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  1. Depends how you did it? I see this notice on the boards: Our Roll Call Tool is experiencing technical difficulties; new Roll Calls are not being added to the tool. Please go "old school" in locating your Roll Call by browsing the specific ship Roll Call forum.
  2. Not knowing what you like, it's impossible to answer you properly. Dates and itineraries would be useful?? I choose my cruises mostly based on dates and itinerary, then price, then ship. That said, the Spirit is by far my favorite in the fleet because of the much greater choice of dining options. Vista versus Verandah pros and cons depend to some extent on the itinerary - on some cruises the verandah isn't much benefit. The cabins, apart from the verandah, are the same. There are few Vista suites on the Spirit but there's nothing wrong with being down on deck 4, you'd be in a quite select group down there. If you could wangle a Guaranty booking, I'd have thought the chances of a move up to Verandah would be quite high - I've never done it but what do other seasoned SS cruisers think? PS Which Shadow booking are you looking at? There's a dry dock in Nov, SS are screwing around with the schedules, I've just had my Nov 21st Shadow TA cancelled by SS. Could be why she's cheaper than the Spirit?
  3. LAL - thanks for the report, sounds like SS are listening. And my my point about Dolce Vita versus The Bar is related to availability of empty tables, not the entertainment. PS I agree about the shops!
  4. It'd be great to have little areas to accommodate everyone's preferences, but when more space needs to be magically made out of nowhere, bars that may be used by a few people for an hour or two (if that) in the evening aren't high on the preservation list. A useful thing about Dolce Vita that's perhaps not obvious to couples and groups - 'snug and welcoming' may translate for a solo into 'can't find a table to sit at' . I often like to enjoy a quiet pre-dinner drink and read or listen to whoever is playing the piano - easy in Dolce Vita, usually impossible in The Bar on the smaller ships so I never go there (except for trivia). Panorama on all ships is the best bar for a solo to chat with others so I go there if I'm feeling gregarious. In reality, no bar anywhere on any of the ships is very far from the MDR/Atlantide assuming the telephones and elevators are working - if they're not, I doubt I'd be worrying about dinner!
  5. The easiest change that would suit many people is quite straightforward: Get rid of the bars - why waste dining room space with a bar when you are only steps away from Dolce Vita. Make Indochine a bit smaller but otherwise keep it as is. Take all the extra space, incorporate it into Atlantide and make it into a traditional MDR. Lack of menu change in Atlantide is a definite problem, and there's no real reason for it, a rotation of menus must surely be possible. And get rid of those slate plates that don't give you hot food. And my personal pet peeve - put the food in the middle of the plate, not perched ridiculously around the rim. I was originally 'sold' on the Muse by Cruise Consultant Barrie who assured me that I could order from either menu in Indochine or Atlantide - this proved not to be the case. However, as I've posted previously, I was also assured when last on the Spirit that I could order from the Always Available/Room Service menu when in Indochine - I haven't tested this yet and all my upcoming cruises through till May 2020 are Wind/Whisper/Shadow so maybe someone else can give it a try? See if it's "misguided optimism" aka a lie. The question arose because the food in Indochine is too spicy for me but I like the ambiance in the room and enjoy going there, especially as Atlantide is so busy. And the creme brulee is to die for.
  6. The crossing in November - low solo supplement! There’s usually a ‘new ship’ price up so no real surprise. Mind you, I’m doing the Med on the Spirit May/June 2020 and that’s not exactly cheap.
  7. No I'm not doing too well, I'm struggling with it, I've settled in a bit better over the past ten days but I'd still rather be on the Spirit. This wasn't helped last night when I was invited to dinner with Allan, and another couple at the table joined the Wind just 4 days after spending 14 days on the Spirit and were going on about how much they loved it. I am enjoying getting around the ship easily (nowhere's very far), altho' my creaky knees miss the forward elevator, and still having a library is good even if there isn't much in it, but my biggest problem is the dining options - so limited! And I'm not finding the food to be very good. Whilst I am not a vegetarian, I am moving more and more to eating a mostly plant based diet and the menu choices for me seem to be so dull in both concept and taste, frequently protein deficient too. It didn't seem to be so difficult on the Muse and the Spirit. I've spoken to the Executive Chef (who is new) but nothing has improved. I suppose if you like a large slab of dead animal with a few green fronds around the edge of your plate, you'll probably do OK, although far too much is being served lukewarm to cool, rather than hot. And I don't like sushi - that doesn't help either. This all sounds very whiny - it's not meant to be, I am actually enjoying myself. Montserrat has been the highlight of the cruise, shame about missing Anguilla but that's simply a reason to come back some day. I just need to bend my mind to finding ways to make the limitations of the Wind into positives - I'm back on her for 20 days in April and 14 days in June so I have incentive. But then I'll be done with the small ships - I'm already booked on the Moon and am looking forward to the Dawn!
  8. If you mean the rubber thing with suckers that I never use - horrible squishy feel - there is one in my cabin, I didn't have to ask for it. An update about Anguilla which was one of the attractions for me in this itinerary: If I say that the water is shallow a long way out so it would have been a long tender, there was a brisk wind blowing with white caps showing on the waves, you all know what that means. To add to the disappointment, the only alternative available was a longer stay (overnight instead of 5 hours) in St Thomas - it's peak season, Philipsburg (the nearest alternative) was crowded. So St Thomas is where we've been all night (having arrived after everything closed) and, although it's barely credible, it's 8.30am and we're it! There are no other cruise ships in, at either Havensight where we are, or at Crown Bay. Extraordinary. I had checked what other ships would be in port with us and it said none for St T but I just hadn't believed it. I'm still not getting off the ship though, been here too many times.
  9. PS - What a difference a day makes ... As the Colonial Daughters tottered ashore on their walkers on turnaround day yesterday and the new group embarked, the average age dropped at least thirty years, the bar staff started smiling as they had something to do, and the decibels went up ... and up ... and up ... Gonna be a much more lively cruise!
  10. As I look through the door of the Silver Suite next to me when it is being cleaned, it doesn't seem like anything has been done to it - not new carpet or anything. Maybe these suites are destined for a different future next year? There are only three on the ship and I don't see why they weren't spiffed up too. Obviously 738 wasn't either - the carpets, curtains and furniture in the regular cabins are now quite different. Dusababy - Captain Arma is only on for another couple of weeks then he is off for three months so it sounds like he won't be back till after the crossing. I'm quite sure Stumble is correct about the pricing for the Wind 2021 and beyond but since her first few posted cruises look very 'expedition-ish' , it's impossible to tell.
  11. Yes there are. And one upside of the big group on board therefore small regular pax count appears to be no actual children pax. Not even teenagers. The demographic is old for a 7 nighter. I should also mention that there is a fairly new to SS Cruise Consultant on board who so far has been extremely efficient. She's a young thing (well, they're all starting to look young to me) from Stoke on Trent - very pleasant, I wish her well. Cara Pepper by name.
  12. The CD is Alan, Colin’s not back till Mar 26. Currently the Captain is Gennaro Arma. No point asking me about Samana, I’ve given up getting off the ship there, it’s a dump.
  13. Now I have been on the Wind for six days, it’s time I reported on the recent dry dock changes. My last four cruises have been on the Muse and Spirit so my first thought was how tiny the Wind is - I had completely forgotten! I haven’t been on the Cloud post change so I don’t know if the Wind has been Museified or Cloudified, but she has changed a bit - not a lot, but definitely a bit. The dry dock was mostly for behind the scenes stuff - eg air-conditioning ducts being replaced - but they did do some changes to cabins and public rooms. (The air-conditioning seems to be working nicely, thank goodness). The cabins (I’m in an ordinary verandah so I don’t know about suites): No change to bathroom - still dark and pokey with an uncomfortable scramble into the tub for a shower. TV - flat screen with interactive programming like the Muse and Spirit. No change to the electrical outlets so no USB charging port. Carpet, chairs, table and upholstery changed to navy blue and taupe color palette - similar to Muse but a bit darker. The desk, vanity, bedside lockers, shelves and wood panelling are unchanged and their golden brown colour sits uncomfortably with the new colour scheme - it doesn’t complement it altho’ it doesn’t quite clash. Well, actually the new curtains do clash. They are of a curiously coarse twill, in a beige and cream stripe presumably to match the wall panels, but they don’t, they clash. And they’ll show the dirt badly. They’re a heavyweight fabric - maybe for a feeling of warmth in the Antarctic? The bed is comfortable - may be new, I can’t tell, the beds are always comfortable to me. The corridors in the cabin areas and the cabin doors have been re-panelled in a beige-ish wood effect which makes the space feel bigger and brighter but the panels are so obviously fake plastic wood that it feels a bit cheap and tacky. Fortunately the corridor carpets are a pleasant navy, turquoise and taupe design. The pool deck, La Terrazza and the Deck 5 and 6 lobbies and the main stairs are unchanged. The Bar, Panorama, Library, and Observation Lounge have all been changed over to the new colours but they don’t feel much different. The Venetian Room has the new colors and new tables and seating as in the Muse - an improvement I think but I have heard comments about the seats having too small a seat for some pax seats. So nothing dramatic, just blue where red used to be. I would assume that these changes are the first installment of whatever they are going to do when she’s ice-hulled next summer - must be a lot more coming since the pax count is scheduled to drop from 298 to 254. I have a couple more cruises on the Wind this year and having made the comment that then I’d be done with her since I don’t do expedition cruises, someone said “Oh no, that’s not it, she’ll still be doing classic cruising, just able to go to the Antarctic and Arctic”. This I need to pursue next week for a better explanation! Also next week I hope the demographics improve - I had forgotten how dangerous 7 night cruises may be. We have 258 pax this week, 130 of whom are a group (National Society Daughters of the American Colonists) who tend to stay together so the ‘feel’ of the ship is off. The bars are empty (ish) and the trivia group is tiny!!!
  14. It's slow. Reminiscent of dial up speeds - maybe you're not old enough to remember that? - a page with a lot of content, like some newspapers, will take maybe up to a minute to load. More annoyingly, the page may not load properly at all since they're all designed for much faster internet. Email is OK so long as you're not sending big attachments - photos etc.
  15. jollyjones

    TSA lines

    Came through MIA on Saturday, 8.30am, no line at all.
  16. I don't do any of the stuff you're talking about so I don't really know what speed/bandwidth you need, but I can tell you that the unlimited (standard) free internet is about 0.6 mbps and heavy usage sites such as youtube, google maps are blocked. You can (and I do because it's marginally less frustrating) buy the better internet at about $20 per day whole voyage or about $29 per 24 hrs. That's maybe 2 mbps if you're lucky, and I don't think anything's blocked. Dunno if a VPN would work. The server for the satellite appears to be in Virginia, US - that's where websites seem to think you are when onboard. We will be back in the USA on Thurs 24th in St Thomas, maybe your own phone plan will work there.
  17. Box sent at 100 days (if guest info complete). Ticket online at 50 days.
  18. If your ticket doesn't appear on your 'Documents' 50 days pre-cruise, or soon after, (and you have filled in absolutely everything and you have a green dot on 'Guest Info'), contact your TA or SS, whichever you booked the cruise through. At 8 weeks, i.e. 56 days, the ticket won't be there.
  19. The ticket should be available from 50 days out if you have filled in all the information early (and it hasn't changed). The only time you are likely to need the ticket is to get into the port but some of those port security (not SS employees) can be very officious so it's a really good idea to have your ticket. It is an important line of defense against non-pax somehow weaseling their way aboard - you wouldn't expect to get past security in an airport without a boarding card, would you? As for email and printing yourself - why not? It's the quickest and most efficient way of doing it. Dunno about snail mail to Bill B in Vietnam, but snail mail to Bermuda ... sometimes the snail makes it but sometimes I think it drowns in the Atlantic. Maybe one day one will be able to get in the port just by showing the pdf on your phone (as with mobile boarding passes at airports) but there's no sign of that yet ... sigh On the upside - leaving tomorrow to board the Wind on Monday, hooray!
  20. My booking confirmation (done in 2017) shows a 5.30 PM departure so I was anticipating a beautiful evening sail. Presumably a typo since the website now shows a 5.30 AM departure. I am deeply disappointed. May even pursue the matter.
  21. The box isn’t so important although you should have received yours by now, what is important is your cruise ticket which you download and print from my Silversea, it’s under documents. If you haven’t got the box and the ticket isn’t showing, check you have completed all the information required on my Silversea or ask your TA.
  22. The Silver coloured cardboard box in which arrive your luggage labels, one luggage name tag per person, and a glossy (IMO complete waste of trees) 'Travel Journal'. Sent out to your TA, or you if you booked directly with SS, starting 100 days pre-cruise. Or later if you haven't completed the forms on 'My Silversea'.
  23. This has been around since at least last September - that was the last but one time I cruised - I was looking at future voyages as I do (nearly) all my bookings onboard. But it definitely does appear to be 2 digits year, 2 digits month, 2 digits day of embarkation followed by 3 digits cruise duration. SW - Wind SL -Spirit SS - Shadow WH - Whisper SM - Muse MO - Moon Expeditions are a bit different.
  24. Coming from an island where water is a precious resource, I look on baths as a terrible waste. Love a walk in shower where I can just nip in and out in a very short time. Shame about the Wind bathrooms, altho' I suspected they hadn't changed as the dry dock wasn't long enough. The above pictures don't seem representative of the usual cabin bathrooms which in my memory are smaller and darker and it's quite difficult to clamber into the tub around the glass screen. I'll soon see, I'm embarking Jan 14th. Hope I like the new decor, I'm on her again Apr 10th for 20 days, then Jun 22 for 14 days!
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