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  1. Hi, I did my first Cunard transatlantic crossing when I was 19 years old and had a wonderful time. I agree with the above comments that the unique Cunard experience appeals to a variety of age groups. Chuck
  2. Hi, I am a fan of the Crystal Symphony, too. However, Holland America recently sold its very popular Rotterdam and Amsterdam that specialized in long cruises. Both ships entered service after the Crystal Symphony (1997 and 2000, respectively). Of course, they also sold off the Veendam and Maasdam. After this development, I have grown increasingly concerned about the ships in this age group. Chuck
  3. Hi, Unfortunately, I agree that it does not look good for the Crystal Symphony. Any ship that is at least 25 years old is at risk of being sold or retired. Chuck
  4. Hi, This is a great video. I have done this same walk many times on the Queen Mary 2. The video is almost like being there. I hope that I will be able to take this same walk again in the future. Thanks, Chuck
  5. Hi, I also received notice last night that my October 29 cruise on the Crystal Serenity has been cancelled. At least they cancelled the cruise before I made the final payment. Chuck
  6. Hi, I received notice last night that my October 29 cruise on the Crystal Serenity has been cancelled. Chuck
  7. Hi, I think this was a good decision. Holland America will once again have a flagship named Rotterdam. Chuck
  8. Hi, Thanks for posting the link to the article. If Carnival Corporation wants a younger demographic, I wonder if the sale of Holland America also might be a possibility? Also, there is no mention of a potential buyer of Cunard and Seabourn. I think Carnival Corporation has been a good owner of these lines because it has invested in new ships. Of course, the shipping industry has changed tremendously in the past few months. It will be interesting to see what develops. Chuck
  9. Hi, Could someone please provide some further information concerning this rumor? I'm not on Facebook. Thanks, Chuck
  10. Hi, I have done six Cunard transatlantic crossings. Most of my crossings were in the spring, but I did a crossing in November a few years ago. I honestly didn't notice much difference in the age of passengers. I usually travel solo on the crossings and always have a wonderful time. In my experience, it is very easy to meet passengers on Cunard ships. I greatly enjoy discussing ships and travel. Chuck
  11. Hi, I have cruised aboard both the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and think they are very similar. As noted above, there are some slight differences. If you liked the Queen Elizabeth, I am sure that you will like the Queen Victoria. Along with the Queen Mary 2, these are my favorite ships. In May 2015, I did a transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton on the Queen Victoria that was the final segment of the world cruise. Also, in 2017, I did a short segment of the Queen Mary 2's world cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore. I never encountered a superior attitude from the full world cruise passengers. In fact, I enjoyed talking to them and hearing about the prior portions of the cruise. I would not hesitate to book a segment of a world cruise. Chuck
  12. Hi, I did a short three-night cruise on the Sky Princess in December 2019 and tried each of the specialty restaurants for dinner: (1) Crown Grill; (2) Bistro Sur La Mer; and (3) Sabatini's. This was the first cruise where I never had dinner in the dining room. I enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere in all three restaurants. In Bistro Sur La Mer, I was seated at a table for two near a window and don't recall noise being a problem during my dinner. I actually like the location because it has views of the Piazza and the ocean. I had the Salade de saison, beef filet mignon and dessert. There was plenty to eat. I also had lunch at Alfredo's Pizzeria one day (which I enjoyed). It is across the Piazza from the Bistro. The Sky Princess is a beautiful ship. I didn't realize that this would be my last cruise (at least for the foreseeable future). Chuck
  13. Hi Keith, This is an excellent post. I booked the October 29 cruise from Miami on June 12. At the time, I realized that the cruise was very uncertain, but I decided that it was worth the gamble and the deposit was only $100. Because the Crystal Serenity is a spacious ship with a relatively low passenger capacity, I decided that it had a higher probability of returning to service than one of the huge ships. After my three other cruises for this year were cancelled, this provided me with a possible cruise for this year and something to brighten my mood (at least temporarily). At the time that I booked the cruise, I was hoping that the virus situation would improve. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. I love cruises and took my first in 1967 before my third birthday. This will be the first year since 1982 that I do not take a cruise. I hope that cruises return soon, but the return of cruises for me is becoming increasingly distant. Chuck
  14. Hi, The Crystal website currently indicates "call for availability" for the October Caribbean cruises that have been cancelled. It also indicates "call for availability" for the October 29 cruise. Hopefully I am wrong, but I think the change to "call for availability" for the October 29 cruise may indicate that they are in the process of cancelling this cruise. Chuck
  15. Hi, Do you honestly think the October 29 will actually take place? I am booked on this cruise, but I am predicting that it will be cancelled very soon. Chuck
  16. Hi, Thanks, I am booked on this cruise. It looks like this cruise will be cancelled soon. Chuck
  17. Hi, Thanks for the update. I am booked on the October 29 cruise (which undoubtedly will be cancelled). Chuck
  18. Hi, I hope that Holland America keeps the Stephen Card paintings and items that have historical significance for the line. Because Holland America reuses ship names, it would be great if the Stephen Card paintings from the current Rotterdam could be installed aboard a future Rotterdam. Also, the artwork pictured above from the Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938 that currently is aboard the Amsterdam could be installed somewhere aboard the current Nieuw Amsterdam or a future ship. I am a big fan of Stephen Card's paintings and have several of his signed prints on my walls. I always enjoy viewing his paintings aboard the Holland America and Cunard ships. Chuck
  19. Hi, I'm booked on this cruise and feel the same way. I will not be making the final payment. Strangely, I received an email from Crystal yesterday promoting the October Caribbean cruises. I can't believe anyone would book one of these cruises at this point. Chuck
  20. Hi, I am not surprised about the Maasdam and Veendam being sold, but the Rotterdam and Amsterdam surprised me. They were the flagships that were designed for long cruises. I thought they might be with Holland America for a few more years. I was booked on the Amsterdam for this August, but the cruise was cancelled a couple of months ago. I would have predicted that the Volendam and Zaandam would be sold before the Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Undoubtedly, the Volendam and Zaandam will be the next to go. It is a safe bet that there will be a new Rotterdam in the future. This is Holland America's favorite name. Chuck
  21. Hi, I am booked on this cruise and feel the same way. Unless the virus situation substantially improves by the time the final payment is due in late August, I am not going to make the final payment. Chuck
  22. Hi, At least Cunard recently has repaid the loans that I made to them. I am moving my lending service to a different line. Chuck
  23. Hi, I am booked on the Crystal Serenity cruise scheduled to depart from Miami on October 29. When I first booked this cruise, the virus situation seemed to be improving and I thought there was a chance that the cruise would take place. The deposit was only $100 and I decided that it was worth the risk. With the current situation in Florida, I realize that this cruise probably will be cancelled soon. Chuck
  24. Hi, I have received refunds on my credit card for the two cruises that I had booked with Cunard: (i) Queen Victoria cruise scheduled to depart on April 26, 2020 - refund request submitted on March 30; and (ii) Queen Elizabeth cruise scheduled to depart on May 30, 2020 - refund request submitted on April 23. It took a couple of telephone calls, but the refunds have been processed. Chuck
  25. Hi, I'm glad that the Majestic Princess is scheduled to sail from U.S. ports beginning next year. I have cruised aboard the other Royal class ships (Royal, Regal and Sky), but never the Majestic. This should give me a convenient opportunity to try this ship. As mentioned above, I wonder if any modifications will be made to the Majestic before entering the U.S. market. Chuck
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