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  1. Yes, I booked LA - Vancouver, b2b with an Alaskan cruise ending in Seattle. Some time after I'd made the booking, my TA was notified by the cruise line that it was illegal. I resolved it by changing ships in Vancouver, same cruise line, same pier, just had to go through Canadian formalities then US pre-clearance, wasn't too much of a pain. The PVSA was the reason that the LA cruise ended in Vancouver. The Alaskan cruise was the first one of the season and the cruise line was using Vancouver as a way to move the ship up from LA to Seattle for their season of 7 night Seattle round trip cruises since both LA - Vancouver and Vancouver - Seattle are legal, just not as a b2b.
  2. Well, there are other cruisable parts of the world that aren't the US of A. And cruises are happening there. Not entirely without incident, but they are happening. The CDC can only control US of A ports and waters.
  3. There's a 'live from' Miaminice, who is aboard this cruise, on the Celebrity thread. The crew members tested positive in a lab in Heraklion, and negative with the ship's own test - which Miaminice said was PCR but that might be an assumption. The crew are isolated and will be retested in Piraeus. The modified cruise is continuing. The outcome of this will be interesting - when cruising restarts more widely there are bound to be outbreaks of Covid - it's how they're handled that matters. There's no doubt that improvements in the technology of testing to improve accuracy and speed will be vital.
  4. But $90 is not unattractive compared to the cost of other test options, and if it allowed one to travel ... And if the tests were easily available, that'd be a huge plus - it's not so much the cost, more the availability of testing that can be a big problem for travellers.
  5. I cancelled three cruises in July and was notified 5th August that the refunds had been processed and should be back in my account between 9th and 19th September. The money actually arrived 23rd September. (and the latest hurricane may have caused a slight delay at my bank) These are the latest of the six cruises I have cancelled and each time I have received my refunds more or less when they said they'd come. In the current financial situation, I think this is actually pretty well done.
  6. My guess would be that many of us will be sailing again by summer of '22. If we aren't, it'll be because there are no longer any cruise lines with which to sail. Please not!
  7. I cancelled three cruises in July, received notice 5th August that the 'refunds had been processed', and should be in my account '9th - 19th September'. Still waiting. Will, of course, make a fuss in due course but will wait a while yet.
  8. Sorry Roger88 but I believe that's magical thinking. It is likely there will be one or several vaccines by next year but they are unlikely to be anywhere near 100% effective. These restrictions in some form are likely to be with us for a long time. 'They' (whoever you mean) will probably always have the 'powers to deny us' (whatever it is you mean). IMO we will eventually have to balance a reduced risk from Covid with our need to carry on with our lives, and choose what we are willing to do. This virus is unlikely to go away completely.
  9. Meanwhile, in Bermuda, another Monday, another hurricane, yawn .... Spins, sorry you're being so precipitated upon. To be fair, full disclosure, I'm in England having finally escaped imprisonment on my little rock, oh the joy of different streets for perambulation. This is my walk down to my local supermarket.
  10. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Frank del Rio and all his family and friends are aboard the first NCL cruise - that's kinda how he operates.
  11. Tell that to the flight attendants. I put it up after boarding, they put it down. I put it up after the safety demo, they put it down for takeoff. I put it up after takeoff, they put it down for f&b service. Just my actual experience ...
  12. It's not only odd, each seat is long, narrow and with very little storage space. The footrest is separate from the seat and is really annoying to put up and down, and you can't access the little storage drawer when it's down. And nearly all window pax have to scramble awkwardly over aisle seat pax legs to get out. Dreadful, worst biz class long-haul product around. I normally fly AA for the much, much better designed seats with all aisle access and accessible storage, but in these Covid times, because I can't transit thru the US, I am reduced to BA and it feels like flying in a coffin. A crowded row of eight coffins. With no privacy until after takeoff when you can bring up the screen and stop being face to face with a total stranger. BA are refitting some planes with seats similar to those on AA - look at the seat plan for eight across in biz for the old seats, four across (I think) for the new. But I don't think they've done many yet.
  13. Um Chris, not quite sure where you're coming from? But thanks for caring! Bermuda has been hit only by Paulette, no others this summer as far as I recall, and while over half the island lost power, most were restored within 24 to 48 hours. I'm not actually on Bermuda right now but knew that my power was out only fairly briefly because I could log into my account at Belco.bm and check my smart meter. Bermuda is a thousand miles north of the Caribbean and has a very sophisticated infrastructure for such a tiny island. And yes, Teddy is threatening but with a bit of luck will recurve before reaching us, passing east will give us the weaker side, and he may lose some steam going over the upwelling from Paulette. If nothing else, Paulette has already done the pruning of the weakest trees and vegetation! Hope we're all cruising again before the next hurricane season. I've got the Moon booked for next September, fingers crossed.
  14. Dunno, I'm in England, haven't heard from friends back home. I expect they haven't got power back yet. Don't think it's too bad, hoping Teddy doesn't follow the same course. I wouldn't have undertaken the transatlantic travel except that my very elderly Father is wearing out and I haven't seen him since February. But he was admitted to hospital the day before I arrived with a (non-Covid) chest infection and hospital visiting is totally forbidden so it's all got a bit silly. PS Thanks for thinking of Bda. Hoping Sally doesn't do too much harm.
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