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  1. I had a 19 day btb last fall in Italy, Croatia. I had one black dress pant, two nicer tops. And I always wear flat shoes. I did bring a nicer purse too. Rest of evenings in MDR, I wore a more casual pant with less dressy tops. It seemed to me I was dressed appropriately. And laundry tool care of my needs.
  2. Did you ever stay around the city of Leixoes rather than going to Porto? If so, did you find it interesting?
  3. We did both in October 2019. I would definitely go to Split. We toured ordinary with private guide for 3 hours. To sum it up, we were not very impressed, just hot and sweaty.
  4. Celebrity cruise October 2-20, 2019. Gorgeous weather, usually 70-75F in Croatia/Montenegro/ Slovenia ports.
  5. Looking for shuttle service or car service from Copenhagen cruiseport to airport. I see huge pricing from car service company and a 75 dollar fee for a taxi. We would rather not do the ship’s early morning shuttle because we could stay on the ship a little longer in the morning. Have you found a reasonable cost from a company for the transfer disembarking at the Copenhagen cruiseport?
  6. Circumstances may have us consider leaving our June HAL cruise two nights early. I understand we need HAL approval to do that. Do we approach the issue or let our TA do it? If you have experience leaving the ship in a different port, please describe the procedures and your experience with it. Thanks.
  7. We are just coming back to HAL in 2020 and I am disappointed by your news. It sounded wonderful to read, at earlier posts, about interesting lecturers being on board during a cruise.
  8. The following ports are visited: Rome, Cartengena, Gilbraltar, Cadiz, Lisbon, Porto, Cherbourg, Bruge, Amsterdam, Copenhagen. The only date for this specific cruise is mid June. I would expect heat many of the areas. I can look up archived weather info, but also want some opinions if you have cruised these ports at that time of year. What was your experiences with weather?
  9. I see two different configurations for a Zuiderdam inside cabin. One online picture shows a small sofa in addition to the bed, and another site shows a diagram indicating only a chair in the cabin - no sofa. Do you know what the ship’s inside cabin actually looks like?
  10. I assume I can buy a Surf package single device, and then my DH and I can take turns using a device. And the device can be either our IPad or IPhone?
  11. Oh well, we are on the Constellation before its drydock.
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