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  1. I lived in CA for many years and traveled to much of the west coast and the Rocky Mountain area. I thought I had seen mountains, but there is no mountains like the ones in Alaska. I have been on both cruises. They are very different. Alaska is a totally different cruise than any other cruise I have been on. The NE and Canadian cruise is quite beautiful, especially if the leaves are changing. If your friends want to go to Alaska, a NE/Canadian is not the same. And if you are going to go to Alaska Princess/Holland America are the cruise lines to go on because they go to Glacier Bay. If you have time in Anchorage plan on spending a couple of days and drive north. Spectacular. Have a good cruise.
  2. janert

    Hurricane Florence

    Philadelphia should not be a problem on Thursday. Check airline sites for information. I was a flight attendant for a major airline and years ago we flew from Europe to Miami right over a hurricane. You could see the eye. No turbulence. It was sunny and smooth where we were at 39,000 feet. Have a good cruise.
  3. janert

    Filing Travel Insurance & Medicare

    I had insurance with the cruise line. Princess. I had 11 visits to medical and minor surgery. Bill was about $3,000. Called insurance company for Princess. When I said my primary was Medicare they asked if I had secondary insurance. I do, so they told me to submit directly to them. They did pay some and the Princess insurance paid the rest. Took about 2 months to be reimbursed by all parties. I think I was very lucky because all was paid in what I considered was reasonable time.
  4. janert

    Private Tour Requiring Passport Number

    This is very common in many places around the world. I have had to do this on tours in Greece and many other countries. Especially South America. Have a wonderful cruise
  5. Was in Venice for 2 days last year and they took our passports. We were required to carry our DL for ID for Italian security. Very tight security. There are many places in the world that cruise ships will take your passport.
  6. janert

    Long Flight with Toddler...

    Take a few new toys/books. Do not give them out at once. Also a few favorite books. Snacks that your child likes. Maybe a small favorite blanket. If possible between flights let them walk around in the gate area. Let one parent go on with most of the carry-ons and do not board with your child till end. Use your car seat. It is a familiar place. Good Luck. Hopefully it will be child's bed time when you board. If the seatbelt is off, walk around the cabin if they are fussy. I have seen passengers with small children on a long trip give out small bags with a chocolate, earplugs, and a cute note about the child traveling to the row in front of them, behind them.
  7. Rome has been difficult this spring. Many friends who are airline crew and on flights to USA many people missing flights because check in, security etc are taking 3+ hours.
  8. I was recently on a Princess cruise and some of our table mates were from India. They had 2-3 Indian dishes every night. The assistant maître came to our table every night and conferred with them about meals for the next evening. The chef also visited our table to see if the meals were OK. The usually ate at the buffet for lunch. They say everyone was great accommodating their desire for vegetarian Indian meals. They had their travel agent inform Princess in advance about their dietary needs.
  9. janert

    Does a 49 day trip get boring ?

    We have done 3 World Cruises. We were not bored. A wonderful way to see the world. But I am easily entertained. I read a lot on cruises because I cannot do much at home. But your cruise has a fair amount of ports. When we did South America, which was 62 days, we went on mostly private tours which are longer and more strenuous than Princess tours. So a day or two sea days were welcome. And as someone else said you will be on a ship with a great buffet. We were just on a 10 day on the Royal and ate in the buffet several times because of what they were serving. Plus I like there salad area.
  10. This was not on Oceana but on the Pacific Princess on 2017 WC. While in NZ area I noticed a area of my calf was red and I had a inflamed area the size of a dime. I went to the medical office and saw the PA. She had me come back in an hour to see the doctor. This ship is a 600 passenger ship. It had a doctor and 2 PA's from South Africa. I was treated for 8 days in a row with antibiotics, a ointment, dressing change. Then I had minor surgery to drain the inflamed area. Then 4 more days of check up. It was over $3000. The alternate was for me to leave the ship and go to the hospital. This would have been terrible as we were only 1/4 way through the World Crusie. All my treatment was great. My secondary and cruise insurance did cover all the costs.
  11. I have flown out of DFW internationally frequently and 48 minutes is not enough. International flights are closed out by the airline 30 minutes before departure.
  12. janert

    Royal princess

    Princess uses local time.
  13. janert

    What to pack

    Southern Chile and Southern Argentina can be quite chilly. I had layers, with a thermal coat, gloves, and hat. And I needed it part of the time.
  14. janert

    Trip insurance cover ship's doctor?

    I was on Princess's World Cruise earlier this year. I had to see the medical staff on the ship 9 times for an infection on my leg. I had Princess Insurance. I had to submit to my secondary--my primary is Medicare and they do not pay outside US--and what they did not pay Princess's insurance paid. Be sure to keep all the receipts you receive everyday you see the medical staff. It was fairly easy, although you do have several pages of forms to fill out.
  15. janert

    For those who know Levi Baron ( Bumpiing Tours )

    Thank you for posting this. Such a beautiful island. My heart breaks for Dominica and there friendly , wonderful people. Levi was a wonderful host when we toured with him in 2016. Glad to hear he and his family are physically OK.