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  1. When I did it, I carried a small bottle, the size of sample shampoo bottles. I put them in a ziplock sandwich bag in case of leakage. If you're flying, put it in the carryon the same as you do other bottles of liquid. And like the others said, rules same as reg. smokers. This was all of my cruises until 2019. No need for it now, I'm done.
  2. I'm holding off on buying anything until September, just in case. I live in NJ 2.5 hours from the port so I just have to get in the car and drive there. If it cancels, I'll just move that and the 600 to another time. But I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. In my county alone, the daily totals have tripled since July 4th and still climbing. I'm sure quite a few people are saying that in different places.
  3. Just received the not so fun email - Faster to the Fun. It is cancelled for my Sept 19 cruise on Pride. It says all Sept cruisings, it doesn't state my specific sailing, so anybody with a Sept sailing needs to keep a look out for it. Of course the usual saying my money will be returned.
  4. 14 days. I was wondering about that myself.
  5. Right behind you for Sept 19 on the Pride. FTTF still showing in my account. Time will tell all.
  6. That is one of my fears. I have a land vacation scheduled July 31. I'm worried my husbands job may cancel his vacation out of state. The higher ups at his place are getting nervous, so hoping for the best.
  7. yes, it was $3/gal, going by one of my emails I dug up.
  8. We keep extension cord packed in with cpap machine. We have the thing for multiple usb ports packed separately. When I emailed them about distilled water ahead of time, they had suggested we take our own cords because they couldn't guarantee having enough.
  9. It's on my Sept 19 sailing too.
  10. My 9/19 Pride final payment was due Monday, it wasn't extended either. Crossing fingers.
  11. I have Sept 19 booked. Originally I had Mardi Gras for Oct 2022 and Tampa Feb 2022 booked, feeling safe. My casino offers showed that too good to pass up for Pride. It's only 2.5 hrs away for me, so worth a shot. If it goes, fun times. If it doesn't it's all good, move that money over to Mardi Gras.
  12. Hi Neighbor! Been here since 2013 before that Ocean Gate for 25 years.
  13. I can't do mine until Sept 12. Probably just standard questions to rule out coming in contact, quarantined rececently, etc. Not going to be concerned about it.
  14. Best answer yet. It's interesting reading the changes, but I'm not going to believe anything one way or the other until we are boarding, lol. Getting whiplash from the bouncing around.
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