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  1. Try MSC Yacht Club. Usually much less expensive than Haven, MUCH better service and amenities.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I'd miss the buffet (other than a crepe station.) I don't go on vacation to serve myself out of a food trough, a la Old Country Buffet. Make all food a sit-down service other than maybe a pizza stand.
  3. They're both RNA viruses, and both are challenging to create effective vaccines. We can't assume we're getting one for Covid-19.
  4. They are different types of viruses. While it's nice to be optimistic, there is certainly a good chance that no effective vaccine will be found. We need to plan for that possibility.
  5. They are different types of viruses, but there's no reason to assume that a vaccine will be effective against this type of Coronavirus.
  6. I wouldn't count on a vaccine. It's been 30 + years and we still don't have one for HIV.
  7. Are people booking with new money (not FCC) on Royal Caribbean? It seems foolish unless you're 100% convinced they're going to still be in business.
  8. I’ve done the haven on the getaway and the yacht club on the MSC divina. the yacht club blew the haven out of the water, no competition. (And the other folks we met who had previously sailed haven agreed.) the facilities, perks, all-inclusive nature, service, and value were far, far superior on MSC’s product vs NCL.
  9. They probably done have enough free cash to give refunds. Does not bode well for their future
  10. Well, after the announcement yesterday regarding the travel restrictions, I felt the only logical thing to do would be to cancel the cruise, which we did. Good luck to those going forward!
  11. No reason to think it won't drop further. Hold off buying!
  12. There is a rumor that the ship may be moved to Iceland/Norway. I think that would be wonderful!
  13. Do you have to pay for the movies (i.e. pay per view?) or do they just play on a channel that you can watch without an upcharge?
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