory that passengers wear masks on the Crystal Serenity. However, I think it is a good idea to wear a mask on the ship considering the recent virus trends. I know that some other cruise lines are requiring passengers to wear masks on their ships. On July 10, I sailed aboard the Celebrity Summit out of St. Maarten on a seven-day cruise. The cruise was outstanding (only 410 passengers on a 2000 passenger ship) and I had a wonderful time. Everyone on the ship was required to be vaccinated. The crew members wore masks but the passengers did not. However, we were required to wear masks in some of the ports. All of the passengers tested negative at the end of the cruise. I was hoping to have a similar experience on the Crystal Serenity in September, but the virus situation has grown much worse during the past month. The cruise has become much less appealing after I paid for it a few weeks ago. Chuck
  19. Hi, I am beginning to feel the same way. This cruise honestly doesn't sound like it is going to be very enjoyable (wearing a mask the entire cruise, constant COVID fears, etc.) Chuck
  20. Hi, I am booked on the Crystal Serenity's cruise departing from Nassau on September 18. I have paid for the cruise in full. This cruise is becoming increasingly less attractive. If I cancel my cruise by August 16, I should be entitled to receive a refund of 75%. At this point, is Crystal currently paying out refunds? Will I actually ever receive this 75% refund? Thanks, Chuck
  21. Hi, It seems like there should not be too many passengers on this ship that need to be cleared in Miami, but having only two officers must greatly slow down the process. I must admit that the likelihood of me deciding to cancel my September 18 cruise on this ship is increasing. This cruise is becoming less attractive. If I cancel within the next seven days, I should (in theory) receive a 75% refund. Chuck
  22. Hi, I have a feeling that this dispute will drag on for a long time. Chuck
  23. Hi, This is bad news. I was hoping to stay aboard the ship in Miami. Chuck
  24. Hi, I took my first Celebrity cruise on the Horizon back in 1991. Since the Horizon, I have taken eight additional Celebrity cruises over the years. Most recently, I cruised aboard the Celebrity Summit from July 10-17, 2021 out of St. Maarten. This was an outstanding cruise that exceeded my expectations. However, there were only 410 passengers on my particular cruise. As a result, I think this was better than a typical Celebrity cruise. Even though times have changed, I still think Celebrity is a very nice line. Chuck
  25. Hi, Thanks for posting this. The information is very helpful. Chuck
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