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  1. I was on the panoramas inaugural cruise December 14th through the Mexican Riviera. We only really had a few days of nice sunny weather. Most time the water was pretty cold. I didn’t stay in a spa cabin but we did have a balcony on deck 10 just right inside of the doors to the Lido deck. It was a fabulous location. But I did purchase the thermal suite spa package. I was totally disappointed with it. The pool in the thermal suite is just a large hot tub. You sit parallel in it and a siraight line with others. You sit on reclining metal bars that were not comfortable. Thermal chairs and steam rooms were great though. But I would not pay for the pass again. I only took 1 pictures because I wasn’t impressed with it.
  2. Thank you so much for your insights and suggestions. I 'm sure we will have a great time and hopefully the air problems will be resolved by 2020 🙂. Again, Thanks!
  3. I really don’t have a need to check my emails. I was hoping the social plan would work for Facebook and just do it through instant messaging on Facebook. I’m taking my first solo trip and leaving all the children and grandchildren are home. 😂🤪
  4. Thank you Richwmn and Poa1 for the great information. Much better then my PCC provided. I'm sure I'll be good with the social plan. Just to check in w/my family occasionally since this is my first solo trip. Thank Again!
  5. I really really did search and I found a lot of information about the Internet. Some of it seem to be older and I wasn’t real sure about getting the latest information. So then I emailed my PCC i’m asked him and really got no real answers. I’m hoping y’all can help me again. I leave on Sunday Mexican Riviera new Amsterdam . And even though I was on a HAL cruise just last October I cannot for the life of me remember if I even purchased an Internet package. I remember the ones I get on Carnival because they offer social packages, full blown, Internet unlimited etc. So my questions to my PCC was 1. Does HAL offer the same type of packages the carnival? 2. Did he by any chance know what the pricing was. 3. If it’s by minutes how do you determine how many minutes you should buy? This question is really just for you folks 😂 For those wondering here is his response: HAL does offer internet packages – this will be specific to the internet manager on board, as it’s a 3rdparty company that runs the internet. When you get onboard, they will have a desk with sheets listing the packages you can purchase. Again, if you can wait to get into ports of call, you can simply find a coffee shop and use free wifi to message and save the money. Any help/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have been trying to get the pre-purchased Internet before my cruise on Sunday but I’ve not been able to find it on the website. Does anybody know where it’s at? I’ll be traveling on the Nieuw Amsterdam out of San Diego. thanks
  7. I sail on Sunday on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I don’t know how to tell how many cabins are open but looking online it appears quiet if you are still available. I booked this cruise in February since that time I’ve gotten three upgrade offers. The best one was going from my original inside guarantee to an unobstructed balcony for $189 total. I received my current offer yesterday to go from that balcony to a signature suite for 229 pp. as I’m traveling single would have to pay the single supplement. it’s over $400 to me it’s just not worth it. I would imagine this will be the last offer I get before I sail. So I guess it’s time to print my luggage tags and boarding pass. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get an upgrade email offer.
  8. Yes I have a PVP and asked to reserve a room for three passengers and she would not do it. I’m paying double occupancy and since I’m by myself she wouldn’t do. my thought process is by the time I get closer to the cruise child and my granddaughter want to go so it be just easier to have the room to begin with. But she absolutely refused to let me book a 3 person cabin.
  9. I runoff of coffee from the time I wake up till about 1130 or noon and then I switch over to Ice-T. I plan on stopping on the way to the port to pick up a six pack or so a unsweet iced tea. I know they have an on the ship but the flavor is in that great and I don’t want to have to keep bringing it back from the Lido deck. 10 more days😀
  10. I just received a small tax return, yah for me. So I’ve done the drink cards before and struggled using them up. I am not a soda or specialty coffee drinker or even water for that matter. I added up what I thought I’d spend on drinks, bingo, daily hotel service charge and the spa and I just added that amount to onboard credit. I like knowing that most everything is paid for in advance and I don’t have to keep track of my charges per say. I’ll just check it occasionally to make sure I’m not going to crazy 😂😂😂
  11. Thank you so very much for your review. I will be selling her in 11 days, April 7. Due to my husband‘s passing I will also be traveling solo. Llike you I’ve done these ports many times so I have no interest to really get off the ship. This is also a new ship for me so any suggestions, ideas you wanna pass on would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again
  12. I know my personal Chris consults has said they try not to book 2 people in a 3 or 4 person room. I really don’t think you getmuch more floor space just cause it says it’s for three people. But if you really want a three-person room I would do a fake booking on the website for three people pick a room out and call carnival and say you want to upgrade to that room number. I guess the worst they can tell you is no they won’t do it.
  13. Call the PCC number and another person should be able to help you. When my PCC has been off, others have helped me.
  14. I also had a guarantee inside cabin. I was hoping to get a free upgrade to a window. But I have received 2 up sell offers. One this morning for 89 pp for a veranda. I'm cruising solo, so I have to pay double occupancy. When I talked with my personal cruise consultant he said: Typically a very good deal for a cruise is $100 p/p a day, not including taxes. You are at $558 in the room by yourself for 7 days – even adding the upgrade asking amount now, that still puts you in a very good overall price savings. So I went for the upgrade. Have a nice midship balcony between 2 floors of cabins. 31 days before I leave.
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