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  1. First night dining in Compass Rose after 10 days onboard? That’s a lot of specialty restaurant reservations.
  2. TCat, You are too funny! Looking forward to a picture of you in the theater with your seasick glasses and Bose headphones on in the Pacific Ocean! Enjoy your cruise and please keep posting! We missed these kinds of posts from you!
  3. Thank you for make this board interesting and entertaining. Please don’t be so modest. You started threads on both boards with over 300 posts. You may not know anyone on Crystal, but you made sure they knew you and that you were staying in the Crystal Penthouse.
  4. Of course you do...;) And yet you post when you are staying in the Crystal Penthouse, Master Suite, etc.? 😂
  5. We couldn’t agree more with what The Cat posted noting the differences. We enjoy the Celebrity suite experience and even Royal Caribbean suites on occasion, especially with family, but our favorite cruise line is Regent!
  6. Thank you for letting us know. Did the upgrade or upsell fairy visit you yet again? Those are beautiful suites!
  7. Has anyone stayed in this suite? Is there an issue with low ceiling or noise?
  8. Cat, I guess no charge equates to free. Too bad air was not included, maybe next time. “Although the ship was full, management from Corporate made their suites available for viewing (with someone in the suite to assure that nothing was taken or messed with).” That’s disturbing. Obviously, suites were occupied. Amazing to learn that corporate accompanies uninvited guests to a suite when occupants are away so prying eyes can peruse one’s “private” space. Sounds familiar. A poster a few years ago discussed viewing upper suites mid cruise on Oceania. I guess “corporate” makes these tours available? Is that a Regent Choice small group tour?
  9. Cat- Thank you for that explanation. Our experience vs your tours differ, but I agree and respect everyone’s choices. BTW, who arranges these tours of suites? Also, does your TA offer free cruises on Regent and NCL?
  10. I totally agree with Pies4u regarding Explorer PH suites. We love the layout and the bathroom is great with separate water closet and fabulous shower (Wow!). Maybe the reason Regent changed Splendor PH is they listened to opinions from people who have never stayed in one. ”Don’t knock it ‘till you try it”. That is, unless you’re like some who seem to always get a generous upgrade or upsell offer 😉!
  11. We are currently on Symphony in winds of 50-60 knots since last night. Captain informed us due to the storm our arrival into New Orleans will be delayed until 12 noon tomorrow.
  12. Bait & Switch or misrepresentation? Gerrie, Have you tasted Germain Brut? Your opinion?
  13. Hambagahle, you posted: There are two "Germain" champagnes - Champagne Paul-Etienne Saint Germain from Epernay and Champagne Germain Pidansat from Avirey-Langey Which one? Both are appélation contrôlée so both "real" champagnes but Eperney is the very centre of the Champagne area - Avirey-Langey is way south, in fact south of Troyes. Probably "limite" for the appellation. As you can see from the picture above, the champagne being served is neither. Can you give us your opinion on the Germain Brut being served onboard? After reading your posts, I value your opinion and palate. Thank you
  14. On our recent Explorer cruise, we requested Montaudon. We were told it was not available. The only included champagnes were Jacquart and Germain Brut, pictured in the Vivino screenshot above. By the way, on our Celebrity cruise last month, Montaudon was included in Michaels Club and in our suite.
  15. I believe the name of the show was “Around The World”. We were disappointed the entertainment staff could not come up with something a bit more creative than copying Krew Kapers.
  16. TCat2, Thank you for posting the link. That is what was served on Explorer last month during our Baltic cruise.
  17. On a couple of recent Explorer cruises we noticed one of the evening shows included Tinikling, the Philippine national dance. We have enjoyed this being part of Krew Kapers for the past dozen or so years. I thought it was in poor taste and insensitive to the hard working crew. What’s next? Conclude show with “Impossible Dream”?
  18. Hambagahle, The champagne was Germain Champagne Reserve Brut. Sorry cannot post picture of label. The label does not match either champagne you mentioned. Thank you for your response.
  19. The champagne pour on our recent Explorer cruise was Germain. Anyone familiar with this champagne? The welcome champagne was Jacquart.
  20. Just off Explorer and safely home. Final thoughts- Entertainment improved with Paradis and World Beat (However, I find it disappointing the production show stole the Philippine line dance from Krew Kapers. What next, end with The Impossible Dream?) Agree with comment on Jacqui. Wow! She is amazing! Andy and Tammy are the best cruise director and social hostess team we have encountered. They work tirelessly with energy and enthusiasm. Captain Serena was delightful and engaging. The entire staff was friendly and attentive. We discovered the back areas of Compass Rose were less bright. Thanks for the helpful advice. Overall, the cruise was great and we will definitely return to Regent.
  21. I would like to add, we love cruising Regent. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. Our suite is excellent and the ship is beautiful. However, our frustration is mostly with entertainment and destination department. The food overall has been very good. It is not subjective when medium rare beef tenderloin is served medium well in Chartreuse.
  22. Entertainment- Shockingly bad. First night was a lecture. Informative but entertaining? Second night Broadway singers. Females singers were strong, male voices weak. Third night was New Generation. High energy, but low rating on vocals but high rating on dancers. 4th night- Same lecturer singing with his friend, Blue Weaver? 5th night- movie...(really, no folk Russian dancers?) This is why we pay the big bucks!?! Dinners - Pacific Rim- excellent Compass Rose- food excellent, ambiance-Lighting was too bright for fine dining. Chartreuse- Appetizers & Service excellent. Beef dish entree was over cooked and inedible. Destination services- rating F In Gdansk all excursions returned at same time creating a huge line. Nice try having the band and officers to greet us, but why end all tours at the same time? These are early reviews from a platinum cruiser’s perspective but, so far, a bit disappointing.
  23. Who are the entertainers in lounge?
  24. Dolebludger, Excellent description of the mass market reference I alluded to in my post. It is impressive how Celebrity attracts and serves all classes. We board Equinox in a couple of days and look forward to a fun experience with family enjoying the suite class and accompanying perks. It ain’t Regent but it ain’t bad. We have cruised all the other “premium” lines and Celebrity, for us, is the best in the class.
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