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  1. It has been my experience that these are processed depending on sailing date. If your sail date is 4? or more months out it may be a while until you hear back from them
  2. Did something similar this past week and just happy to get the upgrade as in the end if I were to wait for a Royal Up Offer for the potential upgrade(?) it would have cost me more. On a side note a refund of price difference is possible after the final payment date if initial booking is made after final payment date and price reduction occurs within 48 hours of original booking. Just need to be on top of fares.
  3. Being a frugal cruiser I always go through the "see if you qualify" process to check for residency, military and senior discounts. Lately have seen small adjustments for military on several cruises booked.
  4. Got the same email that all other D+ folks got. They made it sound as though this was done due to large number of D+ passengers on my sailing necessitated the exclusion from the CL when it is just a fleet wide change. RCI should just call it what it is, a policy change. I have no problem with what is happening just the way they word it, sort of like them adjusting your onboard account when you bring up an error on their part and they say " as a courtesy" they will adjust your account.
  5. This does not bother me though not so long ago they used to have a separate desert menu that was presented after the entre was finished.
  6. Not sure if this is a unique situation, however, I got a credit card refund on a cruise I booked about a month after the final payment due date. Saw a decent rate and booked , the very next day there was a price reduction, I called Royal and managed to get the difference refunded. Is there a 24 hour rate guarantee, that made this possible.
  7. On HAL cruise years ago this was a free perk for past passengers ?*. For free I thought it was barely worth the effort but for the current rate, especially for a family of 5, not in MHO.
  8. Could be a mixed bag, I would just check the 7 day weather forecast and pack appropriately.
  9. Put in a slightly above minimum bid for an outside cabin on 2/28 GOS sailing. I have a guarantee inside and just doing this for the halibut to see how it goes.
  10. I have had the sales pitch in the MDR a few times, I guess they do this when bookings are soft. When told about the "deal" I jokingly reply to let me know when they have a 100% discount.
  11. I have only used this service once flying on Southwest. It was great not having to bother with luggage until arriving at destination airport but did wind up with a high number in the C boarding group. Curious if it possible to use this service and use the ships internet to get boarding pass close to the 24 hour starting point?
  12. I hope someone can follow this circular reasoning. I got Platinum status with MLife due to my sailing experience with Royal Caribbean. My actual gaming experience with Mlife woild never get me to the Platinum level with them. Though I have never bothered to check with Club Royale I am assuming that just because I do have Platinum status with MLife through this arrangement I would not qualify for the OBC and certainly not the free cruise based on my overall gaming experience. Is this assumption correct?
  13. sues: Thanks for sharing and great photographs.
  14. Agree with what has already been said. Best you can do if already booked is go through the motion of booking similar cabin category to see if any savings are available as long as final payment date has not passed.
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