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  1. Just got back from Costa Maya and we went with Jamie's. It was amazing. The food was really good and plentiful. The drinks were not watered down and very tasty. The beach was clean and the water was clear. They had raked out the sea grass that morning and the water was crystal clear and not too deep. Very few vendors bothered us, and those that did were quick to move on if you said no. The area was not packed as he only accepts a limited number of bookings for the day. We never had an issue getting food or drinks as the servers circulated around and the wait after ordering was very short. Jaime was around a few time to talk and check on guests. The resort is on a walkway with multiple vendors stands and other restaurants. The taxi ride from the port was short and easy to find a taxi. When we were ready to leave our server Juan found a cab driver for us and we were back at the port in no time. I highly recommend him. Teacher95
  2. I decided to go with Rowan Watersports. They did a pretty good job. Took lots of pictures that turned out really good. The boat ride was comfortable with water and juice provided. The boat also had a bathroom, which was nice. We were a bit late leaving so we arrived when there were multiple other boats already there so most of the stingrays were elsewhere. The stingray handler was good to go and find a couple that we could touch and hold. Also had the opportunity to feed them. They also took us to a spot to snorkel and provided equipment. Teacher95
  3. Thanks to both of you. We have an early arrival, so hopefully get there and are able to get shade.
  4. I've booked our family for a day at Jamie's in March and was just wondering if anyone has been there lately and had a review. How was the food, drinks, water, any sea grass? Teacher95
  5. Just curious how you find out about these drink cards. Do they publish them in the dailies or do you have to ask about them. Thanks, Teacher95
  6. teacher95

    The Money Bar

    Thank you very much everyone for the input. Will keep looking at what else is available. Not leaving for awhile, so will keep reading reviews on here. Thanks, Teacher95
  7. teacher95

    The Money Bar

    Anyone been to the Money Bar that can tell me more about it. My wife, my two kids, ages 11 and 12, and myself will be in Cozumel during March Break and are looking for a relaxing place to hang out for a few hours. I found the website and the place looks great. Is it expensive? Is swimming good there? Lots of space or can it get crowded? Far from the cruise pier? Any input is appreciated.
  8. Just curious if there is a list of reputable companies that offer excursions to Stingray City on the forum somewhere. Trying to do some research to find one that fits our time in Grand Cayman and our family. If it obvious, sorry for missing it. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  9. Just curious how strict RC is on age limits for their kid's clubs. I have a son 12 and a daughter 11, who will be sailing with us next March Break. My son is chronologically 12, but emotional maturity is a bit less. He wouldn't really fit in with teens and relates better to younger kids. Would they allow both my kids into the voyageur program? I'd prefer he not be able to roam free, but would like kids to have fun with their peers on the ship. Any information, tips, suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Awesome video. My wife and kids, ages 12 and 11, are cruising on the Adventure next March Break. The ship looks great. What style of room did you have?
  11. Thanks all. Think kids will be fine. They are big swimmers.
  12. Just curious, those that have been to Jaime's, is there stuff for kids to do there? We're stopping in Costa Maya next year on our March Cruise with two kids, ages 12 and 11. The pictures on the website look great and can't beat the price. Just don't want kids to be bored. Thanks, Chris
  13. I was in Cozumel about 10 years ago and visited a beach run by a Canadian from Ontario. It was about a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the port. Am heading back to Cozumel next year on a cruise and was just wondering if anyone has heard of it or if it still exists. Any information would be appreciated.
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