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  1. I've been curious about this as well. So I wouldn't be out of place in a blazer/slacks/tie? Regards, Greg
  2. It is interesting to follow the threads of some of the lines that have been sailing up til this point in the Caribbean. There have been numerous changes in the last three months driven by changing port restrictions. Islands have been added, deleted, restricted, and opened up again. I’m guessing Regent won’t say anything until just before sailing as it is so likely to change. My personal opinion is that it is a bad time to sail if you are doing so for specific islands. If you want to enjoy the ship and a few beach days you can have a great time. I'm usually a big planner, but I’ve decided I need to let it go for the next year. We will get on our cruise and go with the flow. If we need to mask we will. If we change our ports, we will explore our spontaneous side. In 2023 we will go back to planning. 🙂
  3. First of all, I also think that Jennifer's participation here is a great step forward. I also "self insure". I'm wondering how you prove that you don't have insurance as there won't be a denial to submit... Greg
  4. Thanks. This is a PanamaCanal cruise, so at least the timezones will be fairly friendly. I do get a streaming service that would allow me to stream the games from my iPad, but given that the biggest complaints I have seen about Regent are about poor wifi, I'm not particularly optimistic on that. Greg
  5. Hi we are NFL Season ticket holders, but will be on Explorer for the first two playoff weekends. The first weekend is both sea days, and the second weekend is a sea day + a port day. Does Regent typically have the NFL playoff games on the stateroom TV's or in a lounge?
  6. I think the Grand Cayman example in January is an imperfect example. The government has said that they will not even review excepting cruise ships until a January 27th meeting, and our supposed stop is January 5th. I believe most tours and tourist activities are banned or closed. Unless something radically changes, this port stop won't happen. Now where we go, or what we do I don't know, but I didn't bother signing up for a tour there (they were open when I booked) given this situation. It will be interesting to see what Regent does.
  7. It is great to hear all the wonderful experiences. How did the muster work? Were there changes there?
  8. It is interesting to read the boards from the lines that are sailing in the Caribbean. Itineraries and requirements are changing with nearly every sailing. Ports are being swapped, whether masking is required, ship tours only (or not), on board testing pre-port, etc. I suspect that we are in for another several months of churn and changes on the cruise front. One example is that I am on the Explorer January 3rd Panama Canal itinerary. Our first port is listed as Grand Cayman, but they have banned cruise ships until the end of January. So I'm expecting a port change. Won't surprise me if that is the only one, but that's fine. I want to see the Panama Canal, and if we don't see any other ports, and just sail around I would be ok. 🙂
  9. I'm on the January 3rd Explorer sailing, and we are at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne FWIW.
  10. Is the Prime Rib in Prime 7 or Compass Rose? Making notes for my first Regent cruise in January.
  11. Has some other cruise line cancelled all transatlantics? I also follow the Celebrity board and they still have at least two scheduled this fall. I must admit these seem less problematic to me than other longer sailings that hit more different countries/ports.
  12. How and when do you typically find out what hotel you are assigned for your pre cruise hotel? Does Regent typically use one hotel per sailing, or do they divide people up? thanks, Greg
  13. I think these types of changes are made after weeks of planning and making commitments to new ports. I'm willing to bet Regent made a risk decision that it would be less risky to change the itinerary (and likely face some cancellations) vs stay the course and risk canceling the sailing altogether or losing more cruisers. Perhaps Spain was willing to commit to letting Regent sail, while the UK was silent or worse. I'm sure if they knew that the quarantine would be lifted they would have left the itinerary unchanged.
  14. I think where cruise lines are requiring masks and/or cruise line excursions they are due to local regulations. I've been following the Celebrity return to cruising and in some ports on the same cruises they require ship excursions while others are fine. Greece excursions require masks onboard, but Caribbean ones do not. And the rules (and ports) change on a weekly basis with little notice. All of this is local government rules. I think it is part of the price that anyone who sails on any line during the COVID era will need to pay. The good news is that almost everyone seems very happy to sail and the experience is being described as even better than pre-COVID. Personally I am fine with switching ports, and get the mask rules, but would still rather not wear them everywhere.
  15. Sorry to hear that. My story was certainly pre-Covid, and I agree I hope Regent's process is better than you experienced. I'm on a January 3rd sailing with Regent, so maybe everyone will have the wrinkles worked out by then. Fingers crossed.
  16. I will say this is one thing that Celebrity has done right for their suite class passengers in Florida. When you arrive you go to a land side lounge with a bar and refreshments. You go to a comfy chair and someone with an iPad comes over while you enjoy refreshments. If you have completed on-line check in you show a bar code and they ask one or two questions and then you can go on the ship. Once you are on the ship you can go to your stateroom immediately and drop any carry on luggage. Your key cards are also waiting for you there. You can't stay as they may still be finishing the room setup, but you are then free to go about the ship until rooms are open. No lines. Essentially no wait at all. There are other things I am expecting to be far better on Regent, but this is one area that is pretty darn good on Celebrity (for suite passengers).
  17. Do we know the purpose of the safety video? Is this to replace muster briefings or some other purpose? I know several lines have replaced the in person muster drill with a video briefing, but I don't recall hearing that for Regent. One disappointing thing is that Regent's cruise contract requires you to arrange your own transportation home, even if you catch COVID on their cruise and they disembark you mid cruise. RCCL/Celebrity are taking care of their customers in those situations. I guess that is another reason to make sure you have good travel insurance.
  18. Thanks everyone. What time do they usually want you off by? The ship docks at 7am by the way. I'm assuming 9:30 or so at the latest?
  19. As a first time Regent cruiser I’m curious how disembarkation works. I assume luggage needs to be out the night before. Is breakfast served? What time can you typically get off? I know there are exceptions, but what is normal. I’m asking because my first Regent cruise ends in San Diego. We will be taking the Amtrak to LA. It is literally across the street from where the cruise ships dock. I can take a 9:50 or an 11:22 train. It is low risk as I can change for free up until 15 minutes before departure from the my phone. I would never book a flight that early, but given that it is a train and literally walking distance from the ship I’m tempted. Thoughts?
  20. I believe there were some games on a cart at the main entrance to Eden.
  21. One thing that is interesting. In Celebrity's case they have no unvaccinated adults this week and only had 2 last week. Those paid more money, couldn't go to several of the venues and had to wear masks everywhere. They also had an extra $178 to pay for testing. The only annoying thing is that vaccinated guests had to wear wristbands when there were even two unvaccinated adults. I prefer NCL's policy as well, but it seems that Celebrity's approach is effective.
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