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  1. I’m buying the premium internet package. Does that package have unlimited minutes?
  2. Thanks for these great responses. Boring topic, I know, but important for us on this cruise.
  3. We're booked on our first HAL cruise in November after cruising exclusively Princess for over 40 cruises! We look forward to comparing both lines, but can you tell us about the quality of the internet on the Panama Canal cruise from FLL to San Diego? DH will need to send emails for business most of the 16 days. How is the reception and speed during that voyage? I'm not sure we understand what kind of packages are offered ... he's gotten a couple different answers from HAL customer service. Is it cheaper to buy a package in advance? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, all! I look forward to meeting him at Most-Traveled. Does he do a luncheon or the normal cocktail hour?
  5. Is he on the Star right now? Can't wait to meet this legendary man! I just saw an interview on YouTube with him and he's hilarious, so our fingers are crossed he's still on the Star for 2019 Alaska end-of-season runs (before he goes to the Sky this fall).
  6. I simply left my cookbook on the Captain's Circle desk when she wasn't there. There was no way I was toting that thing home!
  7. We had this cruise booked and needed to cancel at the last minute so I'm so pleased to see these beautiful pics. I completely forgot to follow you on the Ruby Bridgecam (what was I thinking?), but friends who were on her the week before had identical weather. Crew onboard tell me that most of their cruises so far have been perfect weather. Lucky for us the prices are way down for insides for what looks like the entire month of June (I've not seen pricing this low before) so we're headed out on the 29th (4th of July cruise, which I can't believe isn't fully sold out). When Alaska is this beautiful it just does something to your soul. I think we all become Alaskans.
  8. We're leaving on our 16th Alaska cruise this month, 8th on Ruby. The question might be: have you ever stayed in an inside before? Did it bother you in any way? A couple other things: if the weather is bad, you wouldn't use your balcony anyway, and the days are getting shorter in late July so not as much sunlight in the evenings. The upper decks are so much fun on GB day: carts of hot toddies being pushed around and happy people oohing and ahhing, listening for the telltale "gunshot". We always get an inside --- I just checked your cruise and they're half of what a balcony would be ... and there are lots of balconies left. Would you like to choose an inside and then take a possible upgrade or upsell? It's possible with so many cabins left unsold right now. Also, re your wedding ... you'll be fine ... you don't need another cruise date or port. We can be home to Portland as soon as 2pm after disembarking at Pier 91 and it's 190 miles.
  9. Oh boy, we love our Go Go's , don't we? In the past, I've actually brought a towel to kneel on when I take the battery out and lower the tiller. Yes, it can be done, but do I want to? Hah!
  10. Some time ago a very nice man responded to a thread about this subject, but now I can't find it. He told me he reads CC infrequently so I need to ask again: does the Auckland airport have shuttles to the ship or taxis or vans that will hold our scooter without our needing to break it down? He actually gave me the name of a driver who specializes in scooter/wheelchair transport. Thanks.
  11. This is an answer for Seattle Pier 91 cruisers only. We cruise Alaska twice a summer with our own scooters but that only means that I'm clued into noticing them. I can tell you that 100 feet from the entrance to the embarkation building (which is called Pier 91) there has always been a covered tent (staffed by an employee) that has scooters inside it. I'm sorry that I haven't paid more attention, but check with Specialneedsatsea or Scootaround to see if you can rent onsite at Pier 91 (I would certainly recommend a reservation). I have thought (as I passed by it) that I should definitely stop in to see what the deal is, and now I regret not doing it. But it sure looks as if it's meant for the cruiser who gets out of her car, looks up at the size of the ship, and says "No way I can navigate that much walking! Why, here's just what I need! A rental scooter!" Sorry that this is all conjecture, but that's sure what it looks like at Pier 91. Another thought might be to call Port of Seattle and get someone who KNOWS about the cruise terminal and ask them about it. If it's what I think it is, it's an amazing marketing tool and a huge convenience for Seattle cruisers.
  12. Same on Grand P the week before drydock (in Vines). If you can find the 50% offs, watch your folio, though. Even though Pass Services said they corrected it from full price to half price, we neglected to double check that they did it. Arrived home to find we were charged full price on some of our half price bottles. : ( If you're on the Grand, tell Dennis in Vines we said hi from Portland.
  13. Thanks for the hints on LGA and JFK. We fly Alaska Air almost exclusively so I'll see what makes sense. We in smaller markets (airline) often need to get creative. I need Alaska Air miles to be MVP again this year. You guys near huge airports really benefit from direct flights. And we in small markets benefit from great airports!
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