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  1. Sorry for ‘misinformation’ cruisenewbee1976 but my independent TA will not take new bookings with them as he says he has been informed differently.
  2. Have you all seen the harrowing photos of the Italian hospital patients on the mail website. Yes I know it’s the Mail but they are actual photos not made up stories.
  3. Hi Jean (pun), Sky news. They are curtailing the present cruise as they can’t stop anywhere.
  4. Just read that TUI are cancelling all cruising.
  5. I also emailed Paul Ludlow yesterday. Will keep all informed.
  6. I agree Harry. But what about the rest of your travelling party?
  7. Hi all. I am surprised that knowing P&O as we all do that you are all so confident. How about:- ScenarIo 1. Family of 4 arrive at terminal having driven from Liverpool. Driver has high temp and sore throat. Taken away to testing centre for further tests. Other family members told to go home and self isolate. Only virus suspect is driver. Oh dear!! Scenario 2. Passenger presents at terminal with high temperature and cough. Taken away to testing centre for further tests. Passenger has come from Scotland on a coach.
  8. Sorry to dampen your day happy v. But the partner would not be able to wait with the patient. That is my original point. You would be quarantined on the ship.
  9. Sorry that I got involved with this chain. my last comment/ question on the subject :- Are you sure that your travel insurance will cover conoravirus, with all the quarantine, repatriation etc? Do you think P&O will cover you? If you are, go ahead. Have a great time. I am not so confident.
  10. Good for you Jean. Hope all goes well. Are you prepared to be split up if one of you tests positive whilst on the cruise?
  11. Sorry to all. I may not have been clear. I am am not over bothered about getting the virus. Though my wife is as she had had pneumonia. i am bothered about the incredible inconvenience and spoilt holiday. if you expect to go to Florence and Rome, and you can’t. France is expected to ban ships. Floating around the med for 2 weeks not knowing where you are going and with the risk of quarantine is not, in my opinion, a holiday. if I were the heath minister of Portugal or Gibraltar I would really not want 3000 prospective virus spreaders invading their ports either
  12. Ridiculous argument. Let us forfeit or health or life for a bogus economic reason.
  13. P&O website says they follow advice from WHO. WHO says over 60’s should avoid crowds. Seems obvious that over 60’s should not go - or ami missing something!!
  14. Hi All, As I’ve posted before, I usually just look and don’t reply. I log on every day to read the posts from you all especially Jean, JohnMichelle and many more. Though Having done 40 cruises I would like to add a few observations. We have back to back cruises Covering 4 weeks April to May this year. 1. Get to port, refused to board because of temperature, then fighting for weeks with P&O and insurance company for compensation. 2. Cruise commences. First port Corruna. Someone tests positive. No other ports will allow ship in. Ship quarantined for 14 days. Rest of the 4 wee
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