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  1. I remember at one time the paperwork specified priority off the ship and onto tender, but not coming back. It actually came out and said it, but I don't remember the wording.
  2. This guy is spamming the board with his/her donation demands. Yes I'm calling them demands because he's replying to everybody's questions with this. We all get it, Bahamas needs help, but for this guy to be replying to every post is over the top.
  3. Pack a pair of pants or jeans and a light jacket or sweater to be on the safe side. They try and give as much notice as they can but hurricanes have a habit of changing their minds. People boarded in Baltimore last year (or was it the year before), and didn't know until they were boarding about a change.
  4. Someone posted they are back in Baltimore, propulsion problem.
  5. Another vote for Country Inn thanks to you Jamman54, We were just there last month night before our boarding Paradise. It's a perfect stopover for Jacksonville, Port Canaveral & Tampa. Hoping to snag another one soon.
  6. Was on the July 20th cruise, I don't do room service, but I know that charge is only for certain things. I lived at the slots every night. The definitely is not true about the machines. What you pushed the buttons for is what you got.
  7. Just had a hotel pull that hold crap on me last week. Problem was it was paid for in advance, there was no need for it. Incidentals available were crackers, sunscreen & tylenol, so there was no need for that either. They did straighten it out, and it cleared within 24 hours. My first cruise with Royal back in 2007, I learned the hard way with the debit card, BUT my credit union arranged a 3 way conversation with them, Royal Caribbean and I, it dropped the next day. Royal had to fax something to my bank. This was a week after we got off the ship.
  8. I agree 100%. I've had holds on debit and credit cards. I just do cash or gift cards & cruise cash. I did find that you can put your debit card on the last night, if needed, and you won't have those holds, only a final charge. I did that when we thought we were done spending and than oops, lets get some more pics came up.
  9. No need forcing me, they had 800 bucks of mine. And for those that say they DON'T, they DID! Whether it was on accident or on purpose, we will never know.
  10. I wish I had an answer, I was so PO'd at the time. I was ready to scream "get me off this ship!". It all worked out, but the first worker treated me like it was my fault. After they let me in, I was able to retrieve my wallet in the safe which was now reset back to default.
  11. Last year we prepaid everything, tips, internet, excursions, etc and I plopped $800 cash boarding Pride. We had a couple drinks, luggage came in later. My husband cut himself on the luggage, because they broke the handle and he didn't see it until he lifted it. We used our supply of band aids. The following morning we went down to buy an $8.00 box and were declined. We tried to go back to room, to verify my balance and grab the receipt, but they even deactivated our cards. We went to guest services, they confirmed we had no money and than after me raising my voice, they finally decided to let us in the room to grab the proof. I have no idea why they gave us grief on that, what would we do the rest of the cruise with no room. They put our money on someone elses account. They had to call that other passenger down to have him sign a release. What a crap show for their errors. Always keep those receipts for your deposits whether they are gift cards, ccs, debits or cash. I also keep a couple blank checks in my wallet for emergencies. You never know if your credit or debit card will be compromised and shut down.
  12. So funny, we probably passed one another countless times on the ship and at Mr. Sanchos. We were on deck six, the smoked out side. We didn't use Serenity. I was shocked to see how easy it was to get a chair at the pool or to find a seat at the buffet for lunch. I got the feeling that the ship wasn't full. Like you said, getting off the ship was a breeze. We had FTTF, the only thing I found silly was, FTTF meeting on deck 9, only to see the little sign when we got there and than lug our stuff down to 7 to get off the ship. We drove down from NJ and stayed overnight at the southern part of GA, it was only a few hours to port the next morning. We stayed in Florida for 2 more nights when we got off. No cheers for us, I don't drink enough now a days. I did have a DOU card for the casino. Drinks took between 20 & 30 minutes, same went for my husband who did not have the card and was paying. But I hear that happens on all of the ships, my first time with it.
  13. I thought the food was same old, not better, not worse. My only complaint was they wouldn't let me order the upcharge lobster on elegant night. It did seem the ship was full, always got a good seat at the pools.
  14. I was on this cruise, deck 6 u119. The smoke was originating in a room across from 157. It was a heavy burning plastic or electronic smoke. We almost made it to our room but they wouldn't let us about 430. We asked again about 530 because I needed my meds, one before dinner and my inhalers. They wouldn't let us in till after dinner. My husband and I along with others on that side got obc, totally not expected. Some customers on 5 below lost their ac and received obc.
  15. Dressy flip flops work wonders when I can't wear dress shoes. I've done black sneakers with my dress slacks too. My husband still does the black sneakers with his dress pants. I have one pair of dressy shoes if I choose to wear a dress, but of course right after dinner I'm done with them.
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