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  1. I just received one for my Oct '21 cruise. Wish it had've been for my May '21 cruise though. 😉
  2. THREE WEEKS on the Symphony??!! That sounds like a dream come true!!!! Were you on the Eastern Caribbean that went to St Maarten, San Juan, and CocoCay? If so, would you happen to still have your Cruise Compasses for that week and be willing to share them, please? Edited to add: apologies for hijacking this thread. But I'm sure the OP would like to see some more up-to-date cruise compasses for the Symphony too. 😉😄
  3. Thanks so much for the info Biker19, a TA would make more sense for a 5 night Dinner Package. But I guess that's a new policy? We had the 5 night Dinner Package last year on our 7 night Symphony cruise.
  4. I'm sailing on the Symphony next Spring and have only seen the 3 Night Dinner Package and the UDP listed in my Cruise Planner. Just wondering if it's still offered and if anyone has seen it offered on the Symphony lately? Thanks for any info!
  5. YES! WARRRRR Eagle (even after yesterday's game)! I love my tigers. 💙 And thank you again!!
  6. Oops, my apologies! I was going to send you a private message, but I must not have enough posts to do that. My address is jbd4au at charter dot net. Thank you so much!!
  7. @AlohaLivin You're probably regretting sharing your hard work now since it's created even more work for you! But if you're still offering, I would love a copy of your map, please. 😊
  8. Thanks so much for the replies, I booked the Epic! I booked the Epic 29 Waterview King Premier room, it was around the same price as just a King Bayview room at Intercontinental. It doesn't sound like I could go wrong with either hotel. 🙂
  9. I've searched and read several opinions on both of these hotels, but I still can't make my mind up. I can book either the EPIC Hotel or the InterContinental in Miami for about the same price for one night. I'm mainly looking for a good view of the POM and a nice pool. From what I've found, here are the advantages of each: EPIC Hotel - newly refurbished, nicer looking hotel (?), private balconies with the rooms, rooftop pools InterContinental - better views of the POM, has a club level, closer to the Bayside Marketplace, and slightly closer to the POM Would anyone like to
  10. I received a letter today from RCI that says sailings on or after January 1, 2020, will no longer receive this offer. 😞
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