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  1. gusandgidgetsmom

    Tampa Hotel

    Did you take the shuttle to port or taxi? Seems like taxi is cheaper and can go earlier from HIX rocky point. My understanding shuttle is 10.00 a piece?
  2. gusandgidgetsmom

    Found My Paradise!!!

    Sounds like you may be hooked. I was after my first cruise in 1980 on the Mardi Gras. Thank you for your review. We are sailing the Paradise in March and had heard so many negatives. We normally sail longer cruises or do b2 b to get them longer but our kids, teachers, are going so we had to go during a Spring a break. We have 2 others booked Hawaii 15 days (do this every 2 years) and the Vista in May 2017 so we'll get our longer ones in soon. I was glad to hear they had the rotisserie. I enjoy the food from there. I do not like the playlists either. Carnival used to have great entertainment but RCI greatly surpasses it now. Wish they'd go back to the old way of productions but probably saves money and Carnival is still such a bargain that I know some things must change. I had cruised with my parents before they passed and it was such a great experience. Glad you get to do that. Cherish each cruise.
  3. gusandgidgetsmom

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    82 until spring break cruise 292 until Hawaii 15 day 495 until Havana suite on Vista
  4. gusandgidgetsmom

    Kauai: How far to Waimea Canyon from port

    The drive from port to the Canyon about 45 minutes to hour. Be sure to drive to the end of Canyon Drive. Last time we cruised tonHawaii a bunch in our group stopped at the first viewing point missing the most beautiful view of ocean and canyon together. My husband is mobility challenged but it was not bad for him. At the first viewing area there is a ramp but has rails to help. The other viewing area was flatter. On the way back once down the canyon road and back on 50 I think(main road) head to poipu village for a puka dog and shaved ice at Puka Dog as well as souvenirs at ABC. Then travel to Spouting Horn(I thought it was a waste but everyone should go once) and then to poipu beach for a look at the water even if you don't get out due to the Elderly. We had our car for about 5 hours.
  5. gusandgidgetsmom

    Car Rentals in Hawaii

    In Kona there are only 2 choices for rental companies without having to take a taxi to airport. King Kam which in my opinion is way too high a price to pay and Enterprise. The only drawback with enterprise is that it is closed on Sunday which is when Miracle is scheduled to port on their 15 day. In 2013 our itinerary was changed so we came in on another day which was great. Our 2015 is still scheduled Sunday so we'll take a taxi to airport. Still cheaper by far with cost factored in than King Kam. We use discounthawaiirentalcars for each port and even in 2013 we were shown where we were renting before purchase.
  6. gusandgidgetsmom

    Things for seniors to in ports in Hawaii

    We are seniors and rented a car at each port except Hilo. We brought our own gps as we are used to it and it worked out great. My husband is not one used to being in "city" traffic ( we live in a rural community in the middle of a national forest) but found we had no problems. In Hilo we took Ricky's tour which was great. My husband has a few mobility problems as he has had back surgery and has a plate in his ankle but Ricky's tour was great for him. Please rethink the rental thing. I think you would be very pleased with your own itinerary.
  7. gusandgidgetsmom

    Luau in Maui or Kauai?

    OLL hands down the best. Traditional so no fire as the others stated.
  8. gusandgidgetsmom

    car rental from hawii discount

    We rented in Maui in 2013 and will do so in October. We rented thru discounthawaiirentalcars and had no problem returning the car around 9:30 after being at OLd Lahaina Luau. Neither did several couples renting from other agencies. We watched surfers at a little wayside park on the way to Lahaina from Maui.
  9. gusandgidgetsmom

    Carnival Cruise Ports

    The rental in Kona at king Kam is significantly higher than the others. When we did this cruise in 2013 and when preparing for it again this year we rented thru discounthawaiirentalcars. About a week or so before we departed in 2013 our itinerary was changed for the 2nd time and this changed Kona from a Sunday allowing us to use enterprise which has a shuttle to port. This time we are still scheduled to come in on Sunday so we will use budget at the airport requiring a taxi. We rented in every port and brought our own gps. We will do that again in October. It was the way to go in our opinion.
  10. gusandgidgetsmom

    discount hawaii car rental question

    Normally we rent from enterprise as it is the only one with a shuttle in Kona but we will be there on Sunday and it's closed. I looked at the rates at king Kam and they were 99.00 for a compact. Crazy high!
  11. gusandgidgetsmom

    Carnival is burning thier bridge with me.

    We went to Hawaii oct 2013 and will go back October 2015. Our favorite cruise in more than 35 years. About a week or week and a half before several of our ports were switched in order. Not Carnivals fault but word came down from port authorities. We switched days with the rental car companies and it worked out well. 2 days before we were to arrive back in Long Beach to fly out of LAX several TSAs were shot and a terminal shut down. We were very surprised when we got to LAX(after much worrying as we had an early flight) that chaos was held to a minimum and we got thru TSA without much ado. The worst part of our cruise came at the beginning when we didn't get to board until after 3 (we are platinum and were amongst the first to board) because of a late ship arrival. Craziest boarding I've ever seen. People were still boarding during muster and as we were seated for early dining.
  12. gusandgidgetsmom

    Back-To Back Cruises Question

    On our last b2b on the Fascination we did not even have to go to meet customs. We turned our forms into guest services and they gave us our new card. Took about 5 minutes tops.
  13. gusandgidgetsmom

    Info/tricks/tips on an inside cabin?

    For 35 years we've always had a room with some kind of a view mostly suites and balconies once available. We decided to try an inside because of certain issues which are going to be resolved soon. Anyway we found we loved the dark. We sleep so much better that we are going with an inside to Hawaii next year. BTW I think there is misinformation on a post or two. Most inside rooms are as large as balcony rooms. 185 sq feet.
  14. gusandgidgetsmom

    Platinum member "Chocholate Delight"

    Osuknight . Were your cruises 5+ days or more? Goodies only come on those cruises not the shorter ones.
  15. gusandgidgetsmom

    Considering a cruise with our girls...their own room??

    When our Grandsons travel with us they have their own room close to us. Since they have a different last name than we do (daughters married) we have to put the room in one of our names as they are underage. We have a mock card (no charging privileges) made for each cabin so we can all go in and out of all cabins.We leave our door lock out so they can just push the door open when they come in and say We're back then lock our door. It has always worked well for us.