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  1. Such a great response to a stupid post!
  2. We loved SALT on Moon. Are there plans to expand this to Spirit to replace Indochine?
  3. Lois, Thank you so much for your review. We experienced the same excellent level of service on the first 2 segments. We were completely “blown away” by the Moon. The minor protocol inconveniences were completely overshadowed by the superb experiences onboard. If I may add just a couple of additional highlights for future cruisers. Silver Note was exceptional. It is the perfect venue for dinner or an after dinner espresso martini. The entertainment onboard of Natalia, Charlie and the Silversea singers was terrific. Also, do not miss Vicki’s show. Entertaining, emotional and extremely well done. P.S.- Do not miss the late evening pool dance party!
  4. Were the positive cases caused by unvaccinated children onboard? Didn’t Crystal initially sell this as 100% vaccinated crew and passengers?
  5. We are on the first two Moon cruises. Agree with spins on the 2nd leg. Did not witness this on maiden voyage. Sadly, I also leave it there. Hopeful, this is not the new norm…
  6. Agree. Should have noted my observation was made inside the restaurant during dinner. It looked like some type of baseball cap.
  7. Promised to leave Spins thread, however, Didi and Kim in Silver Note are excellent (especially accompanied by espresso martini by Mary Beth). Hats in La Terrazo were observed and pointed out to management. Was told there is nothing they can do to enforce dress code. Too bad… Good news! Fernando back onboard!
  8. Gladly… Julian- restaurant manager Dale Tayfun Rodrigo Raisa Mehdi Ben Oleksander Emman I do not have passenger nationalities nor do I care to ask. Great mix of interesting people regardless of where they call home. I will discontinue future posts (rarely post anyway). We are seasoned, critical travelers presenting our honest perspective. Sorry for confusing my posts with a “Panglossian” board or interrupting a brief kerfuffle.
  9. A recap from another intransit perspective. Vacated suite at 8 and had a delicious, leisurely breakfast in Atlantide restaurant. Went directly to the lovely air conditioned comfort of Panarama lounge where we could sit inside or out for a couple of hours. We were then informed a little after noon to disembark the ship to the uncomfortable process described above which lasted less than hour. We were then onboard to the excellent service and sea bream for lunch in Alantide. When we returned to the suite our room temperature was warm for a brief period of time but never hot. It quickly returned to the comfort we have enjoyed the entire cruise. We are so thankful to be sailing on the luxurious Silver Moon. Yesterday was a minor, required inconvenience imposed upon Silversea. Obviously, it may be much too soon for some to be sailing again under these new protocols. Our overall experience has been terrific and the fellow passengers we have met have been understanding and respectful.
  10. Could not agree more. We are staying onboard for the next segment. Best mix of superior service from crew and respectful passengers we’ve ever sailed with before. Everyone is so appreciative of being here.
  11. Spinnaker is correct. The COVID test is a rapid antigen test not PCR. Sorry for posting the incorrect information.
  12. You are required to carry proof of vaccination, complete Hellenic PLF form and before boarding pass PCR test at pier. In addition, some are randomly PCR tested at airport (I was one of the lucky ones). I know it sounds awful, but after you are onboard experiencing superb service it becomes a very small price to pay. Come join us! We are having a blast! P.S.- Sorry forgot to add. These are requirements for US passengers…
  13. Probably a good call if WiFi speed is a critical part of your cruise experience. We were on the Edge last January and Explorer on February 22nd. The internet speed was terrific on Edge and unusable on Explorer. We are currently on Silver Moon and WiFi speed is excellent. We love Regent but WiFi speed is consistently bad.
  14. We are also onboard the beautiful Silver Moon. We flew over on Delta direct JFK to Athens using SS air. I was selected randomly for PCR test at the Athens airport. Our driver met us in arrivals and proceeded to take us directly to the pier. We were again tested and onboard sipping champagne before 2. Terrific service! Over 2:1 ratio of crew to passenger. We are also on second segment. Have heard there are fewer passengers on that leg. Works for me! Even with new protocols, this cruise is spectacular and exceeds expectations.
  15. I have no problem rewarding excellent service with a generous tip. If you think you’ve had a tough year, imagine what the staff has endured. WHY TIP? C’mon man...
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