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  1. azalice

    Age limit on excursions

    Thanks for the replies. I have emailed private companies about their tours. Glad I asked you guys for your experiences.
  2. azalice

    Age limit on excursions

    Just noticed that the excursion I wanted to book says max age limit is 70. We are both over that age but can walk and climb stairs. Does Celebrity really keep us from being on the excursion? I have not tried to book as yet but thought I would ask about your experience with this issue.
  3. I saw the episode. Enjoyed it and felt, as you do, that it was fairly done and non-judgmental.
  4. azalice

    Eating gluten free

    I am also going to do Celebrity for the first time in 2019 and will be eating gluten free. I was on Princess this past summer and was pampered by them in regard to eating gluten free.
  5. Thank you for your responses. The RC site gave the info that the Celebrity site did not. We qualify.
  6. Celebrity website says military credit is for active and retired military and that a military ID would need to be shown at pier checkin. My DH has a DD214 from military service but is not retired military so has no military ID. I would think he is not eleigible for their credit. Our TA says he got the credit and it now shows on our latest invoice as 25 dollar credit - for each of us (and I was never in the service). What has been your experience with their military credit?
  7. azalice

    Cruise Critic - Thanks for the updated Board

    Still cannot find how to set latest as default as you mentioned. How do I do it?
  8. I will be cruising next October and both Messina and Catania are one day stops. Is one closer or easier to use to get to Taormina, whether by shore excursion or independently? One stop is early October and the other is mid October.
  9. azalice

    Venice port to Jewish ghetto

    Does anyone know where the Celebrity Constellation might be docking in Venice next October 2019? And, how would we independently get from the port to the Jewish ghetto? Is it easy to get a water bus to take us there.
  10. azalice

    Shore excursion to Pompeii

    Thanks for your responses. Household is at peace again.
  11. Celebrity calls it a transfer “on your own” for 3hours and 30 Minutes, meaning it just gets you to Pompeii and back. My DH thinks we can catch an 11 am transfer and then not catch the 2:30 coach trip back to the ship. He thinks we can catch the coach that brought the 1:30 crowd to the site that goes back at 5 pm. I think we have to catch the bus that brought us to the site, which means we go back on the 2:30 bus. I think it is like any other tour and you go back on the bus that brought you. He wants to spend as much time there as possible so I understand what he wants but I think we have to do it independently or privately to spend more time at Pompeii. We booked nothing yet because we disagree.
  12. I am trying to find out approximate size of “small group” excursions on Celebrity. What is your experience with that wording? Do they cut back to 25 people or 15 or ?? It is a tour at Pompeii that I am considering. Thanks for your help.
  13. azalice

    Pompeii sightseeing red bus/shuttle

    Thank you for the website info.
  14. Some have mentioned a red bus called Pompeii Sightseeing that is at the Naples port to shuttle folk to Pompeii and Herculaneum. I am trying to find out if it runs afternoons ( going in the early afternoon or late morning and coming back before the ship sails). The link someone put up does not work. Can anyone give me more info or a link to the company?
  15. Does Pompeii Sightseeing transport to Pompeii in the afternoon or just in the morning?