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  1. I am still on the ship, technically off in a few hours😕. From what I saw all beach beds were on chill island.
  2. We had the Coast Guard inspection on Harmony last week when we boarded. Got the same email. We went with our original plan of arriving at the terminal at 10:00. Well guess what? We were on board by 11 a.m.! Go with your plan and enjoy!
  3. Winding down this cruise. As much as I previously stated how crowded this ship was, it is a beauty. Since we are staying in a junior suite, decided to see if we could get reservations at Coastal Kitchen. They happily booked us at 7pm every night. Saying the food is fabulous is an understatement! Best food on the ship in my opinion. We also had a great dinner at Chops courtesy of my travel agent. The seas have been very calm, sunny everyday and very hot especially on the islands. Ventured off to Trunk Bay St John on the St Thomas stop. Though we were only there for 2.5 hours because of ship docking times, it was a beautiful day. The following day we took a private catamaran 5 hour tour which included 20 Harmony guests, highly recommend. They returned us to port in ample time, stress free. The AFT elevator is finally fixed!!! We have booked on board for next year. Our criteria was 1) Coastal Kitchen access 2) Stop at Perfect Day at Cococay 3) Eastern route with at least one port we have not been before( St Kitts) So, for all convenience and above criteria it’s Harmony again in 2020! We like traveling in October for the warm Caribbean temperatures and warm ocean waters for swimming.
  4. No lunch served unfortunately, bar service was subpar also. Loved the day bed though.enjoy!!
  5. Hello all! Currently on the Harmony. A gorgeous ship for sure! Previous Oasis passenger but have to say this ship is noticeably packed to the to full capacity. I have never noticed such a crowd on Oasis. We have cruised previously in March but this tour is noticeably more crowded. It is a beautiful ship but have noticed the service is a bit slower due to capacity. LOTS of kids and families, maybe because of the Columbus Day Holliday and fall break? perfect day at Coco Cay was perfect as we rented a beach bed and were very satisfied. The bar service was a little lacking, seemed there were few assigned to large areas. The pools on our first sea day was pretty much overwhelming, not a spot to soak in any of the pools. I LOVE the glamour of the new ships, but wonder if I would be happier in a smaller Freedom class ship with less people as we don’t really do the water slides, flow rider, etc. Again, I love the Oasis class ships of their ambiance but wonder if a smaller ship fits more in our lifestyle of relaxation and service. I would book again on Harmony just lower my expectations of cruising as in the good old days.
  6. I have a daughter with Autism and Down Syndrome. Though she takes her wheelchair with her on trips, I have had great experiences with boarding on the many RCCL cruises we have taken. Pretty much front of the line with priority boarding.
  7. Does anyone know if there are beach wheelchairs available for transfer onto the beach? Is it an option to reserve one, if not where are they generally located?
  8. Being on the October effected sailing, I am really disappointed too about St Thomas being substituted with San Juan with an all aboard at 1:30. We are really missing out. I feel at the very least RCCL should allow passengers to change their cruises to another one of THEIR ships without charging a change fee in this circumstance.
  9. We too are effected by this change for our October 6 Allure sailing. My travel agent I used hasn’t even contacted me, nor have they changed the itinerary on their website. So do I stand corrected in order to change ships we would have to pay a $100 change fee along with the added expense of a most likely higher cruise fare? We are probably stuck since we are booked into an accessible JS and the Harmony and Symphony are not listing any of those cabins as their inventory. Ugh! Sounds like lots of ship time for us! How about reimbursement from private travel insurance not issued by RCCL?
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