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  1. If you flew regularly through JFK and MIA, you might change that opinion. I choose MIA as preferable.
  2. I wouldn't think you could go wrong with that - that's what I wear for the SS regular cruises. I haven't done expedition ships so I don't know if a sequined top would be overdressed (although why do you care what others think if you like the top?) - I use a shiny pashmina to dress up a plain black top for formal nights, then it doubles as a scarf.
  3. My TA called the SS office in Miami today to make my final payment for the SJU-LIS cruise (showing 'waitlist' now) and the agent couldn't even pull it up on her system so I suspect it no longer exists. The agent suggested calling back tomorrow or Monday to try and find out what's happening since she didn't know. I haven't had any email or offer from SS but since they can't seriously expect me to take a 7 day Cuba instead of a 19 day TA, they probably think I'll cancel. Which I will, but an extra 5% off to book something else wouldn't hurt, particularly since I got such a good deal on this cruise - solo occ. verandah deck 5, below $400 per diem. That doesn't come along too often.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I'm not in the UK and my TA will deal with the Miami office - she was going to call them today to make the payment anyway. I presume I'll just have to cancel since I'm not interested in substituting a 19 day Transatlantic with a 7 day Cuba, particularly since I'll have done the Cuba itinerary on the Wind in April 2019 - that email I did get. Depends what SS say - it's so far out in the future that it'll probably just be a take it or leave it response.
  5. They're playing silly games with the Wind March 2020 cruises - they're still showing the old itineraries simultaneously with a series of 7 day Cuba cruises. I haven't received an email about this, and I'm booked on SJU-BGI-LIS at a good price, was going to make final payment today - an email to my TA must be forthcoming! Thank goodness for the info to be found here.
  6. I'm staying on b2b for the next (Eastern Caribbean) cruise - that and the fact that I've bought my plane tickets is why I'm sticking with the changed itinerary. But Nassau ... Port Canaveral ... ugh, ugh, ugh.
  7. And my April 2019 Western Caribbean is now Cuban - OK with that, but the rest of the itinerary is Bahamas and Port Canaveral which I don’t like (Nassau?!! Really?!! ). I’m still going though, staying aboard in port is better than staying home.
  8. And given the costs of actually designing a new ship, and ironing out the wrinkles that only appear when in service, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the new ships are actually based on the Muse design. It is not uncommon for cruise lines to build half a dozen or more new ships once they are satisfied with the design. I hope so - after initial steep resistance, I have come to enjoy the Muse, to the point where I wonder if the Wind will feel a little lacking in options ...
  9. This pretty much sums it up. I have stayed there tho' not recently - cleanliness was OK and the location and price were right.
  10. I have always used Supershuttle LAX to the port - not the quickest or most comfortable but generally reliable - then I use the ship transfer back to LAX. These are the most reasonably priced options. That is, reasonably priced for a solo, price being per person. For a couple or group, I'd suggest a taxi. If you are able to use Uber (I'm not signed up, it doesn't exist in Bermuda, so I don't know from experience), I suspect it would be competitive price wise.
  11. She’s at Santa Apolonia, although is on her way to Casablanca soon. I use Marine traffic live app to check location - very useful when cruising to see which pier we’re actually at and assess walkability to whatever is nearby.
  12. I think your problem (not sure tho’) is that you are opening the thread. Just go to the Silversea Cruises section and tap on the star to the left of the Cooler thread, that gets you to your first unread post.
  13. jollyjones

    Rugby Classic

    Unless you are up by the stadium, which is out of town, not really crowded, no. May be more drunken rugger players in a certain Front St bar late evening, but most cruisers are back on board by then since the ferries are done for the night.
  14. Yes, that's how it works, laptop or iPad. I use my right index finger to tap so that means reaching across the screen every time and since the dots/stars are small, a certain amount of wrong taps are happening. Not the end of the world but irritatingly unnecessary, as are the navigation links being in very small, pale grey script. Why? Even the 'home' link is almost cowering from view. Bad design, IMO. OTOH, it looks like attaching photos etc may be easier - haven't tried it yet - so if they sort out the current design faults, (and we get used to it), the site will be better ... maybe ...
  15. As I posted a few weeks ago, the Cruise Consultant on the Spirit told me that RCL had given permission for six SS ships to come. So that’s the Moon, the Dawn, the two Evolutions, the Origin and ... Maybe the Cloudified Wind? Maybe a third Evolution ship, if the first one is well received? A bigger fleet, more choices, yesss! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. No, I’m a dinosaur, I do email but nothing else. Nor do I particularly want to, only occasionally it would be useful to have toll free calls. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. Thanks for calling - I'm always a bit limited here on a small rock in the middle of the pond with no toll free calls (and emails are so ignorable) - as you say, information is the key!
  18. Your phrase "connecting flight to Southampton" is a little worrisome altho' I expect you put it in for convenience - won't you be flying to LHR or LGW? Then you'll need to take the train, express bus, or car service. I have chatted to many US folk who don't necessarily realize how far they still need to go after landing in the UK - Southampton is a great port tho', pretty easy to get to.
  19. Very interesting ... I'm booked on the cruise ending Apr 6th - a TA to Lisbon - so will follow this carefully. The voyage immediately before or after dry dock work are generally to be avoided. A 3 month window is long if it's to do with charters (yes, could be holding dates open), but is I suspect, long enough to Cloudify.
  20. Lunch yes, later evening don't do it - can get rowdy.
  21. I appreciate it too - it's very comforting to know that if I have any little query, no matter how silly it seems, the chances are that I can find an answer here.
  22. Hi Emtbsan I hope your slight silence is more to do with enjoying your cruise too much and not related to the frisky weather in the Med? I have a friend on the two legs to Lisbon, and while she does have two legs of her own, one is not so good and she is currently walking with a cane, I hope she isn't struggling with the motion of the ocean. Solo lady of a certain age, blondish curly hair, no doubt in the bar of an evening pre-dinner - tends to be noticed.
  23. Meow was on Az, not SS. Different lines hand out different “certificates “ ie printed bits of paper, could be Arctic Circle, could be crossing the equator, could be crossing the date line, could be finding the Observation lounge ... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. I don’t own dresses and skirts. Of course pants are fine as part of a formal outfit, why on earth wouldn’t they be? Basic black pants, a plain black top, and a shiny wrap and/or jewelry. Works anywhere, every time. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. Or bring one formal outfit and wear it three times - I guarantee that other pax will remember little about what you wear, and will care even less. If that doesn't suit you, bring two outfits and alternate. An outfit for every formal night is a total waste of packing space and time.
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