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  1. With all the cruises under my belt, it's embarrassing to admit that, when I get out of an elevator on a ship, I sometimes can't tell if forward is to my right or left. I know the weekdays are indicated on the floors, but is there some secret arrow that points forward? Many's the time I've walked a good distance in the wrong direction & had to backtrack.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the bedside lamps on the Freedom have USB ports?
  3. Can one call their cabin from the phones located throughout the ship (which are for calling cabins) and access their messages? Since I've read that using the Carnival Hub App to stay in touch with fellow travelers sometimes has its glitches, I'm wondering if I could call my travel party's cabin and leave a detailed message as to my plans. Could they then call their cabin from wherever they are on the ship and listen to the message?
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