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  1. Final payment isn't due until Oct. 10 and I do not see them doing much until after then, JMHO.
  2. I am booked on one of those earlier 12 night cruises and have seen them come and go on RC's web site. I hope it is just them trying to control(?) sailing capacity.
  3. Grandeur of the Seas, I believe the very next sailing was the last for her as everything was shutting down.
  4. When these were just promoted as "top tier events" I stopped attending, a few years ago, may stop in on next cruise as should be considerably less crowded.
  5. Though I do not cruise until Jan 2022(hopefully) I would much prefer at terminal testing. Waiting an hour or more with potential delayed boarding should not be a big deal as long as crowd(?) control can be managed.
  6. Certainly not stupid but it would need to be a really great upgrade for me to make the hassle worth the trouble of moving IMHO.
  7. Haven't seen that stocked before, hope it is on my next cruise ( building a collection of the horse stoppers).
  8. Post hijack! Seeing the word Puzzle in the title made me think of days gone by when ships were much smaller and there would be a table set up in a lobby area with a puzzle that passengers could work on or not.
  9. What happens if a cruise booked and paid for which qualified for this promotion is subsequently canceled. Would a lift and shift transfer qualify if the new cruise is before 12/31/2022? Would a new booking using FCC's from the previously qualified cruise qualify?
  10. Like watching paint dry but still exciting to see her afloat. Hope this is the start of a successful return to cruising in the northern tier.
  11. For some that can take advantage of the WOW, congratulations. For me this is an MEH
  12. On another thread someone noted seeing her recently in/near St Martin(?) and looking worse for the wear. Hope they can get in some cosmetic face lift work.
  13. 3 Z's in a row, couldn't resist. Anyway, though not involved with all of this, it looks like RCL wants to have its cake and eat it too. Getting funds from different sailings for same dates does not look good if that is what is actually happening.
  14. For those that are D+ and get a Platinum card from MGM, Caesars properties will do a tier match to Diamond from the MGM status. I have done this though I have not gotten a lot of benefits from the MGM status, really not much of a gambler, I have gotten comped rooms from the Caesars card and an annual one time use of a $100 food credit.
  15. Still have my t-shirt from many years ago, though the size -S is a bit snug.
  16. Re: the 150,000 points, send an email explaining what happened and you should(?) be able to get the points returned to your account. I have had points returned for OBC on canceled cruises
  17. Thanks for posting this, I probably got a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge sometime in the past and never realized it due to not reading all of the details.
  18. Tried to redeem both the $100 OBC and the $100 casino credit recently and was denied the casino credit Not to sure how the twice in 180 days restriction worked there unless somewhere there is a restriction of one reward per cruise which I have not noticed.
  19. More than happy with the 5 drink vouchers as I do not drink alcoholic beverages during the day and rarely drank that much under the old system. I did enjoy the predinner knosh but can survive without that if it does permanently go away, just hope access to the coffee machine continues.
  20. You may want to take along a few twist ties like the ones you see in the supermarket for securing bags of veggies and fruit. The plastic strip you remove from the laundry bag does not always come off cleanly.
  21. Thanks for the replies, just wasn't sure if some creative math was not involved.
  22. Interested in how this would work and is the DP340 discount really all that much if the 60% off second passenger is factored in?
  23. Well at least they were able to refinance at a lower rate.
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