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  1. Thought Viking did daily lateral flow tests?
  2. I was, in August, on the Muse and they had the fancy plastic tokens that they wanted back so, as I usually do, I handed them in and got a certificate for the points. Since I take the previous certificate along on each cruise and get a new one showing all my points, my current certificate has rather a lot of points - I’ve given up getting prizes, (none of which is any use to me) - the fun now is seeing how many points I can accumulate before the SS CD helpers explode.
  3. Hi Stumbles, Hope we can cruise on the same ship same time sometime again. Yes I was going to post an answer but the boards seemed not to like my iPad yesterday so I'll try again. To Unibok, one word to ponder upon - trivia
  4. Not that I can see. I'm on that cruise but I'm not a very social animal so sometimes don't join in with group things.
  5. But, for warm weather cruising, there is no sea breeze and there may be a lot of noise if it's a commercial port. That's why sea days are definitely the best (altho' I am with you, I often don't get off if it's a port that doesn't appeal much and I enjoy my 'private yacht'.)
  6. C Symph - 5 positive pax, they and thirteen, I think, close contacts disembarked and quarantined in a hotel.
  7. The inaugural that I can see on the SS website is Lauderdale to Lisbon March 18 2022.
  8. For clarity: For the Bermuda Travel Authorisation you need a PCR test which can be RT-PCR or rapid PCR. (I always try and get a rapid PCR test to make sure I get my result in good time.) Not acceptable is an antigen test AKA lateral flow test or rapid test. Be awfully careful of the word 'rapid' !!
  9. Well, that’s interesting, gonna depend on the itinerary, last two days on the Muse were at sea. Same for my next cruise. But thanks for the information, it means it might be worth trying to arrange a pre-disembarkation test sometimes.
  10. Thanks for the reply! On the Muse there were few Canadians and I believe they had to make their own arrangements, probably tested at SEA - you only need the result to get on the plane? Unfortunately I need the result to then start a process that takes a couple of days - joys of small island living. So whether SS arranges the test or I do, it’s still done on disembarkation day (I think that’s what you mean?) so until things change, I’m stuck staying a few extra days somewhere after disembarkation before I can fly home. At least I now know that and will just have to figure out how to make the most of it - not gonna stop cruising!
  11. Very interested to know if your PCR test was done on ship or shore? I was recently on the Muse in Alaska and was told that although they had a PCR machine on board, the results couldn’t be used for travel as it wasn’t a licensed laboratory. This meant me staying in Seattle for several days post cruise because I needed the result before I could apply for the Bermuda Travel Authorisation - not even being able to take the test before disembarkation is very time wasting.
  12. Don't hold your breath. That monstrosity should never get planning approval. I hope.
  13. Unhelpful, to say the least, to make this comment without elucidating. What could be a nightmare for some might only be an inconvenience for others. Those of us contemplating a possible Venice cruise would be interested in knowing what particular aspect of embarkation was so trying. Much of the ethos of CC is to help and inform other cruisers, not just slam in with an opinion.
  14. Whilst the OP was clearly very distressed by this incident, and I have no wish to minimise her distress, I do feel that the title of this thread is completely misleading. It has nothing to do with being a woman or travelling solo. It is all about a perceived invasion of privacy. This could equally apply to a man travelling solo or a couple or family travelling together. It is valid to remind pax that crew may sometimes access their balcony. It is not valid to imply that this is somehow an imposition specifically on solo women.
  15. On the recent Muse Alaska cruises, masks were worn on the ship when in public areas indoors except when seated in a restaurant or bar, and outside if you weren’t well spaced apart. Ashore, the local rules applied which were pretty much the same.
  16. No pre-departure drinks or drink run on AA at the moment. Generous supply of alcohol post departure in F/B No alcohol even for purchase back of the bus.
  17. To annoyed posters (and as a much cancelled cruiser I do understand your feelings) - is it possible that SS hasn’t fully updated it’s website yet? They are well known for contacting affected pax directly well before getting around to making the website accurate.
  18. As I’ve already posted, the info I got from the Cruise Consultant onboard is that the Muse is going into layup at Manila until at least November, probably December.
  19. AFAIK, the EBB for cruises that were advertised as having an EBB is good till Sep 30th. Not sure about the rest of the year. The EBB is going away next year, I was told, accompanied by a reduction in price - I can believe the demise of the EBB but not the other half of the equation.
  20. Not necessarily, I was on the last cruise and only lost it when docked in Skagway and Icy Straight and one day somewhere else, I forget where, but definitely only three days out of eleven. SS refunded those three days pro rata (without me asking) which I thought was good since it’s not their fault. And none of the outages was for a full day. (I choose to buy the faster internet)
  21. Used to be 45 working days although a more recent refund reached me in under a month.
  22. No idea. The philipino crew will be sent home, I think. Layup till at least November, probably December. That’s all I know.
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