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  1. Fingers and toes crossed Les - I've just cancelled my Moon TA this Nov and am transferring the money to extend my Moon Mar TA to add the next segment b2b to Athens. Sure hope that one sails!
  2. To the OP - you can probably get 50% solo supp on the Moon TA You are correct that it would normally be 25% but it's becoming popular as many pax are cancelling 2020 cruises and are looking to next year in the hope something actually sails.
  3. Silver Spirit. Anywhere. (Well, preferably without a hurricane. 'Tis the season.)
  4. For me it's all about floating on the ocean. Just sitting back and watching the sea go by. With a good book, maybe a good drink. It's like Marmite - some love it, some hate it. And that's fine.
  5. Definitely get your TA to contact SS again. SS have been overwhelmed by the volume of refunds to process, and they are less efficient since they are mostly working from home, but part of the delay with my refund (see my post above) was because SS now 'has a new credit card system in place', whatever that means, so you may have slipped through the cracks. I waited and waited and waited for the FCC from a cruise I cancelled in March and finally got my TA to contact SS - the FCC turned up almost immediately with an apology for the delay, so sorry 'because have been overwhelmed etc etc ...' Sometimes you've got to be the squeaky wheel.
  6. I cancelled a September Whisper cruise on Apr 29th. That was my choice altho' I thought SS might have to cancel, and they now have, but I'm not bothered missing the 125% FCC, I already have an FCC, don't need more. My TA got an email this week that it had been processed, and should show up on my credit card the first week of August. I cancelled the Whisper cruise same day I opted for a cash refund for a June Spirit cruise that SS cancelled - the refund for that came through in five weeks. Obs different processing systems.
  7. Hi Spins, I'm probably cancelling my Moon TA this November, but I am soooo hoping to be able to sail this March 2021 TA. I'm currently only booked to Barcelona and then was going to London for a few days, but that is Easter weekend which isn't a good time to be there (two public holidays) so staying on to Athens might be happening ... dunno, so much is up in the air right now.
  8. Then you definitely want Silversea - trivia pretty much every day at a realistic time of late afternoon (4.45 or 5 pm), altho' it is sometimes moved to morning if arriving at a port at lunchtime for a stay into the evening. Crystal does trivia at noon (ish) and only on sea days! Ridiculous. On many itineraries, you hardly get the chance to play at all.
  9. Can we fly to Hvar to pick the lavender ourselves? I’d be up for that. If it could be done without a quarantine. And when our airport opens. And no, I don’t think the surfactants in dryer sheets are the same as soap/detergents in their activity vis a vis the virus. Could be wrong, am not an industrial chemist.
  10. Oh please, no dryer sheet, not more poisonous chemicals! Heat is enough, no need for fake ‘perfume’ and surfactants for us to inhale. Why don’t you all question the health risks of all this rubbish purveyed as necessary for a clean home? Soap and water, maybe white vinegar, definitely sunshine is all you need. For a cruise ship, a tumble of pillows in a hot dryer is all that is needed.
  11. Already booked on Moon TA for next March, maybe it’ll happen. Great if with you two too. Am also booked on Moon TA this November but not optimistic, probably will have to add it to March Shadow, June Spirit and September Whisper that I’ve already cancelled, sigh ... I have some hopes for January Shadow but not counting on it - international air travel could prove difficult/impossible if quarantines continue. Am itching and twitching to travel, this rock is awfully small. But it’s a lot safer here than UK or US right now so I feel very trapped despite the airport probably opening next month.
  12. Hi Spins to you and Dr L, hope all is well, I just wrap the towel around the pillows, that’s why I use a bath towel, it’s big enough to go right around and stay in place. It’s fine sleeping on towelling fabric. Please don’t ask to have a potent chemical sprayed onto pillows! I’d be much more bothered about the potential injury from inhaling the residue all night than any theoretical cross infection from another person hours/days after they’ve left the cabin and the linen has been changed.
  13. On ships or in hotels I wrap my pillows in a clean bath towel every night. I do this at home too - I started it to mop up the sweat from hot flushes but it is now so much more comfortable, and comforting, than just the thin pillowcase that I continue to do it. I know it's not waterproof, or bug proof, but it's a lot better than nothing. (I have slept on plastic covered pillows - ugh!) As for your question Spins - How were they sanitized in pre covid? I assume that they assumed that clean pillow cases are enough. Probably the inner cover is replaced if visibly soiled.
  14. That presumably is free on the NHS - are there no private facilities offering PCR tests for a fee? I ask because it is beginning to look like a 'negative test within 72 hrs of travel' may become a requirement for more destinations than Alaska.
  15. Well, they may move the ship across the pond at some time (and get the crew on board somehow), but SS only removed subsequent sailings because they were Canadian itineraries which are impossible now that Canada has closed to cruising till November at the earliest. Without Canada as a non-US port (and don't start looking at Bermuda, that ain't happening), East Coast itineraries that don't contravene the PVSA are tricky, they'll have to go to the Bahamas/Caribbean or Mexico (ugh) or further south, no choice. Great in hurricane season.
  16. Now I’m really glad I cancelled the September 8 Whisper TA, (did it a month ago). Not only do I not think it’ll sail, but even if it does, there’s no way I’d want to be on the first cruise after a six month shutdown. Just got to make the decision shortly to cancel or not for the Moon November TA. Don’t want to but am dubious about flights and quarantines.
  17. Note that you must choose between taking 100% cash refund or an FCC for 125% of your cruise fare (I’m assuming you’re being offered the usual deal). The FCC should be valid for two years. You possibly imply that you are expecting 100% cash and 25% future credit? Maybe I’m misreading your post? It’s either or, not both. PS it was announced some while ago that the first Moon sailing will be Oct 2nd.
  18. I wouldn't pay much attention to actual posted flight schedules - they've been there all through our closure, they are really a placeholder, the airlines just roll them back another month every few weeks as the opening of the airport stays in the distance. We are all eagerly awaiting some form of international travel but the logistics remain difficult - it's not so much the actual airport opening date but when will travel become unrestricted. We are pretty much on top of new cases at present but our gateway airport areas (London, UK and the eastern seaboard of North America) are not, so I don't see how we can accept incomers (or ourselves travel and return) without continuing to require quarantine. That will have to change at some time, possibly by some sort of track and trace scheme, but after containing the virus we really don't want to re-import it in large numbers. And that will probably rule out any cruises - our season ends anyway in Sep/Oct (apart from a few repositioning ships), so it probably wouldn't be seen as worth the risk to us.
  19. SS cancelled Spirit May 26th cruise at the end of April; refund applied to my credit card 4th June. However, I chose to cancel my Whisper Sep 8th cruise at the same time in April (29th); that refund hasn't appeared. SS did say 'by 29th May' for the Spirit refund and 'approx 45 days' for the Whisper refund so it's not really due yet.
  20. With Canada banning all cruises till November, I see SS has now updated the website for the Whisper in October - i.e., it's not there. I won't be surprised (unhappy, but not surprised) if SS just carries on announcing rolling monthly cancellations for many months to come.
  21. I'm not confident that the airport will reopen before September, nor do I feel very optimistic about when the Gummint will drop the requirement for 14 day quarantine for all arrivals. I don't expect there will be any cruises this year, our season finishes Sep/Oct anyway. I would love to be wrong - (I'm feeling very trapped on our 21 square miles) - we so want to reopen to tourists for our economy.
  22. Hmmm ... lot of very long flights involved there. I know it's 2022 but when/if international flights get going again this year or next, they are bound to be even less pleasant than they were with reduced schedules, longer queues, much less onboard service, fewer wide bodies (with fewer lie flat seats) etc. I wonder if any of this will improve by 2022? I'm too old to be willing to sit up in an uncomfortable seat for 10 or more hours at a time - if the itineraries are focused on the other side of the world, it's going to take me days and days with stopovers to get there! (Not keen on grand voyages, 21 days-ish is my favored cruise length) PS Stumbles - 'most unique' - really! PPS But thanks for posting.
  23. IMO anyone thinking they’ll be cruising this year is being pretty optimistic - would love to be wrong but ...
  24. It’s not that they don’t want pax who have flown in to the port, their problem is if pax can’t fly in to the port - their only hope of restarting cruising is if enough pax are willing to drive to the port.
  25. Many people (obs not all) living on mainland USA can drive to a cruise port if they really want to cruise. Port Everglades and Manhattan come immediately to mind. (And you still have planes flying, maybe?) I think SS mean that they can sufficiently fill a ship without having to have international pax fly to the port. Not sure you folks in mainland USA quite feel the pain of those of us totally dependent on international flights to go cruising (and wanting to avoid quarantines). I live on an island where the airport is closed with no foreseeable date when it will reopen so I can't go cruising. Can't go anywhere. Which in 22 square miles is getting a tad claustrophobic. PS In due course, the UK market may open (perhaps!) then Southampton becomes a possible port for UK pax.
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