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  1. If the refurbishment of Nautica is not done, do you think the prices advertised at the moment will be reduced? Without the refit, I would think carefully about changing our August 2021 cruise to another Oceania ship if the price was not lowered significantly. Nautica was looking rather tired last time we sailed on her.
  2. I took a screen shot of the cost of our August 21 cruise in February and the price is the same now. Perhaps prices will be reduced later in the year if bookings are slow. Also it is worth noting that the cruise is on Nautica which may not be refurbished next month as planned.
  3. That could be the case. However the cruise in question was “attached” to the email advertising the price reductions. A little misleading.
  4. I have just received an email from Oceania with the subject “The Ultimate Sale. Major Price Reductions.” I compared the cost of our Concierge Stateroom for August 2021 from some weeks ago to the cost listed today and guess what it’s the same! I should mention that we live in Australia.
  5. Our November African cruise may be canceled but if not we would certainly not go due to the health risk. Besides there may be no flights from Australia by then. Our next booked cruise is Europe in August 2021. Without a vaccine we probably would not go due to our age. Whenever we do cruise again we would look carefully at the fine print of our insurance policy.
  6. One of the passengers in 14 quarantine in Melbourne commented that 4 days before departure some passengers wished to cancel but were told by Aurora Expeditions that there would be no refund or future credit and the cruise would go ahead as Antarctica is the “safest place on earth”.
  7. Passengers from the Greg Mortimer March 15 cruise have just returned to Melbourne with 70% testing positive for COVID19. Medical authorities describe the decision to sail after a global pandemic had been declared by WHO as “irresponsible”.
  8. We were due to set sail from Lima on Oceania on same date. Cruise cancelled 36 hours before departure. Clearly the decision for Greg Mortimer to sail has had disastrous consequences. A decision based on the dollar and not the well-being of passengers and crew.
  9. We also have a Regent booking with payment due mid June. It is for the cruise down the west coast of Africa. I did read one article where Africa is described as a “ticking time bomb”. We are also booked for August 2021 on Oceania so are hopeful this cruise will go ahead but am doubtful about the Regent one.
  10. We were due to embark Marina on March 15 in Lima. Needless to say we are sitting at home in Melbourne sad the cruise was cancelled but relieved we are here. All Australians have been advised by our Government to return home immediately. Are there Australians on board as it will not be easy to find flights home? Very concerning.
  11. I have made this dish twice for dinner guests. It is doable for a group of eight if all ingredients are ready to plate and I use a deep fryer to quickly cook the duck. My version not as pretty as the Oceania one but tasted just as good.
  12. Oh dear! I would also find these long announcements annoying and tedious. This is why we do not cruise on ships that make their announcements in multiple languages. Hopefully someone in Miami will read this thread!
  13. Hi Don, We are on the same cruise of the Black Sea and Greek Islands. We have been devotees of Oceania since 2007 and rarely have port times been shortened on our cruises.
  14. If I recall we missed the first port which I think was Hamilton. After that all went smoothly with calm seas and blue skies. The Amazon was amazing with so much to see including the pink dolphins. Would happily do that cruise again.
  15. We flew into New York just before Hurricane Sandy to join our Oceania Amazon cruise. Our ship could not dock and we needed to get to Boston. Not easy as there were no trains or buses and taxis were running out of fuel! We found a driver and car with sufficient petrol for $600. Everyone booked on the cruise somehow made it to Boston although the ship departed very late. Oceania did not compensate us for the $600! It was one of our best cruises!
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