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  1. . I recall when the cameras arrived from PBS to film their documentary, you welcomed them into your suite and agreed to be filmed?
  2. We gotta get together. I’m in Asheville and would love to buy you a Wicked Weed Beer. We can Chill, talk about cruising and have a few laughs about our manic masked marauder…😉
  3. Honesty, no bashing here. I enjoy reading your posts. You seem like good folks to cruise with and hope we do some day. We love Regent and are Platinum with them. Many of us are appalled by condescending, pretentious posts putting others down. Treating others with dignity and respect is what we would like to see from everyone, including our most “privileged” poster. Just one person’s opinion...
  4. CruisetheCs- “What difference does it make if she or anyoneelse new to the Regent board posts on this board?” Because there is only one opinion that matters on this board and it must be the “last word”. (Hiding behind the mask)
  5. “SusieQft is new to the Regent board and is still learning” What a pretentious post!
  6. Great post! Of course Regent does “bumps”. Free cruises, free upgrades, cheap “upsells” These are only available to certain prolific posters... Serious question. If your spouse was 90 would you be the first to go on a cruise?
  7. Agree. Maybe our most prolific poster will focus attention there so we can ignore them or abide by their promised retirement from this board and we all return to civilized, respectable posts and fewer arguments. (not bashing... just hopeful) “Imagine”...(John Lennon)
  8. In order to differentiate Regent from the Silversea version, we should call our “watercooler” sticky, Travelchat!
  9. Flossie009, It is so refreshing reading your posts, along with Marc, pappy, and SusieQft. You present positive, factual content to this site. You are extremely helpful to experienced cruisers and newbies. Thank you for posting knowledgeable, perspective analysis and insight instead of hypocritical and ignorant opinions.
  10. Excellent advice. Book a cruise that will be cancelled. Get the 125% FCC and transfer to a more expensive cruise. That’s almost as good as getting free cruises, generous upgrades, and exclusive upsells back in the good old days...
  11. Thank you for sharing. We look forward to your return in a few days.
  12. I rarely post, but have definitely noticed an increase in “bashing”, rudeness, and strict policing of other postings by people other than moderators. This site did not have that type of discourse late last year. Hopefully, we can return to those respectful days.
  13. I agree. We always use the stairs for fitness but also to be considerate to those who need the elevators. I notice the stairs are rarely crowded!
  14. RachelG- Excellent points. Also, hopefully, the stairs will be used more by those who can to avoid the crowded elevators.
  15. “Generally, insiders buying up their corporation's stock is an indication that the stock will recover. Sadly, In don't see that in the cruise industry.” Generally, that is the case and I would agree. However, FDR and other cruise line executives are currently in negotiations with the Federal government and banks. If they receive assurances of a bailout and purchase their own stock now, they have serious legal and publicity issues. I would not expect to see any insider trading activity until there is a clear resolution.
  16. Very sad. I feel so badly for all affected. I respect NCL for making this tough decision.
  17. Norwegian stock trading halted. All cruises suspended effective 3/13 resuming 4/11.
  18. Norwegian stock trading halted. All cruises suspended effective 3/13 resuming 4/11.
  19. How is Regent Splendor allowed to board the ship tomorrow when the state has called for the cancellation of all gatherings of 250 or more people? There may not be 250 passengers but adding the crew?
  20. Rallydave- It’s ok to underline and use bold print. Obviously, it’s not ok to use caps for emphasis. travelcat- “The only negative to that is that there could an uproar if someone received something that another person did not receive.“. You mean like free cruises? Also, isn’t it a bit out of line to say that people in South America do not read cruise critic?
  21. Thanks Wes. That is really good information.
  22. Wes, Thank you the recommendation of the Eurostars hotel.
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