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  1. IMO anyone thinking they’ll be cruising this year is being pretty optimistic - would love to be wrong but ...
  2. It’s not that they don’t want pax who have flown in to the port, their problem is if pax can’t fly in to the port - their only hope of restarting cruising is if enough pax are willing to drive to the port.
  3. Many people (obs not all) living on mainland USA can drive to a cruise port if they really want to cruise. Port Everglades and Manhattan come immediately to mind. (And you still have planes flying, maybe?) I think SS mean that they can sufficiently fill a ship without having to have international pax fly to the port. Not sure you folks in mainland USA quite feel the pain of those of us totally dependent on international flights to go cruising (and wanting to avoid quarantines). I live on an island where the airport is closed with no foreseeable date when it will reopen so I can't go cruising. Can't go anywhere. Which in 22 square miles is getting a tad claustrophobic. PS In due course, the UK market may open (perhaps!) then Southampton becomes a possible port for UK pax.
  4. SS website always lags. They probably want pax to learn about changes personally by email rather than from the website. I think all cruises still showing as bookable on the website for the rest of this year at least should be considered as just placeholders until proven otherwise.
  5. I think you’ll find it’s only 650 - 640 over the casino. I have cruised in 658 with no noise issue but it’s over the lobby.
  6. Sorry but I wouldn’t book a cruise that soon. I was booked on this Whisper TA and have cancelled because I am becoming increasingly pessimistic about a start date for both cruising and international air travel without quarantine restrictions. It’s one time I’d love to be wrong!
  7. For me that’s the Moon crossing the other way next March. I hope we’re back cruising by then but I’m not holding my breath. Ditto I hope international borders open without quarantine requirements before then so that air travel becomes a realistic proposition again but I’m not holding my breath on that either.
  8. Where Seabourn goes, it is quite possible SS will too. One might be Carnival, the other RCI but apart from that, they are more similar than different. PS slightly off topic - sorry Stumbles but you might want to dial back your hopes for the Moon crossing in November.
  9. Interesting that I have had refunds received or in process from American Airlines, HomeAway and Airbnb, all to my credit card that has a new three-year-further-on-expiry-date since I made the bookings, without any question - SS is the only one who can’t seem to proceed without asking for the new expiry date. Dunno if that’s good or bad! I was told today that the refund should go to my card by May 29th.
  10. About a month, or a bit more or less, depending on when in the month you sail. They cancelled all of May cruises by about 22nd April.
  11. I may not have much choice about when I am able to travel again, it depends when the Gummint of my little rock allows air travellers in without 28 day quarantine. I couldn’t tolerate that so can’t travel till it’s lifted. And, of course, there can’t be quarantine requirements for any country I’d need to pass through, it’s just not practical. Hope I don’t have to cancel the Moon trip, definitely hope I don’t have to cancel the subsequent December trip to London for my Father’s 99th birthday, but I’m rather pessimistic about when or even if unrestricted international air travel might resume.
  12. Caveat emptor AA had cancelled all or portions of itineraries I had booked through till Oct with no emails to me (all non-refundable tix), but I've been flying a long while and even back in the old days, I used to check all my bookings on the website at least once a week. A habit even more important in these uncertain times. So I called and was refunded in full for all my flights, hit my credit card in less than 10 days (would have been a week but my local bank doesn't do anything on weekends).
  13. It's a game of chicken really. I cancelled my March cruise a few days before SS did so I had to settle for 100% FCC I waited (anxiously) for SS to cancel my May cruise which they finally did and I should get 100% cash refund I cancelled my Sep cruise before the 120 days to ensure the cash refund, but will get the $200 cancel fee deducted. (I have been refunded all my airfares for these cruises because the flights were cancelled by the airlines so I couldn't have got there anyway. Perils of living on a tiny rock in the ocean) I think I may wait awhile to cancel my Nov Moon cruise, not sure what's going to happen with her since she isn't even built yet. Haven't got an excuse to get the Nov airfare refunded yet either. I'll be a bit surprised if cruising in general begins again this year, too early to tell.
  14. IMO, I'd suspect that the apparent 36 day delay is less to do with shortage of cash and more to do with shortage of personnel to initiate the transaction. SS can't just magic up a 1000% extra staff to deal with the 1000% (or whatever) increase in claims, and most of the staff are working from home so it's even less efficient than usual. When my TA has spoken to the Miami office they say they are processing as fast as they can but they are absolutely swamped. And exhausted. (And, my guess would be, very upset and fearful for their jobs)
  15. My May/June Spirit cruise is cancelled, and my friend's May Shadow cruise is cancelled. What seems to be happening is that the TAs are being told and informing their clients straight away. Then apparently I must wait for a personal email from SS outlining my options before proceeding - the SS website says something about 'within 15 days' - and I expect the email will push the 125% FCC very hard with probably a very-small-print option to get a cash refund. Trying for the longest they can avoid refunds, and the least they must give, I'd guess. Looking at the SS website, everything is gone till early or mid June. Give it another month and I expect it'll be a repeat for all the June cruises ...
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