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  1. “Generally, insiders buying up their corporation's stock is an indication that the stock will recover. Sadly, In don't see that in the cruise industry.”


    Generally, that is the case and I would agree.  However, FDR and other cruise line executives are currently in negotiations with the Federal government and banks.  If they receive assurances of a bailout and purchase their own stock now, they have serious legal and publicity issues.  I would not expect to see any insider trading activity until there is a clear resolution.

  2. Rallydave-  It’s ok to underline and use bold print.  Obviously, it’s not ok to use caps for emphasis.


    travelcat-  “The only negative to that is that there could an uproar if someone received something that another person did not receive.“.    You mean like free cruises?


    Also, isn’t it a bit out of line to say that people in South America do not read cruise critic?

  3. 4 hours ago, WesW said:

    pdaniel, you're welcome.  Below's post from July 2018 gives more information on how convenient staying at the Eurostars Gran Marina can be.  If you book, suggest using the Eurostars website, they have Best price guaranteed if there is availability you may get an included (very nice)  breakfast (25-30Euro charge), bottled water, and early or late check in if available. 


    Thanks for posting that link FlossieSue and Flossie David--indeed useful.


    The cruise ship in the photo is Silversea's Silver Wind docked at the Maremagnum Port Vell (right next to our fav Barcelona Hotel (Eurostars Grand Marina) to stay at for Silversea or Regent cruise embarks.


    Last July, we enjoyed staying again at the Eurostars Grand Marina. Tho not disembarking, we were embarking for a stunning 18 day Norwegian itinerary. We simply had the Grand Marina concierge roll our bags out the hotel's entrance about 50 yards to the Silver Wind reception area--and checked in. Easiest embark we have done in nearly two dozen cruises (about half on Regent and half on Silversea).


    For our Voyager crossing a few years ago, from the Grand Marina hotel a taxi ride was about 5 minutes from the hotel to the Adossat Quay cruise terminal.


    Thanks Wes.  That is really good information.

  4. On 2/19/2020 at 2:16 PM, WesW said:

    Hi flossie009/David & Susan;. We enjoy the Eurostars when sailing on Regent but especially so when cruising with Silversea.  During our last stay before a Silversea fall crossing, we just walked out the front door of the Eurostars and walked about 50 feet to embark the Silver Wind which had docked almost at the Eurostars front door.


    Thank you the recommendation of the Eurostars hotel.

  5. 3 hours ago, Travelcat2 said:

    The last two posts made me realize that putting those plaques on your door, lets others know where you are.  After a couple of negative experiences on Regent (by passengers - not the crew), I try to keep our suite number to myself.   


    Of course you do...;)

    And yet you post when you are staying in the Crystal Penthouse, Master Suite, etc.?


  6. 13 hours ago, Travelcat2 said:


    Thanks for the explanation.  We still have the book from when Explorer was launched and do remember when Seven Seas suites with 1 1/2 baths became Grand Suites.  We will be in a Master suite on our next cruise but will be in a Splendor suite on the cruise after that.  Fortunately, it has 1 1/2 baths.  


    Thank you for letting us know.  Did the upgrade or upsell fairy visit you yet again?

    Those are beautiful suites!

  7. Cat,


    I guess no charge equates to free.  Too bad air was not included, maybe next time.  


     “Although the ship was full, management from Corporate made their suites available for viewing (with someone in the suite to assure that nothing was taken or messed with).”


    That’s disturbing.  Obviously, suites were occupied.  Amazing to learn that corporate accompanies uninvited guests to a suite when occupants are away so prying eyes can peruse one’s “private” space.  

    Sounds familiar.  A poster a few years ago discussed viewing upper suites mid cruise on Oceania.  I guess “corporate” makes these tours available?  

    Is that a Regent Choice small group tour?




  8. I totally agree with Pies4u regarding Explorer PH suites.  We love the layout and the bathroom is great with separate water closet and fabulous shower (Wow!).

    Maybe the reason Regent changed Splendor PH is they listened to opinions from people who have never stayed in one.

    ”Don’t knock it ‘till you try it”.  

    That is, unless you’re like some who seem to always get a generous upgrade or upsell offer 😉!  

  9. On 11/1/2018 at 10:34 PM, Silver Sweethearts said:

    We were on a tour of the Mariner yesterday (October 31st), and the champagne in the ice bucket of a Concierge (D) suite was Monopole Blue Top.


    Bait & Switch or misrepresentation?



    Have you tasted Germain Brut?  Your opinion?



  10. Hambagahle,


    you posted:  


    There are two "Germain" champagnes -


    Champagne Paul-Etienne Saint Germain from Epernay


    Champagne Germain Pidansat from Avirey-Langey


    Which one? Both are appélation contrôlée so both "real" champagnes but Eperney is the very centre of the Champagne area - Avirey-Langey is way south, in fact south of Troyes. Probably "limite" for the appellation.



    As you can see from the picture above, the champagne being served is neither.  Can you give us your opinion on the Germain Brut being served onboard?   After reading your posts, I value your opinion and palate.
    Thank you

  11. On our recent Explorer cruise, we requested Montaudon.  We were told it was not available.  The only included champagnes were Jacquart and Germain Brut, pictured in the Vivino screenshot above.


    By the way, on our Celebrity cruise last month, Montaudon was included in Michaels Club and in our suite.

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