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  1. After being regaled by friends with the tale of their increasingly frantic search for their lost phone (they eventually found it), it occurred to me to go looking for something that wasn't there. And sure enough, I didn't find it. There is no computer for passenger's use. To connect to the outside world, you must use your own device. I checked with Reception and they are not able to let you use the ship's computer system. Not a problem for most people most of the time, but if your device is lost or stolen and you don't have another one, then you're offline. I think we all expected the loss of the library and Internet cafe (the Observation Lounge is now officially the Observation Library), but I assumed some arrangement like the Muse and Spirit where there is one computer near the desks in Dolce Vita - but no, the super whizzy new Shadow Atrium is not to be sullied by such things. IMO the super whizzy new Atrium is actually very attractive, but when they replaced the Reception and Shore Concierge desks with little podiums, p'raps they could have included a tiny podium for a passenger computer? Time will tell if it is actually a problem, may not be, everyone has so many devices these days, even I travel with three ... There are, on the plus side, in the card room two tables set aside for doing a jigsaw with a sign asking people not to clear away a puzzle in progress. I've had that happen to me in the past - a huge, nearly completed puzzle cleared up and put away to accommodate some meeting - frustrating!! And just as well that there is something to do as we are sailing into bad weather again - we have already had Mayreau, Les Saintes, and Antigua cancelled; now our visit today to St Barths has been shortened and Virgin Gorda tomorrow is cancelled - instead we will be at anchor at Roadtown (no free berths to dock) so if it's too rough to tender we'll be stuck with nowhere to go. I've been very abstemious with the foo foo drinks so far, maybe that's about to change ...
  2. The current story is a washcloth flushed and they had difficulty locating it. Why are people so stupid?
  3. Possibly. It's a very pale grey, nothing like 'battleship grey'. Just the sort of bright idea someone in an office might come up with, sounds good on paper I expect.
  4. Either the A/C or I have settled in - so long as I keep the thermostat at the warmest setting, the cabin is comfortable now. Maybe it’s because the very strong and cold (for the Caribbean) winds we’ve had have now moderated and warmed a little? On the question of the hull, I remembered to look at it today and was hard pressed to tell it wasn’t white - IMO the grey is barely noticeable and utterly unimportant. Turquoise and royal blue stripes might have been striking ...😁
  5. I used not to pre-book because I thought 'I don't know where, when or with whom I'll want to dine' but now I make a lot of bookings on 'My Silversea' pre-cruise because it is easier to cancel unwanted ones, (or change the number of diners), than try and be squeezed into a fully booked venue. You can cancel by phone, by Butler, or at the Reception desk - all very quick and easy. And that doesn't stop you making other bookings once on board. For non-fee venues, they like cancellations by 6pm on the day, altho' it's a courtesy to cancel as soon as you know you're going to. For fee venues, it's cancel by 2pm on the day to avoid paying the fee.
  6. Speak for yourself Spins - warm weather and calm seas for me (I wish!)
  7. Well damn! I also disembark on Jan 24th so will miss Moss returning to the Classic fleet. Will just have to wait till the crossing 27th March, hope he'll still be onboard then. (Although I wonder if he'll board in Key West on 23rd, for a day's handover, sometimes they do that) Another ship note - the A/C seems to be uber efficient. High volume of air flow means I can't quite get my cabin warm enough - I'm not freezing but another degree or two warmer would be more comfortable. I thought it was just me (my personal inner thermostat being entirely unreliable) but a guy on my trivia team also commented on it so it's not just me. (Did I mention we won again yesterday? We're gonna get seriously unpopular at this rate). And this being a southern Caribbean itinerary I didn't bring a sweater ... thought of it and said nah, don't be silly, you'll be too hot ... We're docked at Point Seraphine today in St Lucia so plenty of shopportunity to buy a sweatshirt, maybe I'll do that.
  8. Cruise Director is Adam Wright (but he's disembarking at the end of his current contract in Lauderdale 24th Jan, dunno who's next). HD is Paolo Percivale Skipper is Captain Cataldo Destefano Cruise Con is Natsjha Horn My Butler is Olivia. I'm loving the ship. Still only go to The Bar for trivia (did I mention we won again yesterday?) - Spin's 'intimate and cozy' to me is small, dark and crowded - but I am finding myself in the Reception Bar in preference to my usual Panorama. As my first leg is a 7 day Barbados - Barbados the ship is full of Brits, it being easy to fly from London (a much easier trip down than mine, in fact, I have terrible flight connections) so the pool deck is crammed with them sunning themselves, but the deck guys are coping admirably. This despite 40knot winds and 12ft seas which has meant cancellation of Mayreau, Les Saintes and Antigua - substituted by sea day, Pointe a Pitre and Castries - an improvement IMO, but that's because I don't like tendering and I've been to Antigua far too many times. Otherwise the ship doesn't feel terribly different apart from the Museified cabins and color scheme, such an improvement over brown ... La Terrazza hasn't changed much either, nor, sadly, has the menu. Surely time for something new? The outdoor smoking area by Connoisseur's Corner is quite cute with fake greenery and I thought the partitions would interrupt my walking laps when it's raining too much for Deck 9, but not many people use it as the other areas closer to the pool bar and out back of Panorama are still active so it's no problem. I know the smell of smoke bothers many people but as an ex-smoker I don't really care about the smell - and there's plenty of deck space where's there's no smell of smoke at all. I'm not interested in La Dame, the Casino or the Spa so I can't comment there. The 'Observation Library' is pretty much the same as the other ships where an actual library has been abolished - a pathetic selection of fiction and a useless paperback exchange. Whilst I have my iPad loaded with books, I hardly ever actually read them, I so much prefer a real book, I'm such a dinosaur. I used to bring a dozen or more books with me but that's one of the things I've had to sacrifice in the trade off for the convenience of travelling with only carry on luggage, now I only bring two or three, soon read.
  9. Actually now I think about it, I think she’s the one I had on the Whisper in September. I suppose I could ask her but I haven’t.
  10. The lighting for the boxes of bijoux adds a pleasant pop of sparkle around the edges of the Reception Bar, a nice theatrical effect that significantly adds to the attractiveness of the area. As for the contents of the boxes ... I can scarcely contain my indifference. They don't obstruct the exit from the room, that's all I can say. The Bar by contrast seems even more dark, claustrophobic and gloomy than before - I hate it and never go there except for trivia (did I mention that we won yesterday?) - I always used to prefer Panorama because if I'm on a ship, I want views of the sea, but the Reception Bar is giving it stiff competition for a pleasant place to be. And better people watching. SS calls it the Arts Cafe but I can't quite bring myself to do that because it really isn't the same as the Arts on the Muse and Spirit.
  11. Love the new Reception bar, full of life and people, great for people watching, lots of two top tables. Could become my favourite space. Now off to Panorama to look at, probably not join, the solo thing. On first look earlier, I thought the extra space given to the dance floor at the expense of the seating was an error but that’s just me, I don’t dance. We’ll see.
  12. Well, I have a butler(ess) who I’ve had before recently (on the Wind) so everything I usually have to ask for she has already done but, is it just me or are the sink plugs useless? They click up and down but when up the sink drains fast, and when clicked down, the sink still drains, just slowly. What use is that? And what a waste of water. I’ve tried tightening them up but no use. Also, the shower water pressure is impressive (very!) but I did have to tighten up the connection from the handset to the hose, it was leaking sideways. A lot. Hmmm ... But I love the Museification colour scheme, never was a fan of dark brown, especially in the bathroom. PS The Cobbler’s on board. As always, I think why? PPS New red carpet in the theatre, not sure it’s a good colour decision.
  13. Count me as someone who didn’t even notice what colour it is. Boarding mattered, not the hull. Lunch mattered (no breakfast), not the hull. Champagne mattered, not the hull. However, my excursion tomorrow in Port of Spain ain’t happening for lack of numbers, so if I go ashore (which as a person on my own, I’m not so sure about), I guess I might look at the hull on the way home. As an aside, my cabin is about twenty feet away from the never ending food in the reception cafe which, with the magically refilling Smarties* bag in the cabin, means that my recent hard won weight loss is at severe risk. * Smarties are M & Ms for our American readers, although I’m not sure I’m still speaking to you after the Orange Toddler’s latest misjudgment. And that’s being polite.
  14. Well, why not wear the suit jacket if he feels he needs a jacket? Why on earth would you need multiple sports jackets? Or, as some do, don't bring an actual suit, just a dark blazer and sorta matching pants then you can fudge the suit for formal and have a blazer for informal. I think on informal nights it's usually jacket, no tie for indoor venues. (You can take the jacket off once seated at your table.) And casual is decent shirt, no jacket. I won't be surprised if the dress code is interpreted pretty loosely, but can't tell ahead of time. I'm on this cruise and I expect it'll be relatively casual for SS since it's Caribbean, but I'm not a guy so the jacket thing isn't a problem for me. I'm b2b from the previous cruise which only has one 'formal optional' night - it's a 7 day, that's why the formal is optional - SS is def. more casual in the Caribbean.
  15. I'm not vegan, not really even vegetarian (more flexitarian) but I try to eat a plant based diet as much as I can and it is sometimes a struggle to achieve that on Silversea. On a recent cruise after not finishing my entree, when asked why I told them it was uninteresting, tasteless and not nutritionally balanced (all of that was true) and further commented that the vegetarian choices were very unimaginative. So it was arranged for me to meet with the Executive Chef and we discussed many things, after which the vegetarian food for the rest of the cruise was much improved. Vegan food is a whole step harder for chefs who are used to providing a slab of dead animal surrounded by a small scattering of plant bits. Lunch in La Terrazza is OK because it's a buffet and there's usually enough vegan choices but your wife may have a struggle at dinner in any venue (even Spaccanapoli I doubt there's vegan cheese, you'd have to have pizza without). I don't eat breakfast so can't comment on the choices. So my recommendation is to seek out a meeting with the Executive Chef as early as possible if you are not finding food you like - via the Front Desk or the Restaurant Manager - and I am sure you will be accommodated as well as possible. I believe they can agree a special menu with you for the following day but I never do that because I don't know 24 hours in advance what I'll feel like eating, or even where. One great thing about the Muse is the larger number of eateries available. Also, have you input the vegan info on 'My Silversea'? I think there should be an option for that. Also also, you can email Silversea and ask about things like vegan cheese or specific plant milks but you do need to do that well in advance (maybe 6 weeks?) to give them a chance to sort it out. specialservices@silversea.com This all sounds a bit disappointing, but don't be, the one thing you can guarantee on Silversea is that the service will be amazing and they will do everything possible to help you. I'm embarking in a week on the new Shadow, can't wait, and that'll take me to over 350 days with Silversea so you can tell it's a cruise line that works for me!
  16. They sent you just one of the rigid plastic tags with steel attachment cable, put that one on whatever bag you want, probably best on your checked one. They last forever and you'll get a new one with each cruise so you can end up with them on every bag you own. What SS means is the soft peel-off cruise specific luggage labels with your cabin number - you've probably got four of them in a booklet in the silver box - then if you don't want to carry your hand luggage with you at lunch while waiting for the cabins to be ready at 2pm, you can leave it with reception or somewhere and it'll be delivered to your cabin. You don't have to if you don't want. I travel with only carry on and don't use any of their labels and keep my bag with me - as a solo, it occupies the other chair at lunch.
  17. I've been muttering for years that I wish there was an 'opt out' choice for the Silver Box. It must cost a fortune to send it to Bermuda and there is nothing I need in it - not even the luggage tags because I travel with hand luggage only. I chuck the entire thing in the trash ... sigh ... I could understand that one would need to opt out early since the boxes probably have quite a long lead time, but I usually book 18 months to two years ahead and would be happy to have an opt out choice at booking, just as I choose to opt out of SS transfers, hotels etc. I suppose I should put it on my comment card when I'm cruising, but I've always forgotten about it by then. (And I tend to use the space trying to persuade SS to offer more nutritionally balanced and interesting plant based eating options, but that's a different issue.)
  18. But that's an enrichment lecturer, those are usually interesting and worthwhile. I'm talking about the ones who are mostly interested in advising you about shoreside shopping opportunities. That's one drawback of shorter cruises, especially in the Caribbean, because there are only destination lecturers. The enrichment lecturers are usually only to be found on the longer cruises - I do transatlantics nearly every year and the enrichment lecturers are frequently the highlight of the cruise.
  19. As an atheist I am perfectly fine that my cruise line doesn’t waste cabin space for ministers of any religion. IMO if it’s really important to you to go to a religious service on a specific day, you should stay home or somewhere land based near an appropriate church for it. There are far too many different beliefs among pax on a cruise ship for any specific one of them to be accommodated, what about all the others? Although I must say I agree with you that most destination lecturers are a waste of space but that’s usually because they’re talking rubbish, not because they’re displacing some vicar or priest.
  20. Each to their own. And for my own, I still say she's not everyone's cup of tea, she's definitely not mine. But then, I enjoy some types of entertainment that others may not. In person she may well be very pleasant when she's not performing to generate the maximum 'entertainment' (cringe, me). Most performers have a public and private persona.
  21. I'm just stunned that any of you managed to sit through such drivel. I tried to watch one of her programs - can't remember if it was on an SS ship but I think it might have been - and had to switch off very rapidly before she drove me insane.
  22. Different strokes ... I would (and usually do) select AA transatlantic any day. And I cross the pond multiple times a year. All aisle access! Storage space! Wider seats, four across instead of eight across! OK, this is business - BA must have one of the worst business products on the market even if their food does seem to have improved recently.
  23. Spins - I'll do my best to follow in your footsteps when I board the Shadow on Jan 7th. Season's whatnots to you and Dr L.
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