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  1. No iron allowed in your room, just pop along to the nearest laundry room to iron. I don't take clothes that need ironing so I've never asked the butler to give them to the laundry (he doesn't press them himself) so I don't know that one, but probably yes.
  2. Thanks for this info, at least I now have some months to accustom myself to the disappointment that my TB lift time in June is 5.45AM. Even tho' I'll try and be up - I think it might be my last time under TB with the future Cloudification of the Wind - I don't function well at that time. Maybe it'll be a nice dawn. Last time I sailed in to TB (i.e. going west-ish), it was at sunset time and what should have been glorious was actually grey sky and pouring rain. England ...
  3. It used to be that Inside and Oceanview cabins could be had at a lower solo supplement (65% on Princess, similar on HAL), but then they got greedy and solo supps went up to 100%. (Lower supps can still be found but they're much rarer.) That's when I changed to Silversea with it's lower solo supps - my last Princess cruise, when grats and a very modest drinks bill were counted in, cost more per diem than some of my Silversea cruises. And Silversea is a so much better product than Princess ... or the other mainstreams (I've sailed them all). And as for NCL - I totally agree with calliopecruiser's opinion (above). Plus when you price the solo cabins they aren't as much of a bargain as they try and tell you. PS Last minute deals are of very limited use to cruisers who would have to pay high last minute airfares, even if the flights weren't full. PPS Consider carefully the impact of five or six 23 hour days - it is noticeable and can be wearing. That's why I usually sail east to west - all those 25 hour days still disrupt the body clock but you can rest more if you need to. I usually do two, sometimes three, Transatlantics a year so I do know!
  4. Nice to see you back on the boards Spins, hope Greece wasn’t a bust.
  5. Yes that’s correct, there should be a third line with your ticket. Your TA should be able to sort it out with SS next week, no rush if you have several weeks to go since, once the pdf is available, it’s email not snail mail.
  6. Barcelona ... Portugal ... anywhere else in Europe ... doesn't matter but you're still going to need a one way Transatlantic plane ticket.
  7. How you getting home from Barcelona? And NCL is notorious for nickel and diming pax to death, but each to their own.
  8. I cruise solo and I'd suggest you just book a cruise, go for it with a positive attitude, and see how it works out. Take books (or iPad/kindle). Some practical advice - do your arithmetic! Look at the cost of airfare as well as the cruise - work out how you are going to deal with an expensive one way TA flight. I often use the miles I earn on other (round) trip flights to pay for the one way. Research solo supplements. Main stream cruise lines (HAL, Princess, Celebrity etc.) mostly charge 100% solo supplement so the fare is very high. Then you must pay gratuities, drinks, and other expenses so the bottom line is even higher. You can sometimes get a lower supp for an inside cabin but not everyone can face a claustrophobic cabin with no natural daylight. Luxury lines (Silversea and Crystal in particular) offer lower solo supps (25 - 50%) on many cruises, especially transatlantics, and are inclusive fares i.e. grats and drinks included, so altho' the fare initially seems a lot, at the end of the day you get better value for money. And with smaller ships there is more personalized service and solos are looked after very well. PS I'm sure you understand a solo supplement but if not: Fares quoted by cruise lines are 'per person, double occupancy" so if a fare is xx, a couple will pay xxxx for their cabin. If the solo supplement is 100%, a solo will also pay xxxx. If the solo supplement is 50%, the solo will pay xxx. There is very nearly always a solo supplement, you will exhaust yourself for no purpose trying to avoid it.
  9. I hope 2019 is a very good cruising year for everyone!
  10. It’s on my Silversea under documents - download and print the pdf.
  11. Be grateful that you're not since that could mean Tilbury - a 'normal' cruise terminal but surrounded by an awful lot of nothing you might be interested in.
  12. I get one name label and cable per silver box, and four (count 'em!) baggage labels. Not very logical. Altho' as a frequent cruiser who only travels with carry on, I don't use the bag tags at all, and I have a little collection of name labels - they are very durable, once you have one it just stays there. Of course, that doesn't apply when the airlines rip the whole handle off your checked suitcase ...
  13. There may be a few exceptions but in general all the verandah cabins are the same*, in mirror image pairs of course as usual. The only difference between the categories is location. * new cabins in the stretched bit don’t have baths, only showers. These are noted on the deck plans.
  14. Hi Pash, It's been two years since I've been on the Wind - it's been Whisper / Muse / Spirit recently - so I hope I can remember what she used to look like! I too find the 'up and over' to get into the tub for a shower a bit of a pain and much prefer a spacious walk in shower but I suspect that ripping out and replacing the existing tubs would have been a too big and expensive job to have been done this time around, but I will soon find out. Incidentally, the new cabins put in the stretched bit of the Spirit don't have tubs, they have a big walk in shower where the tub would have been and more space around the toilet. I wasn't in one of them but my butler let me have a look because I wanted to know if there was still a washing line (there is) - the whole bathroom was more spacious and inviting (altho' actually no bigger than the old ones) and the bath sized shower cubicle looked really useful.
  15. This applies to Silversea also - many of their voyages are 50% solo supplement, and some are 25%. Smaller ships than Crystal but more of them so more choices of dates and itineraries. Huge and comfy cabins and bathrooms. Onboard, solos are treated very well - it's very easy to meet other pax, both solo and couples or groups. I always sail solo and have 250+ days with Silversea and continue to be very happy with them - I'm treated like an old friend when I board! Their past passenger program is very generous too. PS lisiamc - we met on Silversea, can't remember when - was it the Spirit March 2016? Or the Wind Jan 2017?
  16. Hi Philip, Who is the CD currently on the Wind please? I'm aboard in three weeks and need to know if I must brush up on my phobias and collective nouns. Trivia on SS is anything but trivial!!
  17. Obviously just qualified as a basic physician, no specialist qualifications. Doesn't say she actually worked in Miami which implies a certain, but not necessarily reassuring, level of expertise. One would hope SS did it's homework if only to cover it's ass. And she can't spell.
  18. At the top of this page, there’s a tab (in blue). Follow the links.
  19. Don't get too excited if you love leather, the SS luggage labels are grey plastic with a stainless steel wire attachment - elegant in a brutalist minimal way. They are durable however. PS You haven't signed up for the M&M, altho' I doubt it's worth the effort - I'm the only one so far so we're not likely to make the required 6 person minimum.
  20. I wouldn't give you any odds at all - they won't be there!
  21. My goodness, I haven't looked at that list for so long I'd forgotten how silly it is (been retired awhile). Doesn't matter what your actual occupation is, just pick any or none, I don't think (but can't remember) that it would mark your details as incomplete. They send out the silver boxes 100 days ahead - I'm on your cruise as well as the preceding one and have had mine for ages. I suspect it's your passport information being missing that has marked your details as incomplete and delayed the box dispatch - you may or may not get it now given the current mess-up-the-mail season. Doesn't matter, all that is in there you'll need are the luggage tags and you should be able to get your cases tagged at the port before you relinquish them - just be quite clear about your cabin number. Otherwise there's luggage name tags but you've probably got your own, and a heavy and cumbersome Travel Journal which is IMO a complete waste of trees - it's all available online on the SS website. I travel with just hand luggage so I all I do is toss the whole silver box in the trash - terrible waste of carbon dioxide etc but SS doesn't give you the option to opt out. The important thing that is not in the silver box is your cruise ticket - that will appear for download and print under documents on 'my Silversea' at 50 days out - maybe your TA has sent it to you or you already have it, but if not do print it out before you go!!
  22. Solos do just fine now on the Spirit (I think she has returned to being my favorite ship) because of the open seating in Atlantide and Indochine. I never seem to have to wait, but if there were to be a slight queue it's hardly a problem to sip another champagne and wait a short time for a table. Indochine tends to be less busy than Atlantide - I prefer the decor in Indo and would go there more often but I don't like the food (all too spicy for me) - I know most people think it's not spicy enough! You can order from the 'always available' menu in Atl and Indo (it's not on view in the dining room, it's the room service menu in your suite - I put a photo of it on my iPad so I knew what I might be able to order). I might go to Indo in the future and try it - they claim it's not going to cause a delay or a hassle (why I haven't tried it yet) but we'll see. Then there's Spaccanapoli which you can walk into almost any time - I have to ration my visits there - the pizzas are so good I could go every day but from a health point of view I only go occasionally. On 'my Silversea' pre-cruise I make quite a lot of reservations for La Terrazza and The Grill - it's easy to cancel if you don't need a reservation once on board - but please do actually cancel rather than not turn up. IMO the 'pay for' restaurants aren't worth it - good food overly messed around with, and the small venues don't suit a solo diner too well. Similarly, Silver Note doesn't work for me since, when I am dining solo, I like to read a book in peace. Some people love the food and the music. Now, this all assumes you are dining on your own (which I do some evenings by choice) but it is easy to dine with others you meet around the ship - there is a solos gathering every evening pre-dinner, very easy to join in. Also, on formal nights you may be invited to join an officer's table - SS are good at including solos for this (cynically one could say they need a solo to make an even number with the officer and a couple of couples - the usual arrangement). My last four cruises were on the Muse and the Spirit so I'm used to them now - my next three are on the Wind, I'll be interested to see if I'll miss the variety of dining options, but I guess I need to say farewell to her since I'm not going expedition cruising. The bottom line - lots of dining pleasures on the bigger ships but I don't really mind which one I'm on, just so long as I'm on one of them - I can always make it work for me!
  23. And the Moon will be in service by then to maintain (increase!) classic cruise capacity. At least the uncertainty is over. I'd better make the most of my three Wind cruises in 2019, but not book any more on her.
  24. Taxis in Lisbon are plentiful and very reasonably priced. Just get a taxi at the port and if you really need to, get two. I bet a driver would do his best to fit you and your cases in rather than lose the fare.
  25. I do feel that perhaps some of the replies couch have been couched in less abrupt words but that doesn't hide the fact that there is definitely something very wrong about all this. If the OP has correct info, I would assume the most likely reason that the ladies couldn't unlock their cabin was because it wasn't their cabin. I have been cruising a great deal and am very familiar with the layout of my usual ships but even so I still find my card sometimes doesn't work - sometimes it has demagnetized but sometimes I am at the wrong cabin, so it can happen, especially in the flurry of boarding. However, then to leave possessions in another cabin is entirely incomprehensible to me. How could anyone assume that they would be safe? Even on a cruise ship which is a relatively - note relatively - safe environment.
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