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  1. Hi Keith, Whilst I am an experienced cruiser, I will soon be on Crystal for the first time so thank you for all this useful information. One question though - you say "If you have brought your own computer with you this is also a good day to stop by the Computer University where they will configure your computer for use in your stateroom." I am accustomed to going to my cabin, connecting my laptop to the passenger wifi and setting up an account (usually with some security thing such as date of birth) then setting a username and password - is this how Crystal does it? I don't like the sound of someone 'configuring' my laptop. Thanks.
  2. Whilst one can't speak to specifics, in general you're better off not taking any of that rubbish and leave your immune system alone to deal with the virus. Eat well and sleep well, nature will do what it does. Whatever happens, I do hope you get to enjoy your trip.
  3. At the beginning of this cruise, there was frequent and everlasting (it seemed) testing of the announcement system - we heard 'testing, one two three' in many languages. Throughout this cruise, sometimes unimportant announcements come on the in-cabin system (altho' I tend to blame the CD for that) and sometimes important ones come on the out-of-cabin system. Sometimes announcements can be heard on the ship's webcam TV channel, sometimes extremely loud music is all that's available, even when an announcement is happening. It's definitely not as it usually is. I was relieved to find that today's market visit with Chef David is still happening, albeit a little earlier - I wondered if there'd be time before our early departure. His marketing is always such good value. Here's an article showing why we're leaving early - don't blame the Captain for wanting to get into a sheltered dock before the onshore winds bring a big swell - we have had more than enough rough seas on this cruise! https://www.wunderground.com/news/storms/hurricane/news/2019-10-06-atlantic-east-coast-low-area-to-watch
  4. It’s on the Hurricane Center website, which I watch carefully because of living in a hurricane zone. And needing to fly from NYC to BDA with a storm around - I hope it’ll be gone by before Sunday, when I’m flying. I hope. nhc.noaa.gov The Viking Sun is actually on her way to NYC, she’ll be there before us. When she, or the Whisper, leaves NYC will depend on the weather I presume.
  5. The weather gods are still toying with us - as a new low pressure in the Atlantic south of us may develop tropical characteristics, we’re cutting short our Boston stop, leaving earlier tomorrow, and running for New York to arrive 3pm Thursday instead of Friday morning. Nothing wrong with an overnight in NYC, but it’s typical of this cruise. And, which didn’t happen last year on the same itinerary, we’re told that no alcohol can be served from 3pm today till the ship is totally cleared by CBP in Boston. We’re due in at 5pm so that’s going to be a dry three hours approximately, doesn’t bother me but some may find it, shall we say, inconvenient.
  6. I think San Juan and the US Virgin Islands are treated differently in how the PVSA applies, not sure why I think that, will need to look it up. And I did (they have a waiver): https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3363
  7. Any color you like although seldom are they white, more usually pale pink or pale yellow.
  8. What a difference a day makes! One short overnight sail and it's 20 degrees warmer. Finally.
  9. It is my understanding (having tried to do a similar itinerary in the past) that you can do Seward to Vancouver and Vancouver to San Diego by either changing ships in Vancouver (that's what I did) or, if on the same ship they must be truly two different cruises - i.e. you must disembark in Vancouver and be off the ship for 24 hrs, then re-embark and start a new cruise. I believe the 24hrs is crucial to qualify Vancouver as a non-US port of embarkation/disembarkation. One legal way of doing this cruise would be to disembark in Vancouver, then be transported somehow overland to Victoria, and re-embark there the next day, but what a faff. One voyage on the same ship Seward to San Diego is definitely illegal. However, I was initially able to book my cruise and only later did the cruise line (not SS) come back and say I couldn't. So I expect SS hasn't noticed it yet. PS I have also fallen afoul of the NYC - Caribbean - FLL problem and had to significantly alter my plans but at least the Cruise Consultant (I was booking onboard) picked it ip straightaway. There's probably a disconnect between the itinerary planners and bean counters, and the booking agents in the SS office.
  10. Don't understand you Americans - for a bunch of revolutionaries you're terribly hidebound by conventions. In Bermuda we enjoy wearing bright colours all year round, and we enjoy wearing white all year round (but less so since it shows the dirt so easily). We're not so keen on black and grey and drab, city colours. Brightly colored Bermuda shorts are what we all wear, of course, but please, please wear them with either no socks or knee socks - ankle socks just look silly.
  11. Why do you need emojis? Why not write ... um ... actual words to describe your feelings? My current feelings are, again, frozen. Just had dinner at Cold/Hot Rocks - the wind has torn one side of one plastic panel loose, and all the others are billowing very noisily like spinnakers (sorry, Spins) in a gale, it’s not conducive to a peaceful dinner. It’s cold, I was swaddled in three blankets (under a heater) as well as many layers of clothes, I felt like the Michelin Man. Not doing that again till we’re in a more clement climate. Take me back to the Caribbean, I don’t care how many times I’ve been there before.
  12. Only two ports so far this side of the pond, and Very Cold and Windy, (with brightly painted houses), is rapidly losing it’s appeal. Went to Ile aux Marin today - barren, no longer inhabited island, not unattractive but it became an endurance test in the freezing wind that blew away whatever the guide was saying. Particularly since there’s almost as good a view of it from the ship. St Pierre may have held something of interest, although it wasn’t obvious, but getting back to the ship to thaw was more attractive. And I do have warm, appropriate clothes - the wind is just too much. And I don’t do cold in my real life.
  13. Lois - if you can afford to do it, retire. Then start your new life. With gusto. I have never regretted retiring as soon as I could, not for one moment. And I enjoyed my job.
  14. Yep, the brightest things outside are the whitecaps. Probably a good 7 on the Beaufort scale. Significant difficulty on the trying-to-type-accurately-as-we-bounce-around scale.
  15. I got the email from both SS and my TA last week; it's open for booking now to those of us on a ship, from tomorrow for Venetians, and from 17th for the rest. I'll try and attach it, it's a big document. SS 2021.pdf
  16. Latest from Cap’n Destefano is that we are running full steam ahead to make it to Canada a day (well, 14 hrs) early because the weather is going to get much worse. Not so much worse out here at sea (phew) but a storm will be brewing up near Newfoundland just at our originally scheduled arrival. Just purchased another Transatlantic (am I mad?) - this time on the Dawn - Nov 2nd, 2021. 13 days Lisbon to FLL. Cruise Consultant is a young guy called Daniel on his first contract with SS - very pleasant, very efficient. From LA. Very LA.
  17. Not much to say about the Venetian evening - the most memorable thing was the theory that it was held so early in the cruise because the Captain thinks that it’s going to get seriously rough in the days ahead. The sea is certainly making up this afternoon. There was much mention of Silversea being 25 years old. There are nearly half a million Venetians. There were the usual pax with hundreds and thousands of days. We toasted. Something operatic was sung. And we all went off to dinner. Today the the sun has appeared but IMO it’s far too cold for civilised humans beings out there so indoors I remain, eating to build up my body fat in hopes of surviving the frozen north. I went to David Horner’s talk today on Newfoundland - he’s quite a good lecturer - but there’s not much else enriching today (rather than commercial) until trivia. Not looking forward to that; I dislike The Bar at the best of times, it’s poky and claustrophobic, but with something like 17 teams it’s very unpleasantly crowded, noisy, and suffocating. Then there’s the questions. Maybe I’ll go to afternoon tea, see if cucumber sandwiches give me inspiration rather than indigestion. Oh well, as a Venetian of stamina, I expect I can make it through to cocktail hour somehow. Never failed yet.
  18. Internet’s fine, the trip hasn’t so far been very photogenic. There was this just after dawn in Falmouth.
  19. It's a shame we missed Cobh, but the Captain is very bothered about the impact of Lorenzo on the North Atlantic - I don't blame him because, although we should be well across before the storm makes it as a post tropical cyclone to menace the Ireland and UK, we would be extremely vulnerable any change in it's forward speed and direction with nowhere to run and hide. Having just been hit by one hurricane, I'm not in any rush for another. We're on a great circle route from Cornwall to Newfoundland so I'm not sure we're going any further north than we would have without the storm, but it's nippy outside - 57 degrees, with a 40 knot headwind. Not a good deck walking day, maybe I won't wear my shorts today. It's the first of the 25 hour days today - one of the reasons I love east to west transatlantics. But I doubt it'll help with trivia which, as Candy says, is not proving to be what we normally enjoy. Lecturers are Laurel Corona, always good value, has so far lectured on Falmouth, the history of tea, and today it's cod, history and economics of. Other lecturer is David Horner who, now he's stopped doing war stuff, I might attend - today is early navigation across the Atlantic and how they did it. Venetian night tonight, on an informal dress code night, a bit unusual. Somehow that's in keeping with this cruise, it all feels a bit unusual in an indefinable way, I really haven't settled in to it yet.
  20. Good grief, I can't be bothered with that fuss, on a luxury line I expect to be able to board the ship, mention to my butler or attendant that I want milk and assume it will happen. A liter of any old milk (yes, it's always long life) every three or four days shouldn't make any impact on a cruise ship's stock. But thanks for the information.
  21. When I sail Silversea, which is my usual line, I have no problem getting a litre carton of milk in my fridge all the while - I like to drink several large glasses of milk in the morning (and no, I do not want room service breakfast). I hope Crystal will be as accommodating. A 'small glass' won't suffice.
  22. What about a carton of milk?
  23. Well, I started it and several screens in, it said my browser wasn’t supported and wouldn’t proceed, wanted me to download chrome or Firefox. Since I use safari I was unimpressed, and sent them an email saying that if they really wanted my opinion they should craft a properly functioning survey. What a waste of time.
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