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  1. Thank you, Bremenkat. Very helpful information. Alice
  2. We will be at Civitavecchia port. But do we call Celebrity in advance to arrange it, or does our TA do it? And how much did it cost? We have a shared shuttle arranged for 9:30 am but can cancel it and make new arrangements.
  3. After significant GI tract issues, my Gastro specialist tested me for gluten sensitivity. There are procedures you follow and when followed, there are a few blood tests available from some laboratories that indicate gluten sensitivity. They were positive in my case and my shipboard eats on several cruise lines have been good. Yes, the sweets are an issue at times, but meat and veggies, etc. are normally quite good. I will soon find out whether Celebrity food is also good.
  4. How do you arrange the extra time onboard the final morning? We have a 5 o’clock flight and could easily add a few hours onboard. Also, do you keep your luggage with you?
  5. My husband’s bag is from Magellen, the online travel company that has lots of good stuff. He bought a crossbody Vault Pro bag. My lighter weight bag is a Baggallini, sold by Zappos. Happy shopping.
  6. I started this topic but do not feel nervous. Just feel concerned enough to take some measures that might help. My husband and I each bought crossbody bags. His is a really good slash proof type of bag. Mine had to be lighter weight so I found one that starts at 7-1/2 ounces and gets a little heavier when I put my IPhone in it. But all have zippered compartments and a carabiner will hold some closed zippers together for extra protection. I feel better that we have bought these and I have used mine already to try it out before the trip to Rome. We may carry a tote bag but it would be just for water bottles and maybe umbrellas. So take some precautions and enjoy your travels.
  7. Thanks to all of you for your responses. They are truly helpful and we will be following the suggestions.
  8. My DH wants to use a fannypack during our visit to Rome, putting it around his waist and in front of him. Would that be a good idea for avoiding pickpockets, etc? He would be carrying a credit card and some money in it. I am thinking that might not be as safe as a neck pouch or something attached to his belt and tucked under his pants.
  9. Thank you all for the responses. They are appreciated. I will likely follow the advice to just walk around on our own with a decent map.
  10. Although I have been booked for many months for an upcoming cruise, when I sign in and go to my account information, it tells me that I have no upcoming cruises. Is this typical for the Celebrity website? It actually shows a past cruise on Azamara from 2010, but nothing currently booked.
  11. We have Verizon and last summer used their 40 dollar a month plan. Just be aware that it does not work on the ship. For that, you need to buy the ship package. So we looked for internet coverage on land. For a lot of Europe I am sure it will work fine - either the Verizon 40 dollar plan or the 10 dollar a day plan.
  12. We have a few hours in the afternoon from a cruise and I have narrowed our interests down to two choices: a tour of Doge’s or a walking tour for a couple of hours which passes churches, an old opera house, plus a few more places and stories ( does not cover the main square although it may start there). What might your choice be for a first and likely only time in Venice?
  13. New to Celebrity, sailing on Constellation in the fall. Isn’t that a M class ship? Would it also lack a clothesline in the shower? Will it also be able to handle metal clips on walls? I am trying to plan in advance what extra supplies I might need for our inside cabin.
  14. What do you mean by “perk?” Is it available for anyone, any cabin? Or do you pay extra for the special instructions?
  15. Will I be able to ask Laundry aboard the Constellation to wash our slacks and tops in cold water and generally give instructions about washing and drying our clothing?
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