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  1. As I mention occasionally, there's a lot of info on the SS website, you just have to hunt for it. https://www.silversea.com/lp-silversea-hrts-consumer-2.html (scroll down)
  2. You wouldn’t notice the difference between the two. Central and low minimises movement - if I can’t get a deck 5 cabin 522 or higher number, I go for midships on deck 6 in preference to deck 7. If you’re stuck with deck 7, don’t worry, midships on decks 5, 6, or 7 are all good, just pick the cabin with the bath if you want, it won’t make enough difference to matter. Equip yourself with some form of motion sickness pills or patches just in case, then you can relax and just look forward to your cruise. PS don’t forget that the Silversea website has loads of info - well worth s
  3. They are the ones on the deck plans with an asterisk (*) which the key shows as 'large walk in rain shower' The original suites have baths as well as a smaller but still large enough shower cubicle. The new suites just have a large and very nice walk in shower. Otherwise you really can't tell the original from the new, they are both wonderful - the Spirit is my favourite ship. Spirit new.pdf
  4. Ah Les! You and Indochine! We'll never agree on this - as you recall, I like the decor in there but hate the food, I really don't do well with spicy food (even tho' you think it's too bland!!!) Shame all my currently booked cruises are on the Muse and the Spirit; sad I pulled out of the Dawn TA but when it became the inaugural cruise, it was no longer for me, I like the wrinkles sorted out before I board. Still, I hope to enjoy SALT at some time in the future.
  5. It doesn't matter how long you are away for, if you have any access to laundry facilities (even just rinsing out in the basin and hanging over the bath) you only need clothes for four or five days max. As Gourmet said, get travel clothes - easy to wash, dry and pack. Yes, it's boring wearing the same stuff but soooo much better than lugging heavy suitcases around. No-one else cares or even notices that you are repeating clothes. I haven't checked a bag for many years now, it's such a relief to know I'll have all my stuff when I arrive at my destination. And I like cruises around thre
  6. Ploughing through the T&Cs, it seems to be from home to domestic airport. Not an SS deal, it’s run by some mob called Blacklane. Only for 52 miles, then you pay extra. SS takes no responsibility if Blacklane makes you miss your flight. US$100 credit if not used. Recommend anyone thinking of using the service to look very closely at the T&Cs. Hi Spins - sorry about some of your transfers (wish we were commiserating over champagne on a pool deck somewhere) but that’s why I always do the transfers myself! As I always, always fly in days ahead of time, it’s usually just
  7. For me in tiny Bermuda: Taxi to the airport $30 Local bus to the airport - free (I travel with only carry on luggage and have a bus pass as a senior) Lift from a friend - free (reciprocated when she travels) I’ll take the credit (even if SS offers this service here) just as I do for air (which SS also doesn’t offer from here).
  8. Hi Spins, The first thing I thought of when I saw the salad round the edge of the plate was WHY? The second was whose fingers had put it all there? Couldn't have been done with tongs. PS You led the charge to abandon ship - the Dawn - not a sinking ship but an unsunk, ie unbuilt, ship. Sorry not to see you all or be on the new ship, but I do prefer my ships built. PPS OP, sorry, got a bit off topic.
  9. Well, might possibly be useful if you're a messy eater; apart from that it looks really quite unbalanced and not attractive. And I bet those monster platters aren't even hot, so the food will be cold even if it was meant to be hot. That's a failure of 'fine cuisine' in my opinion. PS Am I the only one who thought that one of the salads in Atlantide on the Muse which was served perched around the rim of a huge shallow bowl-type platter was utterly ridiculous? First thing I always did was to push it all down into the centre of the platter. Even when I was dining with David B. He
  10. Hi Stumbles, The best my TA could get out of SS was the usual “if we cancel, you’ll be the first to know “ which is completely useless without a timeframe. I don’t want to get to, say, October and suddenly find the cruise has changed. It’s not even true - many are the significant changes I’ve picked up myself from other sources long, long before SS admits to them. (For this particular info thanks a million, Wes!) So I’ve decided to move to a different cruise on a ship that actually exists so that all the necessary peri-cruise arrangements are less likely to be in vai
  11. Thanks for the info Wes. Now to try and decide what to do. On the one hand a new ship. If she’s finished, she should be amazing. I’d love to sail on her. On the other, if she’s not properly ready, we’re stuck with any problems all the way across the Atlantic. And there’s so much uncertainty already associated with travel across international borders, I’m not sure I can handle uncertainty about the ship being ready as well. I definitely can’t handle any delay in the sailing date, I have other commitments in December. Hmmmmmmm…
  12. Hi Wes, Do you know why? If there is some risk that our Lisbon to Lauderdale leg may not sail exactly on the expected dates, I’ll be cancelling. (Yes, I know there’s always a chance of change, it’s a question of degree)
  13. Non alcoholic champagne? Why? Just why?
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